How to protect against the gypsy hypnosis

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How to protect against the gypsy hypnosis
How to protect against the gypsy hypnosis

What is gypsy hypnosis, why do gypsies need it and how do they enter into such a state. Is it possible to learn it and how to protect yourself from it. It's important to know! Roma are excellent psychologists. They know very well where the owners can hide money and jewelry in the house. The advice here is simple, do not let strangers into the house, and if you have already started, do not leave alone in the room.

Can you learn gypsy hypnosis?

A group of gypsies walking down the street

How to learn gypsy hypnosis? It doesn't seem difficult. There are many techniques associated with the technique of immersion in a hypnotic state. But in order to master at least one, you need to have confidence in your abilities and, which is important, good looks.

You need a power of persuasion that immediately makes you believe. This, in fact, happens in the case of gypsies who know how to bewitch completely unfamiliar people. If all these qualities are present, a person can become a successful hypnotist. Not Kashperovsky, of course, but something like Alan Chumak. There are quite a few such "miracle workers" who treat 101 diseases by introducing into a trance today.

The main thing is a persistent desire to master the techniques of hypnotization and their practical application. Only in the course of hypnotic sessions can you master the methods of suggestion that can put a person into a trance. This is the key to successfully mastering the technique of hypnosis.

The technique of gypsy (street) hypnosis is not that complicated. To master it, you need to find a partner willing to be a “guinea pig”. Initially, you need to work out the establishment of contact. Before you start a conversation, you need to take the same posture as the interlocutor. If a person is concerned about something, the conversation can be started with the phrase: “Why are you upset? No need to worry, everything will be okay."

In the process of dialogue, you should, as it were, casually touch, for example, the hand of the interlocutor. Not too intrusive so as not to provoke rejection. Such a gesture will help establish a trusting contact. You need to breathe in time with the interlocutor, that is, you need to enter the same tempo with him. Such a momentary unity of external (posture, breathing, verbal communication) factors will help a heart-to-heart conversation.

During a conversation, you must carefully choose your words and monitor the change in the pose of your counterpart. A carelessly spoken word can alert him, and he will “close”. This can be seen by the change in body position and tone of responses. He will be reluctant to answer.

These are just the initial basics of mastering the technique of gypsy hypnosis. In order to more seriously master the methods of hypnotic influence on a person, you need to turn to special literature and attend specialized courses where they teach methods of introducing into a trance.

It's important to know! The technique of possession of hypnosis is available. Anyone can master it to one degree or another. You just need to be aware of what it is for? Fooling people's heads like gypsies in the bazaar is hardly a good idea.

Ways to protect yourself from gypsy hypnosis

Gypsy fortune teller with cards

How to protect against the gypsy hypnosis? You need to know a few general rules that make up the technology of protection against all kinds of street charlatans. They will help protect yourself in a situation when there was an unexpected meeting with a gypsy fortune-teller.

Let's consider the technology of protection against gypsy (street) hypnosis in more detail. It includes the following methods of personal "self-defense":

  • Pay no attention to fortune-tellers… In any crowded place, you can almost face a gypsy with your nose and hear from her the sentence "come on, dear (s), I'll tell you everything, I'll tell you everything that was and will be in your life …".You should not "be led" on such speeches, you just need to pass by. You have your own worries, what do you care about the gypsy? On her part, this is an attempt to interfere with someone else's consciousness in order to reformat it for a short moment to suit her interest. And it is simple - to "shoot" some money from suckers. You should not fall into the category of simpletons who are easily robbed on the street.
  • You need to go "from the opposite"… What does it mean? Let's say you were nevertheless provoked into a conversation and the fortune-teller tells that you experienced great grief several years ago. In life, everything can be, she could guess (after all, it is not for nothing that Roma are said to be great psychologists), although this does not mean at all that she needs to be believed. In this case, it is necessary to say that you yourself are guessing and you know that she, too, has recently experienced a disaster. This will immediately make the gypsy move away. Another option is also possible. Do not delve into the meaning of the speech, but do not look away, look directly into the face and answer slowly but confidently. You can ask a question, say: "Is it really so poor life that you ask for money?" This can be embarrassing, but most likely the gypsy will understand that you are not the person she needs, she will just leave.
  • You shouldn't tempt fate… There is no need to specifically talk to the gypsy, they say, tell fortunes, and I'll see if you are telling the truth or not. For her, this is a reason to breed an "all-knowing" client. Word by word, and the person is already entangled in hypnotic networks. Often young simpletons fall into them, sincerely believing that the street fortune-teller will "tell you" how to find a rich groom. As a result, they are left without money and gold jewelry, but with faith in a happy life.

It's important to know! The most effective defense against gypsy hypnosis is not to be a simpleton. A person who can be easily fooled. "Ah, it is not difficult to deceive me, I myself am glad to be deceived …". Don't fall into the category of these people. How to protect yourself from gypsy hypnosis - watch the video:

The psychology of gypsy hypnosis is to put a person in an unfamiliar predicament. He cannot resist manipulation and obediently goes to the fortune-teller on the occasion. The result of such amorphous behavior is voluntarily donated money and jewelry. Only knowledge of psychological techniques of hidden influence on people will help to avoid difficult situations when meeting street gypsies. This can be learned through trainings, for example, by M. Erickson's hypnosis.

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