Seated Dumbbell Curl

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Seated Dumbbell Curl
Seated Dumbbell Curl

Find out which isolation biceps exercise is most popular with professional bodybuilders to create good arm relief. Biceps exercises are very popular among athletes, since everyone dreams of becoming the owner of powerful arms. At the same time, the concentrated lifting of dumbbells for the biceps while sitting is one of the most effective movements for working out this muscle.

Despite this fact, you should only perform this movement after bending your arms with a barbell and lifting the dumbbells. This is due to the fact that concentrated lifting in a sitting position is the most isolated movement and can significantly increase the height of the muscle, but this is possible only when the biceps is already tired of other movements. This exercise should not be the main exercise in your biceps training program.

The exercise can be performed while standing, but in a sitting position it turns out to be more effective, since the load is focused on the target muscle.

Technique for lifting dumbbells for biceps while sitting

Step-by-step execution of a dumbbell curl for biceps
Step-by-step execution of a dumbbell curl for biceps

Sit on a bench and keep your back straight. The right hand should rest on the inner surface of the thigh of the leg of the same name, and the left hand should rest on the knee joint of the left leg. While the projectile moves up, you must exhale, and inhale when the dumbbells are lowered. It is also important not to unbend the arm completely at the bottom point of the trajectory, but at the top, on the contrary, bend it completely. There is another variation of the movement where the arm is bent away from the knee joint. The technique in this case is similar to the previous movement, and the difference lies in the emphasis of the load. In the first version of the exercise, the external part of the muscle works more actively, and in the second - the internal one. To increase the effectiveness of the training, it is recommended to alternate the execution of these movement options.

Although this exercise is not technically difficult, it is common for athletes to make mistakes. First of all, this concerns the rocking of the case. This can be avoided if you do not help yourself, perform the movement with your foot. When the movement is performed from the hip, then the biceps are loaded as much as possible. For this reason, beginners will not be able to perform it technically correctly when using large weights.

This exercise can be effective only when it is performed in strict accordance with the requirements of the technique. Always do only the number of repetitions with the necessary weight that allows you to adhere to the technique. It must also be remembered that in this movement, excessive weight of the shells cannot be used, since the effectiveness of the training will sharply decrease.

For good results, do 3 to 4 sets, working to failure. The movement can be performed by both novice bodybuilders and experienced ones. Once you have mastered the technique, you will quickly realize how much a given movement is loading your biceps. In conclusion, I would like to remind once again that this movement must always be performed only when the biceps is tired of other movements.

Find out more about all the nuances of performing seated dumbbell curls from this video:

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