How to train on an elliptical trainer?

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How to train on an elliptical trainer?
How to train on an elliptical trainer?

Find out how with the help of such a simulator you can tidy up your figure without going to the gym. The beginning of the history of the elliptical trainer is considered to be 1995, when the so-called cross trainer was born. After that, just two years later, the first similar home type of this sports equipment was created. It should be said right away that this simulator combines a treadmill and a stepper. Many fitness professionals believe that the creation of this type of sports equipment marked the beginning of a new era in sports.

However, the story does not end there, and in 1998 Kettler introduced an elliptical ergometer. The load in this simulator was measured in watts. As a result, it became possible to obtain the most accurate data on the load level and carefully monitor it.

Very quickly, elliptical trainers gained massive acceptance from fitness fans, and you can see this if you watch those who want to train on this type of sports equipment. If we compare an elliptical trainer from a stepper and a treadmill, then it has several advantages:

  • Almost all muscles in the body are involved.
  • The load on the joints of the legs is minimal.
  • The ability to perform movements not only forward but also backward.

Benefits of an elliptical trainer

Girl on an elliptical trainer
Girl on an elliptical trainer

Below we will tell you how to train on the elliptical trainer, but now it is worth discussing in more detail the benefits of this trainer that you will receive during training. As you know, the concept of "aerobic capacity of the body" should be understood as the amount of oxygen consumed by it during exercise. If you increase this indicator, then you develop endurance and improve the performance of the heart muscle, as well as the vascular and respiratory systems.

With regular training on the elliptical trainer, you can increase your body's aerobic endurance by about a third. As a result, you will not only be able to improve endurance, but also effectively get rid of body fat.

However, it should be remembered that there are some contraindications to training on an elliptical trainer. It is strictly forbidden to use the simulator in severe forms of heart failure, diabetes, thrombophlebitis, angina pectoris, tachycardia, oncology, in the presence of an acute form of infectious diseases.

Since work on the simulator involves strong physical activity, then all people who decide to exercise on it need to sensibly assess their level of physical fitness. Very often, the elliptical trainer is used on an empty stomach in order to be able to burn the maximum amount of fat. But you must remember that you should not start training immediately after waking up, but an hour and a half or even two hours later. In addition, such exercises are not recommended in the presence of problems with the heart muscle, a tendency to fainting, increased acidity of the stomach. It is not necessary to conduct training on an empty stomach and beginner athletes whose training experience is less than three months.

The ideal option is to combine the training schedule with your biorhythms. For those people who are accustomed to waking up early, it is best to exercise in the morning. But for "owls" it is ideal to conduct their classes in the evening. Also remember that the training should in any case be completed at least 120 minutes before bedtime.

How to eat while exercising on an elliptical trainer?


Meals before the start of the training

Cottage cheese with berries
Cottage cheese with berries

Before the start of the lesson, at least 120 minutes should pass from the moment of the last meal. In this case, you need to eat foods containing protein compounds and vegetables. If you have consumed tea, coffee or smoked, then do not exercise less than 60 minutes after that.

Nutrition after completing the training


There are two options for restricting food intake after class:

  1. If the food is not plentiful and not high in calories, then it can be taken only after 120 minutes.
  2. You can eat food earlier than 120 minutes after the completion of the training, then its energy value should be two times less in comparison with the energy expended on training.

The second situation should be considered in more detail. Let's say you burned 500 calories during a session. In this case, the energy value of the meal following the session should be no more than 250 calories. It must also be said that after exercising on an elliptical trainer, the first meal should exclude caffeine and fats. You should not drink water during exercise. If the thirst is great, then wet the mouth.

How to choose the level of load during the training?

Girl on elliptical trainer with trainer
Girl on elliptical trainer with trainer

So we come to the point where you will learn how to exercise on an elliptical trainer. Of course, one should start with the selection of the optimal load so that the exercise is effective and at the same time does not harm the body.

As with other types of cardio exercise, during training on an elliptical trainer, the main indicator of the load is the heart rate or heart rate. If you have not yet understood what it is about, then this is your pulse. The level of load during cardio training is usually defined as the ratio of the maximum heart rate to the current one. To find out your maximum heart rate, you need to subtract your age in full years from 220.

Thus, beginners should initially work with a load of 65–70 percent of their maximum heart rate. During this period of time, you will be able to get excellent results working with a heart rate of 110 to 120 beats / min. As the fitness of the body increases, the load must be increased. Also, you should be aware of such a concept as a stressful pulse. It is measured 10 minutes after the start of the training. If you are just starting to exercise, then it should be in the range of 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. For your classes to be effective, you must remember that the activation of fat burning processes and the development of endurance are possible only with training in different heart rate zones. To burn fat as efficiently as possible, you need to work in the 70-80 percent range of your maximum heart rate. If you want to increase the body's endurance, then this should be done in the 60-70 percent zone.

How to train properly on an elliptical trainer?

Classes on the elliptical trainer
Classes on the elliptical trainer

The correct technique for performing movements is of the utmost importance when it comes to how to train on an elliptical trainer. First of all, it is important to remember that until you step on the pedals of the sports equipment, you must not touch or lean on the various levers. This will help you avoid impact and risk of injury.

Before starting the exercise, you need to set both legs on the pedals of the simulator, holding to maintain balance by the fixed handles or by the handrail located near the monitor. Only then can you take the movable handles, but do it one at a time.

The sequence of movement on an elliptical trainer is very similar to skiing. The right leg moves the pedal forward from itself, and the left hand at this moment attracts the movable lever to itself. After that, the left leg and right hand come into operation, performing similar actions.

All movements performed on the simulator should be as smooth as possible. You should not waddle from one foot to the other or pull levers forcefully. Move them with minimal effort. The movement in the simulator should be continuous, the back is straightened, and the gaze is directed forward.

How to lose weight with an elliptical trainer?

Girl near elliptical trainer
Girl near elliptical trainer

If we talk about how to exercise on an elliptical trainer and quickly get rid of fat at the same time, then there are many methods to achieve this goal. We will now offer you several recommendations that will help you get excellent results:

  • Each workout should begin with a 5-minute warm-up and end with a cool-down of the same duration.
  • It is necessary to periodically change the types of activities and vary the degree of load.
  • Alternate between different paces of walking.
  • Throughout the training, the abdominal muscles should be in tension.

There are several programs in the memory of the simulator that will allow you to maintain muscle tone or lose weight. Thus, you first need to decide on the tasks and choose the program in accordance with them. Interval training is very effective for maximizing fat burning. The essence of this method is the alternation of strength and cardio training modes.

How to lose weight using an elliptical trainer, you will learn from this video:

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