The opportunistic man - the reasons, signs, rules of communication

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The opportunistic man - the reasons, signs, rules of communication
The opportunistic man - the reasons, signs, rules of communication

Why men become opportunists and how to find out about it, why women marry them, what to do if the husband turned out to be dependent. It's important to know! In order not to fall for the tricks of an opportunistic lover, even if he is an irresistible handsome man and knows how to love sweetly, you need to be able to discern in him all his positive and negative sides of nature. Only then will no tragedy happen in your personal life.

How not to fall into the opportunistic love net

How to recognize a male opportunist

They say that a woman loves with her ears, but it is worth less trusting what she hears. A person is believed by deeds, not words. If the lover of sweet words understands this simple truth, she will have no big problems how to recognize the opportunist. In order not to fall into his "lovely" hands, you should follow a few simple everyday rules.

Here are some tips that can be effective in such a difficult situation:

  • Discretion… Avoid casual acquaintances. First, it is very dangerous and can lead to tragedy. In Russia, at least 30 thousand women between the ages of 14 and 45 disappear every year. The reasons are different, most of the cases are associated with promiscuous acquaintances. Secondly, among such "friends" there is a large percentage of all sorts of crooks. Not all of them are rapists and murderers, but the overwhelming majority seek to use a woman for their own selfish purposes. The likelihood that such a relationship will be happy is negligible. And to hope at random that you will be lucky, at least, is unwise.
  • Information… Awareness is about personal and family safety. You need to know as much as possible about your acquaintance: who are the parents, where he studies or works. What he dreams of, what is his attitude to life, family, children. It is possible that it is consumer. Vigilance is needed here. It is likely that this is a man who is an opportunist.
  • Not a word, but a deed… There are many irresistible heartthrobs and "craftsmen" to talk in the world. But words and gloss are only form. It can be beautiful, but it is filled with dirt. You need to be able to consider it. The main thing is the essence of the personality, its inner world. It is not beautiful phrases that should be evaluated, but deeds. A woman who can think critically will not fall into the snares of a rogue peasant.
  • Less pity… You do not need to solve the problems of your man (although there are exceptions in life). They helped several times, and then he realized that he could throw his worries on you, and calmly wait on the sidelines for their successful resolution. It doesn't paint a man. In fact, you yourself have brought up the opportunist.
  • Realistically appreciate life together… Advice for those who have already linked their lives with an opportunistic husband. There is no need to build the illusion that he will be corrected. Educational measures will not lead to anything good. They can drag on for years, and everything is useless. You need to really assess your chances of living with such a man. Or continue to blow your nose into a handkerchief and complain to your friends about your husband, or go away.

It's important to know! A woman with her heart should feel how to find a way out of an unattractive situation when she has problems in the family with her opportunistic husband. How to recognize a fit man - watch the video:

If a woman complains about a man that he turned out to be a opportunist, she signs her own insolvency. Because a legitimate question arises: what did she think before, where was her head, where did her eyes look? In a bad relationship, there is never only one party to blame. The fault lies with two. Wouldn't it be better, in this case, to critically treat yourself to your beloved and draw the proper conclusions?

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