Visuals - appearance, character, behavior

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Visuals - appearance, character, behavior
Visuals - appearance, character, behavior

Visuals and their characteristics: appearance, preferences and demeanor. Professions that are most suitable for people of this type. How to communicate with them. A visual is a person who perceives the world around him through his visual receptors. It is not enough for him to hear the information in order to fully comprehend it. It should be noted that of all types of perception of reality, this method of obtaining information is the most common. Therefore, you need to understand the question of what such persons are.

Appearance of visuals

Visual people

Even in appearance, it is realistic to determine the type of people "visual", because these personalities express themselves quite colorfully. Some experts, when assessing the described persons, argue that they are characterized by thin lips and a thin figure. However, among other types of people, there are enough of those who perceive information exclusively with the help of sight.

It is rather difficult to confuse a visual with someone else, because it looks like this:

  • Beautiful clothes… In most cases, it is not practical and even sometimes gives its owner significant inconvenience. A woman may suffer from varicose veins, but with a voiced disease, she wears high heels only because she considers it a prerequisite for a successfully created image.
  • Neat appearance… Hair to hair, ironed clothes, polished shoes to shine - a portrait of a real visual. At the sight of unkempt appearance in other people, he will frown and in every possible way demonstrate his displeasure from such slovenliness.
  • Erect posture… When asked how to define a visual, one should immediately analyze how he holds himself. Never and under no circumstances will such people allow themselves to be hunched over. Even after a hard day's work, their shoulders are straightened, and any ballerina can envy their posture.
  • Live facial expressions… The characteristic of the visual will be incomplete if you do not voice its similar feature. The eyes of such a person are always wide open, and the gestures are energetic. An example is Jim Carrey, who managed to impress a large number of viewers.
  • Lingering voice… Visuals literally see what they are talking about. Such a picture that has arisen in the minds of impressionable persons makes their speech slower with rather active gestures during the narration.
  • Looking upward… Visuals are so carried away by memories that they literally hover in the clouds. From time to time they look at the interlocutor to assess the impression made on him by the story.

The nature of visual people

Cleanliness male visual

Appearance in some cases is deceiving, but it is almost impossible to hide your temperament and habits for a long time. The visual can be calculated by its following character traits:

  1. Cleanliness… The dwelling of the voiced people resembles an intensive care unit, where each thing lies in its place. It is rather difficult to coexist with such persons, because they are demanding regarding order both to themselves and to their close environment.
  2. Forgetfulness… It is better for a visual person to write down everything that is said to him in the literal sense of the word. He will remember what the interlocutor looked like, but he will immediately forget what he was talking about. Without a detailed grocery list, he shouldn't go shopping either.
  3. Picky… Even an expensive gift may not have the desired effect on the visual if it is wrapped somehow.Such an esthete will like chamomile in luxurious packaging much more than a rose in plain cellophane. With a peculiar type of visual perception of beauty, this fact should be remembered when setting the table, if there is a desire to amaze this person.
  4. Sociability… Visuals are light-hearted and willing to make contact. If an acquaintance or life partner suits them aesthetically, then the relationship can last for many years.

Features of the behavior of visuals

The visual girl in the theater

True visual usually manifests itself in a certain way, which can be described in the form of the following preferences:

  • Distance setting… When communicating, such people will never allow them to violate their personal space. During a conversation, they always keep the interlocutor at arm's length in order to be able to examine him, but not to allow any tactile contact.
  • Characteristic expressions… The visual will never be stingy in assessing what is contemplating. His vocabulary will contain the words "see", "notice" and "let me see." In other terms, he is extremely stingy, if the question does not concern a description of what made an indelible impression on him.
  • Visiting musicals and shows… At the same time, the quality of the music is of little concern to the visual. He will be more attracted by colorful costumes, spectacular decorations and impressive special effects. Many pseudo-artists with dubious talent take advantage of this very weakness of the visuals.
  • Refusal of telephone conversations… It can be said even more that the described type of people is terrified of this kind of communication. Without seeing the eyes of the interlocutor, the visuals go numb and lose the thread of the conversation. On the Internet, they do not like to write messages, but try to use a webcam.
  • Buying an unusual pet… In rare cases, the attention of such people will be attracted by an outbred animal. Cats of the voiced aesthetes are distinguished by long hair, dogs - an excellent conformation, and aquarium fish are usually rare inhabitants of southern latitudes.

Suitable professions for visuals

Male visual photographer

To take place in this life, you need to choose an occupation not only to your liking, but also according to your abilities. Possessing phenomenal photographic memory and a peculiar type of information perception, visuals are able to be realized in the following spheres of human life:

  1. Architect… This type of people will never tolerate the disharmony of colors and forms. Even in the overly lush baroque and rococo style, he will adhere to the opinion that sophistication and sophistication can be achieved in this direction.
  2. Fashion designer… People who know how to see beauty are able to create it themselves. Well-known stylists are one hundred percent visuals. However, they can create both eccentric and classic outfits.
  3. Dresser… If there is no talent in terms of creating stylish clothes, then the visual can try their hand at selecting ready-made products for public and creative people.
  4. Colorist… The voiced profession has a fairly wide range of responsibilities. Its basis is the development of shades from various dyes. Such manipulations cannot be performed at a high level by a person who has no color vision.
  5. Painter… Some people believe that literally anyone can become a good specialist in this area. However, this does not correspond to the truth, because only the visual is able to professionally apply paint to the required object.
  6. Cartoonist… Seeing pictures in motion presupposes their initial projection in the imagination. This is best done by visual people who clearly represent future images in their planned works.
  7. Photographer… The ability to capture with the help of a lens something that is beyond the power of a common man in the street is a high art. Exclusively the visual is able to see the beauty in the ordinary through the lens of a photographic lens.
  8. Constructor… All the same exceptional memory helps people with a visual type of perception become excellent specialists in this field.
  9. Interior decorator… Such a profession requires certain skills and a sense of style. It is precisely the sounded qualities that people possess who visually perceive information.
  10. Painter… I. Aivazovsky, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Michelangelo are outstanding representatives of visual people. On rare occasions, kinesthetics and audials do well with brush and canvas.

Opportunities for such people to prove themselves do not end there. Quite often, visuals become excellent humanitarians and talented educators. They show themselves quite well in the field of sociology.

Rules for communicating with visual people

You need to be able to find your own approach to any person, if communication with him is either pleasant or necessary. It is especially tactfully recommended to build relationships with a visual child, which requires increased attention from parents and teachers during the formation of his consciousness. Experts have developed a number of recommendations for communicating with this category of children, as well as with already established personalities.

How to deal with adult visuals

Gifts for the chief visual

First of all, you should deal with the question with whom exactly it is necessary to establish contact without subsequent conflicts on both sides:

  • Harmonious relationships with loved ones… Visual relatives in most cases become a headache for the whole family. To avoid this problem, you should clearly discuss the rules of cohabitation with them. A wife or husband who likes to spend an unaffordable amount on their wardrobe needs to explain all the consequences of how the family budget suffers when spending money. In this case, the visual can be persuaded by intelligibly presenting him with information about the opportunity to look neat and presentable at much less expenses. With a manic tendency to tidy up the house, you should explain to a loved one that it is better to spend an evening at the theater or in a cafe with friends than at home for the next laying out of things in perfect order.
  • Correct communication with colleagues… First of all, it is recommended to speak with them in a language understandable for visuals. Otherwise, misunderstandings simply cannot be avoided. Expressions like “I see your problem”, “let's look at the future project together” and “do you think this will be a good idea?” Should be used.
  • Competent approach to the visual supervisor… In this case, it is recommended to take a closer look at his workplace. If it differs in a minimum of attributes, then we will talk about a workaholic ascetic. In a different situation, the leader will decorate his office with various beautiful things and framed evidence of personal achievements. In this case, psychologists advise making presents for the boss, albeit inexpensive, but effectively decorated.

Communication with visual children

Communication with a child-visual

The creative potential of a child is clay, from which you can mold anything you want, if you do not miss a favorable moment. Visual children are active explorers of everything around them, which is often annoying for adults. In this case, there is no need to limit their freedom and desire to know the world unknown to them.

Many parents panic over the fact that their child does not want to speak at an early age. Then, to their surprise, they observe that the child begins to master the letters much earlier than their peers. This is how young visuals manifest themselves, for whom it is easiest to process visual information.

Therefore, there is no need to put pressure on them, demanding to retell the poem they heard. It is much better if the baby sees the information necessary for his development in a book with vivid illustrations.

Training exercises with a visual child should include coloring pictures, building structures from cubes and more complex objects, choosing clothes for fairy-tale characters.During such activities, it is recommended to turn on music so that children develop the qualities of an audial (awareness of the world through sounds). They will already form the kinesthetic abilities (tactile sensations) in themselves, working with various materials in the form of wood, plastic and fabric.

Who is a visual - look at the video:

Perceptual types of people are not a template for one hundred percent characterization of a person. People receive information from the outside world in various ways through sight, hearing, touch. However, there are still quite a few visuals in their pure form, so you should learn to find a common language with them.

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