Biceps with a barbell standing

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Biceps with a barbell standing
Biceps with a barbell standing

We reveal the secrets of performing the basic movement for the biceps to trigger the local growth of the biceps muscle of the arm. Advice from professionals. For biceps training, the most popular movement is the standing barbell lift. From this article, you will learn about all the intricacies of this exercise and the existing options for its implementation.

To begin with, this movement is isolated, although many athletes consider it basic. Moreover, all exercises for biceps with a barbell refer specifically to isolated ones, since only the elbow joint works in them.

You probably know that the biceps consists of two heads (sections), and the barbell lifts maximally activate the inner section of the muscle when the elbow joints are at the level of the body or are pushed forward. To emphasize the load on the outside, you will need to move your elbows back.

In most cases, the curl of the arms with a barbell is performed in the classical form, i.e. the elbows are at the level of the body. But the knowledge that you can easily shift the load, thanks to a small correction, will definitely come in handy for you. We also note that although the biceps get the main load when performing this movement, the brachialis and forearm also take part in the work.

Biceps Barbell Lifting Variations

Muscles involved in lifting the bar with a reverse grip
Muscles involved in lifting the bar with a reverse grip

We have already said that there are several variants of this popular movement. In principle, there can be a lot of options, because you can use not only a straight bar, but also EZ, change the width of the grip and its types. When using any variation of movement, his technique remains unchanged. Here are some popular variations on this exercise:

  • Lifting the EZ bar.
  • Rises in the block simulator.
  • Reverse grip lift.
  • Sitting up, etc.

At the same time, novice bodybuilders can be recommended to use the classic version for the first couple of years, and then you can experiment, because this is the only way to find the best movements for yourself.

How to do the biceps curl correctly?

Step-by-step execution of a barbell curl for biceps
Step-by-step execution of a barbell curl for biceps

Although the technique for performing any type of movement is almost the same, there are still some peculiarities. But if you learn the filigree technique of classic biceps curls, then you will not have problems with movement variations. Let's talk about how to do the classic barbell biceps curl.

With a change in the width of the grip, the emphasis of the load shifts to one of the sections of the muscle. If you decide to use a narrow grip, then the main burden will be on the outside section. But at the same time, one should remember what we have already mentioned above - the classic version of the movement will, in any case, accentuate the load on the inner section, even when using a wide grip.

A change in the width of the grip also affects the amplitude of movement - the narrower it is, the greater the amplitude becomes. It is possible to recommend using the usual medium grip, and shifting the emphasis of the load by changing the position of the elbow joints. But back to the technique of performing the movement. You have already taken the shell with a comfortable grip for you, your gaze is directed straight ahead, your legs are parallel, and the elbow joints can be pressed against the body for convenience.

Taking a deep breath and holding your breath, begin to bend your arms, raising the projectile to chest level. In this case, it is very important to ensure that the elbow joints do not move upward, and the hands do not bend at the wrists. If you turn your wrists towards you in the upper position of the trajectory, then the load will shift to the muscles of the forearms. Lower the projectile slowly, controlling all movement.

It should also be noted that all work must be carried out within the amplitude. Simply put, you cannot fully extend the arms in the lower position of the trajectory, and in the upper position, it is necessary to maintain muscle tension.

Video about the technique of performing exercises for pumping biceps with a barbell while standing:

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