Gaining muscle mass in 1-2 weeks

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Gaining muscle mass in 1-2 weeks
Gaining muscle mass in 1-2 weeks

Find out if it is possible to gain muscle mass in a couple of weeks. What kind of workout plan and diet should you follow to build up in such a short period of time? To gain weight, it is necessary to increase the energy value of the diet, but this should be done correctly. It's important to remember that excess calories will inevitably be converted to fat. To determine the required indicator of the energy value of the diet, you should carry out simple calculations. First, multiply your body weight by 30 and add 500 to your result. For example, your weight is 75 kilos. Using the above formula, we get the following number - 75 * 30 + 500 = 2750 calories.

Of course, not everyone can easily switch to five meals a day. However, having shown sufficient firmness of mind, you will get used to such a regime. It is also necessary to start studying the theory of bodybuilding. Do not think that in this sport it is enough to just lift weights. If you want to know how to gain muscle mass in one or two weeks, then be sure to familiarize yourself with the processes of muscle fiber hypertrophy.

One of the main principles of bodybuilding is the progression of the load. It suggests the need to periodically increase the intensity of training. This is achieved by increasing the working weight, as well as changing the number of sets and repetitions in them. In order for your muscles to grow, you first need to apply microtrauma to the fibers. After that, the body will begin to restore them with a small margin, which is muscle growth.

For the first few years, you will only be working with free weights. Most simulators will not give the desired result and, working on them, you will simply waste time. Remember, only performing basic movements in accordance with technical nuances will allow muscles to grow. It is no coincidence that we have just mentioned the technique. It is worth increasing the working weight only after you have mastered all the subtleties of performing the exercises. It may take you about two months to do this.

Your training schedule should be designed so that your body has enough time to recover. We have already said above that first the fibers must be injured and for this we train. However, muscles can grow only during rest. Exercising a lot will only slow down your progress.

Each muscle group recovers over a period of time. First of all, this is influenced by its size. Of course, the speed of regenerative processes also depends on other factors. Watching your progress, you have to make adjustments to your training process. Let's say the chest muscles recover in an average of four days. However, this process can be slightly delayed for you and take up to seven days.

Based on your well-being, it is necessary to draw up a competent training program. For the first six months, it is enough to engage in two or three times a week, working out the whole body in each workout. However, as you progress, such a training scheme will at some point cease to bring positive results. As soon as this happens and progress slows down, switch to a split system.

It assumes the conditional division of the body into several groups. At first, it is enough to alternate the training of the top and bottom. Gradually, the muscles will become more and more and for their further growth it is necessary to increase the intensity of the pumping of each specific group.This suggests that in the future you will have to divide the body into not two, but three or even four parts.

Every novice athlete should remember that weight gain is only possible if the body receives a sufficient amount of energy. If you put on one pound every week, then this is an excellent result. Moreover, along with muscle mass, you will gain fat.

It should also be remembered that progress is intermittent. Growth periods will alternate with stagnation. In such situations, the main thing is not to despair, but to continue practicing. We have already noted that the intensity of the training must constantly increase. Light weights are ineffective. Each of your activities should be a little harder than the previous one. Work until a burning sensation develops in the target muscle. If you are no longer able to complete a new set, you can safely go home and give your body the opportunity to act. The number of sets in each exercise should be from three to six with 8-12 repetitions in each.

How to eat properly to gain muscle mass in one or two weeks?

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Most novice athletes believe that the speed of their progress depends solely on the quality of the training session. However, every professional will say that more than half of success lies in proper nutrition. If you take a closer look at the physiology of the human body, the reason for this will become clear. When an athlete consumes fewer calories than he spends, then there can be no talk of any weight gain.

But you can't eat everything either. We have already mentioned this in passing, but now it's time to talk in more detail about the intricacies of drawing up a competent diet. How much fat you gain depends on this. Unfortunately, you will not be able to gain purely muscle mass if you train naturally. Thanks to food, we receive energy, which is consumed by the body for all biochemical processes without exception. Even in sleep, a certain amount of calories will be burned.

During mass gain, it is necessary to receive more energy than is consumed throughout the day. This is the main rule to remember. For the body to build muscle mass, it requires energy and building materials. Carbohydrates are used as energy carriers, and the second role belongs to protein compounds. The attentive reader must have noticed that we did not remember about fats. This nutrient is also required by the body, but in smaller quantities. Recall that fats are the starting material for the synthesis of one of the most important anabolic hormones - testosterone.

Most aspiring athletes make the same mistakes all the time. In relation to nutrition, this is a small number of meals. Most people eat three meals a day, but if you want to know how to gain muscle mass in one or two weeks, then this will not be enough. Throughout the day, you should have three full meals and at least two snacks.

Many novice builders are interested in the need to consume sports nutrition. At the beginning of your career, with a properly organized diet, you can easily do without these additives. Immediately I would like to draw your attention to the fact that sports nutrition should be considered solely from the point of view of addition to the main diet. As the muscles grow, the body will require more and more energy, and at some point you simply will not be able to consume the required amount of food.

In this situation, you will need sports nutrition. Unlike conventional foods, supplements for athletes are quickly processed by the body and do not burden the digestive system.

Here are the main sports nutrition you can benefit from to gain muscle mass in one or two weeks:

  1. Protein Supplements is one of the main additives used in sports. Moreover, it is recommended to use protein mixtures not only during the period of weight gain, but also during weight loss.
  2. Amino acids - BCAA are especially popular among bodybuilders. This is a group of amines, consisting of three substances, which can significantly accelerate your progress.
  3. Gainers - This supplement will definitely be needed by skinny athletes who always have difficulty gaining weight. If you are inclined to be overweight, then you do not need a gainer.
  4. Creatine is another supplement that is used by almost all bodybuilders. With its help, you will increase the body's energy supply.

Since the diet of each athlete must be unique, we just have to give a few tips for drawing up a nutritional program. As we said above, you first need to calculate the energy value of the daily diet you need. The first meal should be high in carbohydrates. Also include sources of protein in your breakfast.

You should also combine these nutrients for lunch. An excellent choice would be a meat or fish dish, with a side dish and complemented by a vegetable salad. But during dinner, preference should be given to sources of protein compounds. Since you won't need a lot of energy in the evening, limit the amount of carbohydrates. For snacks, you should use fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, dried fruits.

In conclusion, it should be said that the principles of gaining muscle mass are the same for men and girls. However, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not have great strength and they need to train less intensely. Basically, girls only need to tighten their muscles. We recommend that women combine strength training with cardio exercises. This will help you lose fat and strengthen your muscles.

For more information on how to gain muscle mass, see the video below:

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