Ambivert - appearance, manners, character

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Ambivert - appearance, manners, character
Ambivert - appearance, manners, character

Ambivert and his characteristics. Behavior of such people with a flexible psychotype. Tips for communicating with voiced personalities. An ambivert is a person who is both an extrovert (open to everyone) and an introvert (a vision of reality remains an internal potential). Such people can be focused on their inner world, but at the same time they are able to communicate with everyone and even be reputed to be funny. This combination of the two opposites should be considered in more detail.

Ambivert appearance

Ambivert man

It is quite easy to identify a person with such a contradictory character. The characteristic of an ambivert can be presented even at the level of its portrait description:

  • Blooming appearance… The ability to competently restore their vitality quite effectively affects the health of the voiced subjects. They do not give in to discouragement and easily endure stress.
  • Restrained gestures and facial expressions… Before they say something, such people carefully consider what they are going to say. A similar habit is reflected in their gestures, so they like to fiddle with their hair (ladies wind a curl around their finger) and at times look up. However, during a lively conversation, ambiverts look their interlocutor directly in the eyes and catch his every word.
  • Leisurely speech… On rare occasions, such people speak quickly and loudly. Unlike extroverts, ambiverts know exactly when it will be appropriate to make a particular line. They will say it slowly and with full argumentation of their opinion.

The character of ambiverts

Creative girl

To establish contact with such people, it is necessary to understand their personality characteristics. Ambiverts usually have the following character traits:

  1. Sociability… Such people always have a lot of friends who trust them unconditionally. Ambivert will always listen to his interlocutor and give practical advice in the end.
  2. Sacrifice… You can call him in the middle of the night, and he will not hesitate to go to the aid of an injured friend. At the same time, such people often forget about their own interests when they want to support a loved one.
  3. Observation… Ambiverts like to follow the actions of other people without coming into contact with them. However, if you reveal a desire to communicate with them, they willingly support the dialogue.
  4. Unpredictability… Ambiverts are very capricious in expressing their desires. Every person sometimes wants something diametrically opposite to the prevailing habits. However, the ambivert's unpredictability is visible to the naked eye and is the main feature of his character.
  5. Creativity… There are a lot of talented people among the sounded psychotype. They are able to realize their brilliant ideas both with the help of a team and alone.
  6. Equilibrium… Choleric people with their emotional outbursts are rare among ambiverts. Such people always know what to do and act with an eye to the possible consequences of their actions. For all their unpredictability, they will never be the first to go to conflict, even with an obvious provocation in their direction.
  7. Developed intuition… Ambiverts rarely encounter betrayal in their lives, because on the subconscious they feel dishonest people and immediately remove them from the list of their friends. Among their inner circle, you will definitely not find liars and swindlers.
  8. Tact… Extroverts can storm new acquaintances they barely know with phone calls. Ambiverts will never take such liberties. They will be happy to continue communication, but they themselves will not be the first to impose.
  9. Independence… Such people rarely seek help even from their close circle. If they did, then the situation was definitely out of control.
  10. Wit… Ambivert can be silent for a long time and listen carefully to his interlocutors. However, then with one well-marked joke, he is able to cheer up the company and then be known as a wit.

Features of the behavior of ambiverts

Team communication

The borderline psychotype between extrovert and introvert is usually prone to the following actions:

  • Abrupt change of decisions… People of this kind can retire for a while and not even answer phone calls. Then, suddenly, they invite guests into the house, or they themselves go to someone with an unexpected visit.
  • Easy adaptation in society… In any situation, the ambivert will find a way out. He always knows what is happening and where. Therefore, he is always in the right place at the right time.
  • Duality of behavior… For different people, an ambivert can be both a quiet person and a desperate daredevil. It all depends on what kind of impression he wants to make on a particular person.
  • Ability to smooth out conflict… When a quarrel reaches its peak, an ambivert will certainly intervene in the course of events. He will be able to competently explain to the warring parties that their brawl does not make sense.
  • The desire for new acquaintances… In someone else's company, the ambivert will not feel like a fish in water, but at the same time it will calmly adapt in it. People like this love to experience something new because they are not afraid of change.
  • The ability to take a punch… No life situation is capable of knocking down an ambivert. The acquaintances of such people are amazed at their ability to endure all the hardships and hardships that fate brought them.
  • Abandoning templates… Most of all, ambiverts do not like small talk. They can join them, but they will immediately try to liven up the conversation with some interesting story from everyday life.
  • Protecting personal space… During any meeting or demonstration, ambiverts will never be among a large number of people. However, they will happily join a small group of people at the same event.

Suitable professions for ambiverts


Everyone knows that it is not the place that paints a person, but just him. Everyone should do what he has a penchant for and ability. The ambivert personality type is able to show itself at a high level when choosing the following professions:

  1. Freelancer… This activity is ideal for people with the described psychotype. When working remotely, an ambivert can independently manage his personal time, which he needs during the period of restoration of vital energy.
  2. Organizer of various events… Creativity and the ability to find a common language with people allows the ambivert to organize impressive exhibitions, meetings of interest and concerts.
  3. Social worker… With his tendency to sacrifice, an ambivert can delve into the problems of an unprotected group of the population. In addition, he knows how to listen, which is important for a voiced profession.
  4. Fund employee… The same desire to come to the aid of others will allow the ambivert to quickly adapt to the voiced area. Charity is really what people with a similar disposition need.
  5. Manager… The ambivert will be especially good at recruiting staff. This psychotype will intuitively understand the professional suitability of this or that applicant for the proposed vacancy.
  6. Reseller… Delicacy and the ability to analyze their actions make ambiverts competent specialists in this area of ​​human life. Their sincerity, without excessive persistence during the offer of the product, really captivates even skeptical buyers.
  7. Writer… Having an analytical mind and owning a word, ambiverts are able to create real masterpieces alone, and then brilliantly present them to the public.
  8. Politician… Successful people who are leaders of certain parties are able not only to express their point of view, but also to listen to the opinion of their opponent. Choleric politicians rarely earn the trust of their constituents.
  9. Diplomat… Representing the interests of their state, ambiverts clearly state its policy and are able to inspire confidence, because they speak to the point and without unnecessary pompous phrases.
  10. Actor… Many famous personalities like to retire after another triumph somewhere in a remote area. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis (The Butcher Bill from Gangs of New York) is a prime example of an ambivert man. In this, Keanu Reeves (Neo from "The Matrix") is also similar to him, who also loves to retire in a second-rate hotel after every publication.

Note! The list of professions for ambivert is selected taking into account general recommendations from specialists. Each case is individual, so you should rely on personal characteristics of character and preferences in life.

Features of communication with ambivert

Such people need to be perceived as they really are. However, psychologists have developed some tips for communicating with them. They recommend adapting to another person only if it helps to establish contact with a special person close to their hearts. Otherwise, both stakeholders must work on their relationship.

Misbehavior with ambiverts

Obsessive communication

First of all, it is worth figuring out how not to present yourself to people with a similar psychotype. The main mistakes in this case will be the following actions, which will lead to a conflict and even a break in relations:

  • Obsession… If an ambivert decided to retire, then in no case should his personal space be violated. He will never forgive such interference or harbor resentment for many years. Such a psychotype decides for itself when and with whom to communicate.
  • The systematic game of sacrifice… Ambivert is always ready to help, but water wears away even a stone. This is especially true for ladies who, with such a demeanor, try to keep their beloved man next to them. He will definitely support the victim, but next time not the voiced hysterical person, but another woman.
  • Creation of a one-actor theater… Ambiverts know how to listen, but they also need to speak out. If, during a dialogue with them, you try to fill all the space with your eloquence, then such people will simply withdraw into themselves and then no longer make contact.
  • Incorrect communication… Anyone does not like vulgar persons with aggressive behavior. Ambiverts can restrain themselves for some time with such an attitude towards themselves, but they will rather quickly protect themselves from a person who prefers black humor and greasy jokes.
  • Arrogant behavior… Such people immediately exclude snobs from the list of their acquaintances. Fluffy phrases and spectacular poses are not for them, so you should refrain from them when in contact with an ambivert.

If a person with a sounded psychotype is really dear, then it is simply necessary to adhere to the recommendations provided. In addition, their implementation will not be difficult and time-consuming work on oneself.

Correct behavior with ambiverts

Communication with an ambivert

To earn the trust of such people, you must act as follows:

  1. To be attentive… It is not recommended to constantly use the sacrifice of ambiverts. If they have any trouble, it is necessary to make them understand (without undue intrusiveness) that the injured party has reliable support.
  2. Touch on personal topics… Even with a stranger on public transport, an ambivert can start a frank dialogue. Without getting personal and refraining from vulgarity, it is really possible to talk with such a person about the most intimate for him.
  3. Become a psychologist for a while… Ambiverts are definitely mood people.If communication with them is so important, then this factor should be remembered. Otherwise, it is really possible to get under the hot hand of an ambivert after the end of the phase of his contemplation of reality.
  4. Introduce new people… To become an interesting person for such a subject, you need to have a large circle of contacts with different personalities. Ambivert is very fond of new acquaintances, so he will appreciate such offers.

Who are ambiverts - look at the video:

The definition of "ambivert" is rather arbitrary. It all depends on the life situation that the person is in. Such a flexible psychotype assumes a different reaction to the circumstances that have arisen, but communicating with such people is quite pleasant and informative.

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