How to build biceps?

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How to build biceps?
How to build biceps?

If you want to have biceps like a cannonball, then we recommend reading Arnold's secrets and duplicating the nine-time "Mr. Olympia" training program. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a slim and fit body. Of course, there are many different ways to create Apollo out of yourself. And the most accessible of them is going to the gym.

So, half of the work is done, you are in the hall. And most likely, your workout today will be designed for the chest and biceps, and if everything is even more or less clear with the chest, then biceps training for many is difficult. There are two solutions. First, turn to a trainer who can explain in detail and demonstrate the technique of performing exercises in detail and even write a program, most likely not free.

The second way is to study information on the Internet and try to use it in practice. And this article is designed for those who have chosen the second path. But first, a little anatomy. Biceps, or as it is also called, the biceps muscle of the shoulder, as you already understood, consists of two heads: long and short. That is, any exercises you choose will purposefully affect the long and short heads.

And now - to the point

There are some rules for pumping biceps, following which you can get huge biceps like Arnie's. So:

  • Warm up. An important part of any workout. The muscle should be thoroughly warmed up and brought to readiness to avoid injury.
  • Don't chase heavy weights. You don't need them to pump up your biceps. Biceps is a small muscle group, and you don't need to rush at breakneck speed.
  • Technique. Recipe for success. Here you need to constantly follow the technique for performing each exercise. This will give you the opportunity to better feel the muscle and not be afraid of all kinds of injuries that arise due to improper technique.
  • Sets and reps. 4-5 sets of 12-15 repetitions is the best choice for both beginner and advanced athlete. It is this proportion that will give the deepest possible study of each segment of the biceps and will not allow it to relax for a minute.

When it comes to exercise, the selection segment is unusually large. But the most balanced are 4 exercises for the biceps, first of which are basic exercises that help build muscle mass, and they end with isolation ones, to acquire the shape and shape of the biceps itself.

Program for pumping biceps:

Program for pumping biceps
Program for pumping biceps
Program for pumping biceps
Program for pumping biceps
  • Lifting the bar for biceps while standing 4 * 12? 15
  • Lifting dumbbells alternately standing 4 * 12? 15
  • Alternating biceps curl or Hammerhead 4 * 12? 15
  • Concentrated biceps curl 4 * 12? 15

Also, do not forget about proper nutrition and iron discipline. Only in this way will you achieve your goal and make a body worthy of your spirit.

Video with tips on how to pump up biceps and triceps according to Andrey Schmidt's system:

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