What to do if the husband is lying

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What to do if the husband is lying
What to do if the husband is lying

The psychology of lies, why people lie and how to find out about it. Why does the husband tell a lie to his wife, what to do in this case. It's important to know! Cheating is evil. In Christianity, it is considered a great sin. Lying destroys the soul and corrupts a person.

The main signs of a lie

What a liar man looks like

Psychologist Fry Aldert argues that there are three ways to detect a lie. The first is the behavior, emotions of a person (smile, look, speech, etc.). The second is a detailed analysis of what was said. The third can be called a purely medical aspect, when during a false speech the pressure changes sharply, the pulse quickens, and the palms sweat.

It is not difficult for an observant person to expose a liar. How to understand that the husband is lying? You just need to carefully observe his behavior during a conversation. Up to 65% of information is transmitted through non-verbal communication, that is, body language. This is exactly the case when the body is the enemy of the liar.

For example, during a conversation, a person suddenly begins to get nervous: her hands are shaking, her jacket is getting better for no reason. This is evidence of intense excitement and should be alarming. In this state, the vis-a-vis is not inclined to a frank conversation, he can bend his soul. What happened to him, here it is already necessary to get to the bottom of the truth.

The liar's face often turns red, his eyes dart around, such people are said to be "lascivious." Sometimes it happens that they stare at one point, look without blinking, squinting, as if trying to instill their "truth." The lip is bitten, the mouth is twisted in contemptuous mockery, and the tip of the tongue sticks out as if teasing.

Hands of the liar in a nervous movement: he crunches his knuckles, constantly wipes the sweat on his forehead and palms. He does not sit quietly in one place, his legs dance, their position often changes.

The speaker's speech should be analyzed. Let's say he often repeats the same phrase, for example, "I'm fine, don't worry" or "Why are you sticking to me, everything is all right!" He can speak confusedly and uncertainly, through clenched teeth, often raising his tone. Respiration is frequent.

Emotional behavior, confused speech and "twitched" appearance of the interlocutor indicate that something is wrong with him. He is clearly not in the mood for a frank conversation, openly lying.

It's important to know! To determine whether a person is lying or not, you need to have certain observation skills. If there are none, they can be developed through special psychological exercises.

How to wean a spouse from lying

Woman scolds man for lying

What to do if the husband is constantly lying, what to do in this case? First, you should analyze the reason for this behavior. Why did it happen that earlier this was not noticed behind him, but now his constant lies haunt him?

Family relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. If both accept each other with all their advantages and disadvantages, then there is harmony in the relationship. But at one bad moment, it suddenly collapsed. As there is no smoke without fire, so there is no groundless lie. And then it is worth thinking: if the husband is lying, how to behave?

It is likely that you gave him a reason for this, although the love has not faded away at all. They just stopped giving him due attention, began to reproach him for any reason and without a reason. And then he began to look for a "lifeline" outside the family, and at home he says that he was late at work. In this case, all is not lost, you just need to change your attitude to the situation.

Total control over the husband's behavior will deprive him of sincerity in the relationship, will inevitably force him to lie. A man needs to relax, that's what friends are for. Go fishing or hunting with friends is a man's passion.In a company, you can break away in full: there is no limit to unrestrained lies. "I caught just such a fish or killed a hare the size of a wild boar!" Such a cheerful deception is innocent, it does not harm the family. But my husband will return home in a good mood. Unless he says: "Well, we drank just a little", so this is not a reason for offense.

Pathological lies can destroy a family, constant deception causes serious damage to family relationships. If the husband is lying, what to do in this case? What is needed here is not shouting and swearing, in this way you will not achieve anything, but will only worsen the situation. You need to calmly and kindly talk with your spouse and try to find out the reason for this behavior.

It is possible that this is due to severe mental trauma received in childhood or adolescence. It is necessary to persuade the husband to see a psychologist. A course of psychotherapy will help get rid of pathological lies and restore friendly family relationships.

It's important to know! It is not easy to disaccustom a husband to lie. It takes a lot of effort to return a trusting relationship to a family. One should remember the biblical truth that "a speck is visible in someone else's eye, but a log is not a hindrance in his own." It is possible that your behavior gave him a reason for an insincere relationship. What to do if the husband is lying - watch the video:

What to do in such a situation, unequivocal advice cannot be given. Every woman should solve this problem on her own. First of all, you need to trust the person with whom you live, but even if he continues to lie, you need to persuade him to appear to a psychologist. Perhaps this will help him. If this option does not work, your fate is in your hands, or rather, in your head. As you decide, so it will be: either to live in a constant lie, or to leave such a husband. The choice is only yours.

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