Pigeon man - appearance, character and behavior

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Pigeon man - appearance, character and behavior
Pigeon man - appearance, character and behavior

Man-dove (arrhythmic, jay) and features of his behavior. Suitable professions for the voiced chronotype. Useful advice for people like that and their loved ones. The famous Marilyn Monroe was definitely originally a dove-man until the moment when acquaintances began to notice pathological deviations in her behavior in the form of taking the strongest doses of sleeping pills. The reasons for such self-destruction should be sought in her childhood trauma and the unwillingness of loved ones to understand the peculiarities of the worldview of the then matured arrhythmic-Marilyn.

This characteristic of a pigeon indicates that such individuals should be treated with extreme caution.

Features of the behavior of a pigeon man

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Such people rarely have obvious ill-wishers, because they do not like to enter into conflict, even when clearly provoked by the aggressors. However, at the same time, they quite often live in a world of illusions, which sometimes can play a cruel joke with them:

  • Finding the perfect partner… People-pigeons simply cannot ask for anything directly, because they are afraid of refusal in a categorical form from the one they believe. They try to find in life that like-minded person who would understand their thoughts and desires on a subconscious level.
  • Directing inner anger towards yourself… This is how jays resolve their own conflicts. On the one hand, it has a destructive effect on their psyche. On the other hand, they make up for this loss of energy by the fact that aggressive people, at the sight of such a reaction to their rudeness, calm down and even apologize.
  • Watching specific TV programs… Arrhythmists love melodramas, TV series with a touching plot, projects like "The Battle of Psychics", because 80% of them are women. At the same time, jays are unlikely to watch an action movie or a report from the scene of a large-scale accident.

Suitable professions for the pigeon man

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Almost 50% of jays choose a specialty that involves physical labor. The other half of them earn their daily bread with the help of their own intelligence and creativity. Usually, pigeon people show high professionalism in the following spheres of human life:

  1. Builder… The jay's life biorhythm allows her to be useful during the production process exactly when it is necessary to hand over the turnkey object on time.
  2. Working with animals… Arrhythmics are usually excellent trainers, zoo staff and veterinarians. Animals always unmistakably feel persons who are friendly towards them. Plus, you don't have to be a nocturnal person to care for animals.
  3. Writing articles and books… Among prose writers and poets, there are a lot of persons with a similar human biorhythm. To create poetic or prose works, you need to have inspiration, a bit of daydreaming and a high level of efficiency. However, there are still exceptions to the rules in the form of the same self-centered Igor Severyanin (Leo Tolstoy's selfish troublemaker through his erotic metaphors), who definitely does not belong to the dove-people.
  4. Raising the younger generation… Arrhythmics are usually very fond of children and always know how to find an approach to them. Eternally dissatisfied with early awakening, an owl rarely becomes a qualified teacher. The best educators and teachers are tactful and sensitive pigeon people. In addition, they will make excellent employees of orphanages and boarding schools.

Psychologists' advice to the pigeon man

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If the jays are happy with everything in their life, then nothing needs to be changed in it. Larks ("morning" people) and owls (night owls) are recommended by experts to reconsider their daily routine and diet. Pigeons are active most of the day, so they do not need additional stimulants. First of all, they need to understand their personal problems, if they exist and cause significant discomfort to arrhythmias.

Considering some indecision of such persons, it would not hurt them to listen to what psychologists recommend to them:

  • Become an independent person… Pigeons quite often try to settle at the foot of the pedestal, on which they hoisted their idol. You should once and for all give up the desire to hide behind the back of a stronger personality, which usually does not lead to good. Pigeon women are encouraged to find a job if they are not satisfied with being under the auspices of a wealthy husband or father.
  • Learn to decline requests… You should understand for yourself that any of us is not an instrument for fulfilling the whims of another person. It is unambiguously necessary to help your neighbor, but it is worth distinguishing between the real need for support for your soul mate and the outright opportunism of dishonest individuals.
  • Take the initiative… Fortune loves enterprising people, because water definitely does not flow under a lying stone. Soaring in the clouds is fun but unproductive. You should change your established habits and become a proactive person so that competitors do not end up cutting off the path to success of a slow person.
  • Avoid overwork… An exceptionally correct daily regimen and a balanced diet will help daytime people always be in great shape. They are able to work productively even at night, but you should not get carried away with such experiments.
  • Actively play sports… With all their proportional physique, pigeon people are prone to gaining excess weight with a passive lifestyle. To avoid this problem, they need to keep themselves in shape by swimming, tennis or volleyball.

How to communicate with pigeon people

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The voiced chronotype of people is the most non-conflict category of the population in comparison with larks and owls. However, in a still whirlpool, devils are found, therefore, the close environment of jays should behave as follows:

  1. Providing silence at late hours… Many pigeons suffer from insomnia, which should be taken into account by their relatives. From 10.00 to 18.00, they are full of vital energy only if they have fully rested. Relatives with night owls should buy headphones for watching a movie at night or visiting social networks, so as not to interfere with sleep arrhythmias.
  2. Show tact… You can use the pliability and reliability of a pigeon for quite a long time. However, do not forget about the fact that people of the daytime type dream of meeting their ideal and are able to completely change their social circle if they feel an urgent need for this with a consumer attitude towards them.
  3. Avoiding stressful situations… Night owls are the least susceptible to depression, because they are calm individuals. Larks are less resistant to the blow of fate and may become discouraged. Jays are the weakest link among all chronotypes of people, which should be taken into account by their immediate environment.

Who are the pigeon people - look at the video:

The listed signs of a pigeon indicate that this universal human chronotype is quite common. Jays are advised to resist in every possible way the desire of manipulators to make a toy out of them that can be controlled. The immediate environment of arrhythmics needs to help them in this endeavor, because the voiced impressionable persons really need this support.

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