Exercises for the internal pectoral muscles

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Exercises for the internal pectoral muscles
Exercises for the internal pectoral muscles

Learn how to effectively train lagging chest areas while minimizing the strain on your triceps and front delts. Powerful breasts have always personified masculine strength. It may seem that there are no great difficulties in pumping the pectoral muscles. There are quite a few basic movements for training the chest and if you add sports nutrition to them, then the result should not keep you waiting.

But, unfortunately, it is quite difficult to develop muscles evenly and often a depression appears in the central part of the chest. Today we will look at exercises for the internal pectoral muscles that will allow you to eliminate this deficiency.

Preparing for chest workout

Athlete doing kettlebell push-ups
Athlete doing kettlebell push-ups

The pectoral muscles are usually divided into three sections: middle, lower and upper. But as such, there are no bundles of muscle fibers, and this makes it impossible to use any special isolated movements. But when drawing up a training program, athletes always include movements in it that to a greater extent involve one or another section of the pectoral muscles.

Here, for example, with deltas, everything is more clear. These muscles have separate bundles, and we have the opportunity to act on any of them, but with the chest, everything is somewhat different. From this we can conclude that we cannot pump the middle, or, for example, the upper part of the pectoral muscles in isolation.

But using different angles of inclination of the body and the width of the grip, you can shift the emphasis of the load to the necessary section of the targeting muscle group. Thus, speaking about exercises for the internal pectoral muscles, we will consider movements familiar to you, but adjusted to pump the internal section.

How to pump the inner section of the chest muscles in the gym?

Incline dumbbell press with trainer
Incline dumbbell press with trainer

Let's start looking at those movements that can be easily performed in the gym. Yet this is where you can achieve the best results in comparison with homework. The first on our list will be one of the most, and perhaps the most favorite strength movement - the bench press. To shift the emphasis of the load on the inner chest muscles, we will have to use the narrowest possible grip.

At the same time, you should remember that the sports equipment is quite heavy, and working with narrow grips, it will be quite difficult to keep it in balance. Therefore, when performing this movement, you should call a friend for help. Note that do not expect to make significant progress when using the narrow grip bench press. This is due to the fact that most of the load will go to the triceps.

The second movement on our list is a pullover, which is most often done with dumbbells, but you can also use a barbell for this. To maximize the load on the inner chest muscles with this movement, it is necessary to perform its respiratory version. If someone does not understand what we are talking about now, then we will explain. You need to take a lying position on a bench and put your legs bent at the knee joints on it.

The sports equipment is positioned in outstretched arms above your head. From this starting position, begin to slowly lower your arms back behind your head. The downward position of the trajectory is where the arms and body form a straight line. If you can lower the projectile lower, and stretching the muscles allows you to do this, then lower it. But at the same time, make sure that pain does not appear. It is very important to eliminate all jerks and perform the movement smoothly. First, master the technique of a pullover with a low weight of weights and only then begin to increase the load.

These were all basic exercises for the internal pectoral muscles and now we will look at isolated ones. However, it is more correct to call them accented, since we cannot completely isolate any section of the chest muscles, which we already talked about at the beginning of the article. The first movement here is the block crossover. This is an excellent exercise that maximizes the use of the inner pectoral muscles. It can be performed in the supine, standing and sitting positions, as well as with two hands at once or with one. The choice is yours and it is difficult to give specific recommendations here. Experiment and see which version of the crossover your muscles respond best to. The only important point in performing this movement is the need to pause in the extreme position of the trajectory, when the muscles are maximally tense.

The next accentuated exercise for the internal pectoral muscles is the dumbbell extension. This is a very popular movement that you probably already use in your training program. The layout allows you to perfectly stretch the muscle tissue, which is very useful in this situation. As with the pullover, the dumbbell breeding should be done smoothly and without jerking. When the extreme lower position of the trajectory is reached, it is necessary to maintain a 2-second pause.

How to build the inner chest muscles at home?

Girl kneeling push-ups
Girl kneeling push-ups

Let's see what exercises for the internal pectoral muscles can be done at home. First of all, these are, of course, push-ups. This movement perfectly pumps the pectoral muscles, and if it is necessary to emphasize the load on the inner section, then the arms should be as narrow as possible. Note that some pro athletes use a small emphasis on which they put their hands for this.

If you have not done push-ups with such a narrow setting of your arms, then the load for you will be very high. However, the effect of the movement is excellent. Make sure that in the extreme upper position of the trajectory, your muscles are as tense as possible. It is also necessary to say that push-ups with a narrow setting of the arms will allow you to perfectly pump your triceps.

All other exercises will be performed on the horizontal bar and uneven bars. You can start with dips on the uneven bars, but not the classic ones. To emphasize the load on the inner chest, you need to place your legs and arms on the uneven bars. The starting position is similar to the push-ups from the ground, but you must be on the uneven bars. This will allow you to achieve significantly more muscle stretch compared to push-ups on the ground.

The second movement is also performed on the uneven bars and is a variant of the classic push-ups on this apparatus. But using a reverse grip. To complete the movement, you need to sit with your back to the projectile and start doing push-ups. Make sure that the muscles of the inner chest are stretched as much as possible.

Let's move on to the horizontal bar and perform pull-ups here also with the narrowest grip. To do this, grab the horizontal bar, placing your hands next to each other. Once you start doing this exercise for the internal pectoral muscles, you will understand how effective it is by stretching the muscles. As you can see, you can effectively train not only in the gym, but also at home. Of course, the gym provides you with more opportunities, however, home training can be effective. To get the most out of your exercise, you need to understand the anatomy of skeletal muscle. In this case, you will be able to independently select exercises for the internal pectoral muscles or other groups that require additional pumping.

How to pump up the inside of the pectoral muscles, see this video:

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