Owl man - appearance and demeanor

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Owl man - appearance and demeanor
Owl man - appearance and demeanor

Owl man and features of his behavior. Personal qualities of people of a similar chronotype and professions suitable for them. Tips for night owls to plan their daily routine. Recommendations to the close environment for communicating with such persons. An owl is a person who sometimes does not sleep until the early morning, and then recovers in bed until lunchtime. It is already considered a feat for such people to get up at 9-10 o'clock, which they are often not capable of. Night owls are quite interesting personalities, so you need to understand the peculiarities of their behavior.

Who are the owl people

Owl girl morning sleep

Slightly less than half of the total population of the planet (40-45%) are people with this chronotype. It is named by analogy with a nocturnal bird. Sleep lag is the main reason why owl people are difficult to wake up.

The modern rhythm of life often implies the fact that many events are planned after 21.00. It is for this reason that individuals who are accustomed to going to bed early and also getting up can readjust to the new rest-wakefulness regime and become owls. This chronotype is characterized by people's lack of appetite in the morning (hunger appears at lunchtime), the body's need for additional stimulants, and problems with falling asleep.

When asked what the owl-man means, experts distinguish three peaks of intellectual and physical activity of the sounded category of the population: 13.00-14.00, 18.00-20.00, 23.00-one in the morning.

In some cases, its representatives wake up early in the morning if something disturbed their sleep. However, they immediately plunge into a state of deep nap again until noon, if the work schedule allows them such a luxury.

Owl man appearance

Fat man owl with bun

The way of life that people have chosen for themselves, in most cases, affects their appearance. Those who love to soak in bed until lunchtime are usually difficult to confuse with representatives of other chronotypes. When you ask what an owl looks like, you should pay attention to the following features of its appearance:

  • Dense physique… Night owls not only love to stay up very late to bed, but also prefer to have a solid snack before diving into the kingdom of Morpheus. Such a habit does not affect their figure in the best way. However, among such people there are also representatives of the asthenic body type, provided that a person has an accelerated metabolism and an extra trip to the refrigerator at night cannot harm him. Thin people are also often scientists, analysts and party-goers from the "squad" of owls, who sometimes forget to eat on time.
  • The evaluating glance… Night owls may not talk much, but they love to watch other people. At the same time, owls with an X-ray look seem to shine through the interlocutor, trying to understand his true essence. Quite often, the same larks ("morning birds") are uncomfortable with such a careful study from the "night" people.
  • Leisurely speech… Owls carefully consider and weigh each of their remarks. Among such persons you will not find orators who can impress the public with their fiery speech. However, if they say something, then quite often their conclusions are true in all instances.
  • Different approach to choosing clothes… Owls that love all kinds of nighttime activities usually get colorful outfits.Representatives of the same chronotype, who prefer to meet midnight at home, can wear a stretched sweater and old jeans for years.

Owl man personality

Calmness as a character trait of owl people

Nocturnal people rarely show their emotions in public. Usually, the characteristics of an owl by psychologists are determined by the following parameters:

  1. Calmness… Such persons are mostly phlegmatic (sometimes melancholic), which is rather difficult to bring to emotions. If the conflict still cannot be avoided, they will try to find peaceful solutions to the problem to the last.
  2. Prudence… The owl man will make a final conclusion only if he carefully comprehends the information received. Among such subjects, pedants and people with a mathematical mindset are quite common.
  3. Isolation… Owls cannot boast of a large number of friends, but they are surrounded by extremely trusted acquaintances. They will not open their souls to everyone, because they are frankly afraid to pay for their momentary weakness and be betrayed.
  4. Excessive rigor… It is especially manifested in owl-parents during the educational process in relation to their children. Such pedants can spend hours explaining to their own children all the irrationality of their actions.
  5. Passivity… Owls are not able to recharge even from fellow larks who simply gush with ideas. However, they are the ones who finish all the undertakings that their less organized colleagues give up halfway through.
  6. Expectancy… People of the voiced chronotype will not learn from their own mistakes. They prefer to watch other people's mistakes, analyze them and avoid further rash acts on their part. It is this character trait that ultimately makes many owls wealthy.
  7. Narcissism… When such people think out loud, it seems that they are admiring themselves. However, they set out sensible things at the same time, therefore they deserve praise from grateful listeners.

Despite the calmness of the owl people, you should not try their patience. With the obvious withdrawal of them to emotions, the nocturnal bird can get angry, show reciprocal aggression and even peck painfully.

Owl man's demeanor

Young people have fun in a nightclub

Each person has an individuality, but the voiced chronotype of people still has some similarities, which look like this:

  • The habit of sleeping off on weekends… On weekdays, owls often go to bed very late and get up early. All this turns into the fact that in their free time from work, they simply sleep off in order to replenish the vital energy lost during the working week.
  • Willingness to work overtime… Since the owl's biorhythms allow her to become the most active work unit after 20.00, she always agrees to stay in the office until midnight when preparing a new project. She can be called a "workhorse", so she rarely lets her leadership down.
  • Ability to meet the "burning" deadlines… It is owls who are able to complete the most difficult tasks in a short period of time. Possessing an analytical mind, they initially draw up a plan for their further actions and strictly adhere to it, while saving precious time.
  • The opportunity to pay maximum attention to the family… Waking up hard, owls are then able to play with their children for a long time, do homework with them and wait until late for a loved one with a hot dinner. At the same time, their sex life is much more active (with the coincidence of the biorhythms of partners) than those who prefer to get up at 5-6 in the morning.
  • Addiction to nightlife… There are a lot of owls among young people who are ready to learn all the delights of life only after dark. For some, this vision of leisure changes with age, and some people continue to have fun at night almost until old age.

Suitable Occupations for Owl People

Night guard examines the premises

Experts noted the fact that people of mental labor predominate among the sounded chronotype. Therefore, owls will be most successful when choosing the following professions:

  1. Freelancer (remote work)… People who know the word or know how to create sites can easily get themselves the means to live at any time of the day, without even leaving home.
  2. Programmer… It is no secret to anyone that domestic users prefer to visit the World Wide Web at dusk. On special forums, owl programmers share their experience with each other, improving their knowledge of the development of new operating-computing systems.
  3. Researcher… Most night owls have an analytical mind and tend to deeply analyze cause and effect relationships. Consequently, they are able to express themselves vividly in scientific circles.
  4. Teacher at night school… Few of the teachers work exclusively on the second shift. Typically, the teacher's schedule is to arrive at work by 8 a.m. However, a night school teacher can afford the pleasure of getting some sleep before class.
  5. The reporter… Megacities and smaller cities literally come to life with the onset of dusk. Most accidents happen at this time, so owl correspondents rush to the scene.
  6. Convenience store clerk… A profession that implies financial responsibility requires maximum concentration of attention at any time of the day. If we are talking about market-24, then at a later time it is best to select personnel from cashiers and owl sellers.
  7. Night guard… Not only mental labor, a person with a similar biorhythm can earn a living. The “late birds” guards will not fall asleep at the combat post, because then they have the opportunity to rest during the day and feel comfortable with such a schedule.
  8. Nightclub worker… It can be a bartender, a DJ or any other employee of a similar entertainment establishment. Customers do not like to deal with clumsy service personnel, so owl people are ideal for this kind of work.

Useful tips for the owl man

Girl in the morning with a cup of coffee

It is quite easy to create a conflict situation, and sometimes it takes months to resolve it. In order not to break harmony with oneself and find one's place in society, one should adapt to the biorhythm that nature has awarded each of us.

Too many people have to change their place of work frequently if it means getting up early. If there is no alternative for finding a specialty at a later time, the following measures should be taken:

  • Exercise "We go to bed at the right time!"… Having given themselves the instruction to go to bed no later than midnight, some people begin to understand that you can sleep well and feel cheerful even in the morning.
  • Using a little trick… It is not recommended to set the alarm clock next to the bed, because after turning it off, the owl man again falls asleep. If you place the sound clock in another room, you will inevitably have to leave the warm bed.
  • The right start to the day… It doesn't hurt for owls to greet the morning with a cup of coffee. It is not recommended for them to get carried away and combine a fragrant drink with a cigarette, which some people like so much. A contrast shower will also help you finally wake up. It should be remembered that it is best to choose a gel with citrus notes that invigorate, not relax.
  • Preparing a light breakfast… In the early days, the human owl's body is not yet functioning at full capacity, so hearty food will lie dead weight on his stomach. Better to replace it with a vegetable salad, oatmeal with milk and a glass of juice.
  • Eating nutritious lunch and dinner… They should consist of protein foods.The type of owl man implies that he has a tendency to additionally refuel in the middle of the night. You should get rid of this habit and replace the same sandwich with a fruit or a glass of kefir.
  • Evening sports… The optimal time for exercise for owls is considered to be between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm. In the morning, you should not torture yourself, because there will be no sense from such loads.
  • Proper sleep organization… Before going to bed, you need to take a walk in the fresh air. After taking a fragrant bath, you can drink 3-4 drops of valerian to completely calm the nervous system.
  • Purchasing a suitable mattress and pillow… You can get enough sleep in 5 hours if you organize the recreation area correctly. Regular bedding will not work because it does not take into account the structural features of the human body. Your best bet is to buy an anatomical mattress and change your pillow every year.

In order not to fall asleep at your workplace before lunchtime, you must try to leave the room as often as possible and go out into the fresh air. This is especially helpful in winter, when a person feels more cheerful in the cold than in the warmth.

Tips for communicating with owls

Do not abuse the judgment and calmness of such people. The character of an owl man can manifest itself unpleasantly if you do not heed the following advice from psychologists.

How to communicate with an adult owl man

Husband prepares breakfast

Pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Inadmissibility of some actions… If in the family the husband and wife are both night owls, then there will be no problems in their relationship. If the owl lives with an active personality in the morning, then a conflict may flare up. Experts do not recommend people with an early rise to bother those who go to bed after midnight at dawn. The period of active communication with them should be postponed to the afternoon.
  2. Preparing breakfast… Before going to work, the owl is sometimes unable not only to feed itself, but also to really examine the stove and cutlery itself, because it has not fully woken up. But later, a grateful soul mate is able to prepare a hearty lunch and dinner for the whole family.
  3. Providing an opportunity to sleep off… This does not mean that everyone should tiptoe and whisper on weekends. However, nothing prevents the same larks from going for a morning walk or shopping, giving the late bird the opportunity to soak in bed until noon.
  4. Understanding the specifics of owl behavior… If the management wants to get the maximum result from the activities of workers with such a biorhythm, then they should be placed in a team with larks. Exclusively in this tandem, night owls will bring to life the ideas of their more active and inventive colleagues.

Correct behavior of parents with an owl child

A child looks at a pet parrot

Dads and mothers should initially come to terms with the fact that their child does not like to go to bed early and hardly wakes up in the morning. Experts from Japan insist on the hereditary factor of the birth of small owls, which in no case need to be altered.

In order to save their nerves and not injure the child's psyche, adults should behave as follows:

  • Search for a childcare facility with a second shift… If there is an opportunity to place your child in such a kindergarten or school, then half of the problem has already been solved. The child will be able to sleep an extra hour in the morning, and not harass the whims of the parents, who in a hurry collect him to the sounded establishments.
  • Changing the daily routine… It is necessary to adjust the usual time of falling asleep and waking up your offspring. This is best done in the summer, when the child's wellness season begins. However, you should adhere to some restrictions, because such a time shift should not exceed one hour.
  • Organization of correct leisure time… Active games are best done in the afternoon, when the child's body is at its best. At the same time, you should avoid overexciting your child, which will prevent him from falling asleep after having fun with his parents. A couple of hours before putting the child to bed, it is recommended to completely exclude outdoor games. It is best to invite him to draw or get acquainted with a new fairy tale.
  • Calm bedtime… The psyche of a baby or adolescent has not yet fully formed, therefore, after a scandal between his parents with him or among himself, he will not be able to recover for a long time. After the conflict, the child will not be able to plunge into a deep phase of sleep and in the morning will refuse to leave bed at the right time.
  • Demonstrating your own example… If parents like to spend the whole night on the Internet, and in the morning they are in a bad mood, then their offspring can accurately copy the behavior of the older generation of the family. It is recommended to visually show your offspring how to properly plan your daily routine.
  • Buying the right alarm clock… It is better not to buy a watch with a sharp sound signal. A mechanism with a melody that gradually builds up will do. The child himself must choose an alarm clock to his liking in order to start his day with it in a good mood.
  • Organizing the right awakening… In order for the owl child to finally come to his senses, you need to interrupt his sleep in advance. You should start gently shaking your offspring 10 minutes before the moment of the desired rise. The sudden awakening of owl children is perceived as a stressful situation for the body.
  • Buying a pet… Canaries, goldfinches and parrots start waking up their owners quite early. Better than any alarm clock, a little night owl will be awakened by the sounds of his bird, a cage with which should be placed in the room of a lazy person.

Who are owl people - look at the video:

The voiced characteristic of owl people indicates that you can get along with them, if you take into account the peculiarities of their character and behavior. The provided recommendations from specialists will help such people adapt to the first half of the day without any damage to their well-being and performance.

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