We pump chest muscles at home

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We pump chest muscles at home
We pump chest muscles at home

Learn how you can develop Arnold's pectoral muscles at home with just 20 minutes a day and exercising several times a week. Some muscle groups, with sufficient development, can make any man more attractive in the eyes of girls. One of these groups is the chest and among the builders, it is the most popular along with the arms. Now you can learn how to build pectoral muscles at home.

Setting real tasks for training chest muscles

Athletes demonstrate muscle

In recent years, the popularity of gyms has begun to rise again, and more and more bodybuilding resources have appeared on the network. It should be recognized that now a healthy lifestyle in general is also gaining more and more popularity among young people. Of course, this is a positive trend and the desire of a person to look attractive is welcome. However, not everyone can visit the gym and train.

If you are from this group, then you should not despair, because you can effectively train at home. Moreover, for this you absolutely do not need to purchase expensive sports equipment. First of all, you must set a task for yourself and strive to solve it. At the same time, your goals must be real. Now we will not talk about how to build pectoral muscles at home, say, in a week. You must understand that it is simply unrealistic to achieve this.

To build muscles, including pectoral muscles, you need to work hard, and do it regularly. There are quite effective training systems that can be used at home, not just in the gym. Also, let's say right away that your classes should be high-intensity. This is the only way to create sufficient stress for the body and make it activate the processes of muscle tissue hypertrophy.

To achieve the set task, namely, high-quality muscle pumping. Exercising daily is not enough for you. So you can only maintain muscle tone. If you want to have a beautiful figure, get ready for some hard work with weights.

How to make progress with chest training at home?

Dumbbell set on an incline bench

We have already said that muscle growth is possible only when you create a certain amount of stress. Bodybuilding is not a new sport, and over the entire period of its existence, it became clear that to pump up muscles, you need to work with a number of repetitions from 6 to 12 in one set. This fact is due to the fact that in this mode it is possible to use large weights of weights and thereby use the maximum number of fibers in the work.

The more muscle fibers are damaged during the lesson, the more active their subsequent growth will be. If you do not know how to build pectoral muscles at home, then you need to select the most effective exercises and perform them in several sets, most often from 3 to 5. And we have already talked about the number of repetitions in each set - from 6 to 12.

The most effective movements for developing chest muscles are lying presses, bar dips, and dumbbell extensions. It is these movements that should form the basis of your training program. Very often, information appears on the network about the high efficiency of push-ups from the ground for the development of chest muscles. At the initial stage, this is possible, but then you simply will not be able to create enough load to activate the hypertrophy process.

Thus, if you do not have dumbbells at home, then you must buy them without fail. It should also be noted that collapsible dumbbells should be taken, since in this case it will be very easy to progress the load.If you have the opportunity to purchase, and most importantly, place bars in the apartment, then the effectiveness of your classes will increase noticeably. You can also purchase a wall bar, which often includes bars.

How to build pectoral muscles with push-ups?

Muscles involved in push-ups

This question is very relevant, since many guys do not have dumbbells, and are also unable to visit the gym. We have already talked about what is necessary for gaining muscle mass. Using push-ups alone will make it extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible, to provide enough stress for muscle growth. If push-ups can bring good results to novice athletes, then this movement is definitely not suitable for those guys who already have inflated muscles.

However, beginners should not be too happy, because after a couple of months of regular exercises, push-ups will cease to bring results. Even if you switch to a high-rep training regimen, you can only increase muscle endurance, but not gain mass.

At the same time, push-ups are an excellent basic movement, but they can only be effective at the first stage of training. This exercise is perfect for those guys who have a lean physique and do not have developed muscles. With push-ups, they can prepare the foundation for subsequent muscle growth.

The most effective breast pumping exercises

Incline Barbell Press

All movements performed for training can be divided into two groups: basic mass-gaining and forming ones. With regard to the pectoral muscles, dumbbell presses and spreads, as well as push-ups on the uneven bars, are mass-gaining. Push-ups from the ground, in turn, belong to the second category - formative.

Bench press

The muscles involved in the bench press

Not every guy can buy a barbell, and in this situation, dumbbells are the most effective training tool. When doing dumbbell presses while lying down, you can use large weights, but you need to increase the load gradually. It is very important for progress to follow the technique of all exercises. Each set should have 10 to 12 reps, and rest no more than three minutes between sets.

Before starting the movement, you need a net on a bench (instead of a bench, you can use two stools) and alternately take dumbbells from the ground, resting them on your legs. After that, take a lying position, placing sports equipment on your chest. Exhaling air, lift the shells with a sharp movement. After that, inhaling, you should lower your arms until the elbow joints are bent at right angles.

Dumbbell set in prone position

Laying dumbbells lying

This movement will perfectly complement the previous one, stretching the target muscles well. When laying out, you should not greatly increase the working weights, but focus on the technical side of the issue. You must remember that this exercise is dangerous for the shoulder joints. If you want to know how to build pectoral muscles at home, then you need to remember the importance of adhering to the technique. The number of repetitions in the approach is similar to the bench press, but you need to rest between sets from 60 to 12 seconds.

Take the starting position, as when doing the bench press, and then spread your arms out to the sides, slightly bending them at the elbows. As you exhale, you need to bring your hands up in front of you, and while inhaling, lower them down and to the sides. Note that it is impossible to lower your hands below the shoulder joints, so as not to injure them.

Dips on the uneven bars

Dips on the uneven bars

This movement is familiar to everyone who wants to know how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase or install bars in your apartment, then you can easily find this sports equipment at the school stadium. At first, you can perform the movement with your own weight, but then you will have to use additional weights. These can be pancakes from a barbell, kettlebell, etc.To gain weight, do three to four sets, each with 8 to 10 reps. The rest pause between sets is 120-180 seconds.

Take an emphasis on the uneven bars on outstretched arms. Exhaling, begin to slowly descend until the elbow joints are bent at right angles. Inhaling, start moving up. Also remember that the elbow joints cannot be fully extended in the upper end position of the trajectory.

In addition to these movements, everyone who wants to know how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home should additionally perform push-ups from the ground with a wide set of arms. If you have not done strength training before, then it is with push-ups that you should start. Also remember that there should be at least 24 hours of rest between workouts, and even better if you start exercising every third day. Thus, the body will have two full days to recover.

How to pump up your breasts at home using the pre-muscle depletion technique, you will learn from this video:

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