Digital or discrete - appearance, manners, character

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Digital or discrete - appearance, manners, character
Digital or discrete - appearance, manners, character

Who is a digital, which means a discrete vision of the surrounding reality. Features of the sounded psychotype. Recommendations of specialists for dealing with such people. A digital is a person who does not live at the behest of his heart, but on the basis of logical conclusions. In any subject and life event, he begins to look for a pattern, because he is one hundred percent analyst. It is necessary to understand the behavior of such extraordinary individuals, because communication with them can be very useful for the self-education of any person.

Digital appearance

What digital looks like

Many of us know that there are three main psychotypes: audials, visuals, and kinesthetics. At the same time, psychologists considered it necessary to single out another group of people according to certain signs of their behavior, which is called digital (discrete).

Even outwardly, such personalities differ from ordinary people and look like this:

  • Looking to the side… It is absolutely unimportant for such a person how the interlocutor visually reacts to him. In most cases, he is distracted by the gaze of the person he is talking to. Such a person does not need additional information, so he will always look exclusively to the side.
  • Erect posture… At the same time, the head of such people is raised high, which causes an association with the military at the parade. If a person is hunching over, then there is definitely not a discrete in front of you.
  • Selectivity in gestures… Digital people can be easily identified by their way of reacting to the behavior of the interlocutor. They, with people of equal temperament and sympathy, are either stingy in expressing their emotions, or they gesticulate desperately.
  • Dense physique… Among the discretes, you rarely meet thin people. Usually they cannot be blamed for lack of appetite if they consider their menu to be useful and expedient to maintain the body in proper shape.

The character of a discrete person

The closed nature of digital

It is extremely difficult to find one hundred percent representatives of this psychotype. However, people with a tendency to analyze everything can still be found.

Typically, digital has the following character traits:

  1. Minimum emotionality… People with this type of information perception do not have to expect flowery phrases and detailed descriptions of any event. They clearly describe the situation in just a couple of words, but at the same time everyone understands them. However, it should be remembered that their similar quality is only an artificially created appearance. With close communication, you can see the obvious vulnerability of digital people.
  2. Isolation… Sometimes it is accompanied by arrogance, because the discretes consider themselves to be an order of magnitude smarter than everyone around them. They not only avoid communication with ordinary people, but clearly demonstrate their own superiority. At the same time, they easily find a common language with persons of equal reason.
  3. Obsession… Discretes live by templates and generally accepted dogmas, so they never get along with rebels and innovators. Sometimes this creates the impression that we are talking about people-computers, but this is not at all the case.
  4. Equilibrium… The characteristic of a digital is based on the fact that he always communicates on business without any petty quarrels. For such people, facts are important, not emotions. It is real to make him lose his temper only if you try to encroach on the thought-templates created in his mind.
  5. Rationality… There is no spender among such people, because they will carefully weigh each purchase.If they inherited a grandmother's chest, then they will also think a hundred times over the need to get rid of it.

Features of the behavior of a digital

Digital Girl Action Planning

To thoroughly know a person, it is necessary to analyze his manner of communicating with people. Discreet usually behaves in a fairly predictable manner and establishes contact with society as follows:

  • Clear action planning… If you do not specifically discuss the deadlines for the delivery of the project with such a person, then you should not expect fruitful work from him. The psychology of the discrete is based on the fact that he must step by step analyze the front of the work given to him.
  • Careful selection of the interior… Everything in the dwelling of the given subject will be acquired according to a definite structured scheme. Furniture will definitely be bought based on logical conclusions regarding its practicality. At the same time, the entire interior will be designed in a strict style without any frills. However, if such a person finds out that an impractical and expensive sofa is good for the back, then he will definitely get it.
  • False tactlessness… The behavior of digital people quite often confuses people. However, such persons are simply not capable of tact in the generally accepted sense of the word. Discretes do not want to offend anyone, so they do not go first to the conflict. They simply have the ability to speak out in the wrong time and at the wrong address when analyzing someone else's behavior.

Suitable professions for a discrete

Business man

It is quite difficult to find your place in society, but it is realistic when analyzing your own capabilities and abilities. The type of perception of the discrete allows it to be realized in the following spheres of human life:

  1. Business… Such people are quite practical, so they easily cope with the competition and always see potential rivals one step ahead. They especially manage to prove themselves in trade, where you need to be able to reduce debit to credit when planning a future enterprise.
  2. Politics… Digital people are great strategists, so they have no equal in this area. They do not even need to be eloquent, because with just a couple of words they know how to convince and evoke the herd instinct in people.
  3. The science… Who else but a human logic can sort out all the facts on the shelves? There are simply no false scientists among such persons.
  4. Pedagogy… It is believed that the best teachers are visual people. However, no one will present their subject as well as a mathematician or physicist, who can be considered digital.
  5. Jurisprudence… A voiced profession implies the ability to avoid many pitfalls. Discretes do an excellent job with this task, and they should try their hand at this field of activity.
  6. Programming… It is easier for individuals of this psychotype to immerse themselves in the world of modern technologies than to communicate with living people. Therefore, only good luck to them in this profession.
  7. Economy… Digital people cannot imagine their life without computation. The very name of this psychotype means “digital”, so there are no better economists than discretes.
  8. Criticism… Every word of another person will be carefully analyzed in discrete. They are not able to think creatively themselves, but they evaluate other people's activities in this area with amazing clarity and reasoning of their conclusions.
  9. Medicine… It is best for the digital to try their hand at surgery and oncology. They also make excellent ultrasound specialists who rarely make mistakes in their predictions.
  10. Psychology… Handling with details is the main hobbyhorse of a discrete. They clearly identify their problems to their patients and give practical advice on how to resolve them.

The described psychotype of people is extremely rare. It should be noted that in most cases the discretes are employees of special services and skillfully hide this even from the immediate environment.

How to deal with digital

It is quite easy to establish contact with such people.The discrete personality type implies a person who can find a common language with almost everyone. However, some rules for approaching them still exist.

Building a relationship with a discrete adult

Communication with digital

You should not confuse such people with rationalists who are quite calculating and it is impossible to find a weak point in them.

With discretes it is necessary to behave as follows in order not to create a conflict situation:

  • Respect for personal space… For any person, it is an inviolable zone, but discretes especially protect it. Interfering with the plans of such a person means making yourself a real enemy for many years.
  • Finding the right phrases… Digital people are most responsive to expressions that make them think and analyze. It is necessary to communicate with them using short and clear sentences.
  • Demonstrating your own logic… You won't be able to talk about something sublime with such people. More precisely, it is possible, but everything will turn into a clear analysis of the topic of the conversation. In this case, it is useless to argue, because digital is an excellent manipulator with regard to emotional people.
  • Respect for the opinion of the opponent… Examples include Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The doctor was always a loser when he tried to challenge the conclusions of the great digital detective.
  • Subordination… If a person of this psychotype wants to be alone with his thoughts, then in no case should you impose on him. The sounded clever and clever people should not be disturbed without their consent.
  • Maximum honesty… It is useless to cheat with such personalities, because they see right through people. They will never forgive betrayal and slander, because, in addition to logic, they have rancor.
  • Rejection of traditional methods of seduction… In an attempt to smite them with their appearance, digital people will see only a catch and a desire to manipulate their minds.
  • Minimum touches… This is especially worth considering for kinesthetics, who exclusively in this way learn the world. Digitalists will not tolerate being touched once more during a conversation, so such manipulations should be abandoned.

It is possible not to adhere to the recommendations voiced when it comes to a person with whom you can really avoid communication. In the case of analyzing relationships with loved ones, you will have to understand them and listen to the essence of the advice of specialists.

Communication with a digital child

Digital child

On this issue, the opinions of experts differ quite significantly. Some of them are convinced that it is from kinesthetics that people with a similar type of perception of reality emerge. However, with all the listed signs, it is best to behave in the following way with these children:

  1. Don't ask for a quick response… The digital child is simply not able to immediately react to what adults want from him. If you insist on an immediate response, he will simply withdraw into himself for a long time.
  2. Develop emotions… Some people will be amazed at this statement, but the sensory perception of the surrounding reality can really be brought to a higher level. A child with a logical type of thinking needs to familiarize himself as much as possible with literature and works of art.
  3. Teach sociability… Digitalists are never the favorites of the public and the souls of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to teach them to find a common language with their peers from early childhood. Montessori's recommendations for making friends in this case will definitely not hurt.
  4. Observe understanding… A digital will look into the eyes of the interlocutor only in exceptional cases. There is no need to traumatize the baby's psyche with the requirement to observe proper etiquette. He will never become a visual, and this is worth taking into account.
  5. Do not create stressful situations… Quite often, they become discrete after being in the danger zone in childhood.Once frightened, such small victims of circumstances, with the help of logic, try to suppress their feelings in the future.
  6. Create the right leisure time… Little smart people like everything that they have not yet learned. You can organize a trip to the zoo, planetarium and local history museum.

Who is digital - watch the video:

When asked how to define a digital, one should simply analyze its attitude towards people. Such a person can communicate with audials, kinesthetics and visuals only if she needs it. If there is no such need, the discrete is not capable of creativity and empathy. The extraordinary Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory, is a prime example of digital. During the course of the series, this character shows an understanding of his uniqueness, but is not able to experience deep feelings. It is necessary to show understanding to such people or refuse to communicate with them forever.

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