Lark Man - Appearance, Character, Behavior

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Lark Man - Appearance, Character, Behavior
Lark Man - Appearance, Character, Behavior

Man-lark and features of this chronotype. Portrait characteristics, demeanor of the sounded person. Recommendations of specialists to the “early bird” and her close circle. A lark is a person who gets up early and feels sleepy and vigorous at the same time. Such a chronotype of people implies their going to bed before midnight, because activity after the announced time in this category of the population is reduced to zero. Consider the features of the behavior of such persons, as well as the rules on how to competently establish contact with them.

Who are the early risers

Man on a morning walk with his dog

There are quite a few people with this lifestyle - 25% (a quarter of the total number of inhabitants of the planet). When describing the biorhythms of a lark, it should be noted that they have an advanced sleep phase syndrome.

Towards the early evening, they get tired and dream of going to bed as soon as possible. However, in the morning, such people do not need an alarm clock at all, because they easily get out of bed on their own at the same time. They have two peaks of intellectual and physical activity: 8.00-13.00 and 16.00-18.00. Problems with falling asleep in voiced individuals are usually not observed.

If we consider the question of why people are called larks, then American scientists have come to interesting conclusions. Overseas experts have discovered a deformation of a certain gene in family members of hereditary "morning" people. After its introduction into the DNA chain of mice, the experimental rodents began to wake up very early and remained active until lunchtime. Consequently, when considering the question of who the lark people are, it is necessary to take into account not only the habits of this category of the population, but the hereditary factor.

The daily routine of a "morning" person is considered a more natural (natural) planning of his life than a night vigil. At a time when there was no electricity (in some South African countries it is not even now), there was no point in starting to do any work at nightfall. In addition, predators and rascals did not doze, which led to the fact of a significant predominance of lark people in society. This was also facilitated by various superstitions associated with terrible stories about the rampant of evil spirits at night. In the countryside, to this day, it is rare to find an owl-man who can afford to sleep until lunchtime.

Quite often, people become larks because of the prevailing life circumstances. The "early birds" in most cases are the townspeople because of their work schedule and the villagers, who need to solve many important household issues in the morning.

The appearance of a man-lark

Morning run lark girl

By the appearance of any person, you can easily determine not only her temperament, but her inherent habits to organize her daily routine. A person with voiced life biorhythms usually looks like this:

  • Live facial expressions and gestures… When talking, the lark often waving her arms and constantly fiddling with her hair, belt or bag strap. At the same time, on his face it is clearly visible what kind of emotions he is experiencing at the moment.
  • Fit… The lark's lifestyle allows him to go jogging and do morning exercises before work. Such people rarely get sick, because they do not go to parties in nightclubs with their unhealthy temptations.However, there are exceptions to every rule, because among larks there are persons with a pycnic body type, if instead of playing sports they prefer to enjoy sweet and flour products.
  • Fast speech… Larks are so upbeat that their monologues are often spontaneous and jump from one topic to another. At the same time, they love to voice their narration with a burst of laughter at their own jokes. It is sometimes said about such people that they will first say and then ponder what they have said.

Personality of a morning person

Optimistic man-lark

Getting along with the voiced persons is not difficult, because among them there are rarely hypocrites. The type of person who is a morning person assumes that he has the following character traits:

  1. Optimism… Among people with a similar life schedule, you rarely find a gloomy person. They have many friends, because those closest to them appreciate the cheerful disposition of the person-lark. However, not all adherents of an early rise are lovers of noisy companies and night gatherings.
  2. Irascibility… There are quite a few choleric people among the larks, which does not detract from the merits of these cheerful persons. They are easily aroused, but are ready to apologize for their incontinence. In a serious conflict, people-lighters will try to channel the claims that have arisen into a peaceful channel or translate them into a joke.
  3. Enthusiasm… The lark is always full of new ideas, which quite often become useful finds in the future. However, on rare occasions, he brings them to life, because he easily switches to another topic for research.
  4. Conservatism… The psyche of people-larks is emotionally unstable, but they still adhere to generally accepted views on life. Experts note the fact that family tyrants are often found among this chronotype (especially among men).

Lark man behavior

A man napping in front of the TV

The early birds are quite similar to each other in their preferences. When the question arises, what does a lark look like, you just need to take a closer look at its habits and lifestyle. Such people usually behave in the following way:

  • Working capacity in the morning… Before lunchtime, early-morning employees can move mountains because they are full of energy and initiative. It is for this reason that they plan all important matters until 13.00.
  • Go to bed early… The lark may well go to bed after midnight. However, then he will feel tired and overwhelmed for at least a couple of days after such an experiment.
  • Evening leisure within four walls… It is quite difficult (in most cases almost impossible) to get a lark to attend a party at a later time. Even if he succumbs to the persuasion of his friends, then he will try to retire in a corner away from the noisy company, patiently waiting for the end of the general fun.
  • Refusal of part-time jobs… Towards evening, larks feel a significant decline in their vital energy. It is because of this factor that they are not able to replenish their budget at the expense of the so-called "hack" outside working hours.
  • Falling asleep under the TV… Having turned on any interesting film, the lark will definitely doze off if the film drags on for a long time. A person with voiced biorhythms will fall asleep while watching even a blockbuster, if he wishes to get acquainted with it at a later time.

Suitable Occupations for Lark People

The teacher conducts a math lesson

It should be immediately noted that the subject with the described life biorhythm is more adapted to physical labor. Psychologists recommend that he consider the following specialties:

  1. Street cleaner… When the lark wakes up, most of the population is still in blissful sleep. The city is just beginning to show signs of life, and its streets are already cleaned up by janitors who can easily get up very early.
  2. Public transport driver… The first change of such chauffeurs begins so early that night owls should forget about this profession. In addition, while driving, you need to be as focused as possible, which is not difficult for a skylark driver even in the early morning.
  3. Worker at a manufacturing facility… At the announced enterprises, labor discipline and tardiness are strictly monitored. This factor is explained not only by the ethical side of the issue, but also by the observance of safety measures when working with machines. The first shift in factories usually starts quite early, which is quite suitable for larks.
  4. Baker… In order for the consumer to buy fresh bakery products for breakfast, the dough is kneaded in the workshop already at three o'clock after a small planning meeting. By about five in the morning, the products should have already been taken out of the bakery, in which only larks are capable of working.
  5. Milking machine operator… It is not unusual for residents of rural areas to get up at 5 o'clock. However, even within the city (on its outskirts) there are workshops where a milk filling line has been established. The quality of the drink is not affected at all by how the milking process takes place, but it should be done at dawn.
  6. Teacher… Many children struggle to get up early in the morning to get ready for school. Teachers have to come much earlier than the students in order to have time to get ready for the first lesson. Kindergarten teachers also need to get up very early if they work the first shift in order to meet their children in time.
  7. Office employee… The biorhythms of the lark clearly coincide with the schedule of such organizations. When the working day ends in the office, the early bird also has a reduced energy reserve.
  8. Doctor… Studies have shown that there are still more larks among doctors than owls. The hospital staff quite often does not like night shifts, because at this time the specialists simply want to rest.
  9. Reseller… The Lark Man perfectly adapts to changing time zones, so he can easily adapt to the new environment during long-distance business trips.

When choosing a profession, people-larks should avoid night shifts. At a later time, they can easily fall asleep at their workplace. If the working conditions coincide with the biorhythms of the "early bird", then it will always be in good standing with the bosses.

Specialist recommendations for early risers and their loved ones

Having chosen the right profession for yourself, you should think about the competent organization of your life. "Morning" people will never achieve success in life if they do not take into account the peculiarities of their own biorhythm.

Psychologists' advice to the man-lark

A man takes a contrast shower

To always feel in good shape, such persons should listen to the following recommendations of specialists:

  • Morning exercise… It is worth giving up evening jogging and visiting the gym after 19.00, because the lark goes to bed early and does not need to overstimulate the body at a later time. You can replace the voiced events with a visit to the floating pool. In the morning, you need to do gymnastics in order to maintain excellent physical shape.
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast… After exercise, the voiced individuals should eat a dense meal, introducing high-calorie protein foods into the diet. It is recommended to organize yourself a second breakfast (dried fruits and bread) at about 10 o'clock and lunch at 13.00-14.00. Carbohydrate foods are best left for dinner.
  • Correct selection of drinks… After lunch, you need to drink a cup of aromatic tea (preferably green or white) to relieve fatigue. Some people mistakenly believe that only coffee helps to cheer up. However, doctors insist on the fact that this drink has a short-term stimulating effect, after which the feeling of weakness in larks is further enhanced.
  • Using a contrast shower… If there is such an opportunity, then with the onset of a decline in internal energy, people-larks are advised to use this remedy to raise the tone of the body.
  • Water treatments before bed… To spend a quiet night, "early birds" need to take a warm bath with their favorite foam (it is best to opt for coniferous composition) or medicinal herbs in the form of mint and chamomile. A glass of warm milk with honey drunk before bed will also not hurt.

Useful tips for loved ones of a lark

A guy and a girl have breakfast in a cafe

Bearing in mind that the voiced type of people can be emotionally unstable, relatives and friends should behave as follows with an early bird:

  1. Understanding the features of the biorhythms of a lark… If you ask him to go to the market late at night with a long list of products or start cleaning, you can get a very aggressive reaction in response. The maximum that he can do in the voiced time is to walk the dog. However, during this process, his dreams will only be about a soft bed and deep sleep. If there is any need for the help of a lark, it is best to seek it during the period of its maximum activity.
  2. Refusing night calls… Friendship is friendship, but it is not recommended to call such people after 22.00 unless absolutely necessary. At best, they do not sleep asleep to understand the essence of the request, at worst they are capable of being seriously angry because of such impudence. In this situation, night visits without an invitation are out of the question.
  3. Transferring entertainment to an earlier time… The characteristic of a lark, first of all, implies the fact that it takes a long time to recover from night gatherings and parties. Consequently, his family and friends need to arrange celebrations that will not drag on until the "morning" person is completely exhausted.

Tips for Parents of Lark Children

A child in headphones listens to an audio story

Some people find that the hardest part is for dads and moms of little owls, who are difficult to wake up in kindergarten or school. However, young larks also give their parents a lot of trouble, which can be solved with the help of practical advice from experts:

  • Distracting the child's attention… If the older generation of the family wants to sleep an extra half hour on the day off, then you can put a soft toy next to the bed of the little lark. In this case, instructions should be given to the "early bird" after waking up to take care of his beloved animal. However, the toy should not contain elements that are dangerous to the child's life. The offspring's crib should be placed in the visibility zone of adults, and the kitchen door and windows should be tightly closed with reliable plugs.
  • Learning to use the player and headphones… If the child is already able to master the sounded subjects, then he may well listen to an audio story or a selection of his favorite songs while his parents watch their last dreams.
  • Gastronomic trick… During waking up, a child-lark, noticing a favorite drink and a delicacy next to the bed, will not bother his parents for a while.
  • Completing lessons on schedule… After 19.00, small "alarm clocks" will not properly receive the information received. Therefore, it is necessary to invite them to do their homework before this time, and in the morning to advise them to consolidate the material learned.
  • Proper organization of leisure… It is best to stop active games a couple of hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the child will be overexcited and will not be able to calm down for a long time. At the same time, he will be able to get up early, but he will feel overwhelmed all day.

Who are the early risers - look at the video:

The characteristic of a man-lark makes it possible to hope for pleasant communication with a cheerful person. Such people are capable of becoming devoted spouses and friends, if their interests are not frankly infringed upon.

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