How to self-pump up only with push-ups?

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How to self-pump up only with push-ups?
How to self-pump up only with push-ups?

Find out which muscle groups are involved in doing push-ups, what types of push-ups are, and how to create an individual training program. Today the conversation will be about whether it is possible to pump up only with push-ups at home and how to do it correctly. This is one of the most common strength training exercises and you don't need any special exercise equipment or equipment to do it. There are several types of push-ups with some differences. You will learn about all this today.

Is it possible to qualitatively pump muscles with the help of push-ups alone?

Guy doing push-ups in the forest

You can often hear that this exercise does not allow you to work out the muscles qualitatively, since it does not allow the load to progress. In addition, there are a large number of disadvantages that push-ups allegedly have.Most often, such statements come from people who could not achieve positive results with this movement. And some of them probably didn't even try.

It should be noted that many cannot achieve their goals, even while training with a barbell and dumbbells. Go to any fitness center and make sure that there are relatively few real jocks. But there are plenty of people who are trying with all their might to pump up muscles, but nothing comes of it. But there is also a category of athletes who train only on the horizontal bar and at the same time have excellent physical shape. Undoubtedly. Their physique cannot be compared to bodybuilding stars, but do you need it?

If you want to get an answer to the question of whether it is possible to pump up only with push-ups at home, then first of all you need to use the correct approach to organizing the training process. Notice how most people do the exercise - they don't follow technique, don't control their movements, and focus on quantity. In bodybuilding, any movement can be effective only if all technical aspects are observed. Even a fit athlete can do 20 or 30 push-ups correctly.

What muscles are involved in push-ups?

Graphic display of muscles working during push-ups

Let's decide which muscles can be pumped when doing push-ups:

  • Pectoralis major muscle.
  • Deltas.
  • Triceps.
  • Elbow muscle.

All of these muscles are designed to perform specific tasks. The greatest load in the classic exercise falls on the chest. Deltas begin to work at the moment of movement upward from the bottom point of the trajectory. Triceps is designed to bend the arms and to shift the emphasis of the load on it, it is necessary to use a narrow stance of the arms.

Performing push-ups regularly can bring the following results:

  • The muscles are strengthened.
  • Speed ​​qualities are developing.
  • Agility and endurance increases.
  • The muscles of the abdomen and shoulder girdle are strengthened.

How to do different types of push-ups correctly?

The coach controls the quality of her ward's push-ups

Classic exercise

To perform this movement, you must place your hands at the level of the shoulder joints. As a result, you will be able to maximize the use of your chest muscles. Unfortunately, many people forget about the technical aspects of the exercise, focusing solely on the number of repetitions. If a person decides, say, to perform 20 push-ups, then he will do them, completely oblivious to the technique.

However, this approach to business can hardly be called competent, because the effectiveness of any strength exercise primarily depends on the quality of the targeting muscles, and not the number of repetitions. It is important to remember that the muscle you are working on should be under load throughout the exercise. This suggests that you should avoid pauses at the endpoints of the trajectory.

Let's take a closer look at the exercise technique. Place your hands and toes on the ground. The arms should be at the level of the shoulder joints and should be fully extended. To keep your body in a straight line, tense your buttocks and do not relax them until the set is complete. This is a very important point and it should be remembered that when doing push-ups, the body should be stretched in one line. We also recommend tightening your abdominal muscles to stabilize your position.

Sink down almost until your chest touches the ground. After pausing at the bottom of the trajectory, quickly return to the starting position. If you notice that your hips are starting to sag, then this is the first sign of fatigue. In such a situation, it is worth completing the exercise. In addition, remember that your gaze should not be directed vertically downward, but slightly in front of you. During the downward movement, the elbow joints must be extended at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the body.

Push-ups from the bench and from the knees

If you are unable to perform three or four repetitions technically correctly, we recommend using an easier version of the exercise - push-ups from the bench or from the knees. The higher the surface of the palm rest is, the easier it will be for you to do the exercise. The technique of these exercises is similar to the classic push-ups. If you want to complicate the exercise, then you should place your hands on a bench or other hill, and rest your hands on the ground.

Push-ups on one arm

You can start performing this type of push-ups only after reaching a certain sports form. Take a position similar to the classic exercise. In this case, the working hand must be placed under the body, and the second one must be placed behind the back. To make it easier to maintain balance, place your feet about the width of the shoulder joints or even wider.

You may not be able to sink as low as possible straight away. Do not get upset, it is quite enough for the first time to do push-ups of 20 centimeters. Watch your body, not allowing it to fall to the side. Also, during the downward movement, the elbow joint should bend backward. Try to gradually descend lower and lower, so that as a result, work with full amplitude.

Push-ups, narrow arms

Here, two types of exercise can be distinguished at once. The first of them is aimed at working out the triceps. During the exercise, the elbow joints should be tightly pressed against the body. At the top of the trajectory, the arms should be fully extended. However, the exercise is not without its drawbacks:

  • Small enough range of motion.
  • Feeling of discomfort in the wrist area is possible.

The second type of push-ups with a narrow setting of the arms allows you to use not only the triceps, but also the middle chest. When performing the movement, the elbow joints must be parted to the sides.

How to create an effective push-up training program?

The athlete does push-ups

It is quite obvious that the maximum results will be obtained by combining several types of push-ups. However, beginners should first master the classic exercise and gradually complicate it. When you are at a good fitness level, you can start using the following workout program:

  1. Classic exercise - from 3 to 4 sets with the maximum number of repetitions.
  2. Dips - from 3 to 4 sets, the number of repetitions is maximum.
  3. Tight mid-chest push-ups - the number of sets is 3-4 with the maximum number of repetitions in each.
  4. Tight push-ups for triceps - from 3 to 4 sets, the maximum number of repetitions in each.

We recommend carrying out this training one to three times a week. However, do not forget about other muscle groups. It is probably worth talking in more detail about the progression of the load when doing push-ups. You should know. That without using this principle, you will quickly stop in your development.

Let's assume that you can't do the classic exercise yet. In this case, start doing push-ups from the bench. Don't think about it. That it will be too easy. Subject to all the technical nuances of an unprepared person, even such push-ups can be given with great difficulty. Once you feel strong, start doing the classic exercise. Having achieved positive results in it, you can move on to the so-called overweight. Place your hands on the ground wider than your shoulders. But instead of push-ups, shift your weight from one hand to the other. Experienced athletes recommend paying special attention to the position of the back, which should be straightened.

Pro tips for doing push-ups

Sports girl push ups

With this movement, you can strengthen not only the chest muscles, but also the triceps, shoulder girdle and even biceps. Push-ups are rightfully considered one of the safest exercises, and one of their benefits is the ability to train on your own. The ability to perform them anywhere makes movement even more preferable.

If you still do not need to shift the emphasis to a specific muscle group, but the task is to strengthen everything, then use the medium hand setting. In this case, the load is evenly distributed between all the muscles involved in the work. Also remember that the narrower the arms are, the more the load is focused on the triceps. In addition, the wings will be included in the work. If you want to know if it is possible to pump up only with push-ups at home, then the answer is yes. However, it is extremely important to follow the technique when performing the exercise.

We have already mentioned the exercise technique more than once today. This is not accidental, because only in this case any strength exercise will be effective. Experienced athletes are advised to pay attention to this aspect in the first place. It is equally important to carry out a high-quality warm-up before starting the main part of each lesson. This will avoid injury.

Although push-ups are as safe as possible, because this is a physiological movement, with unheated muscles and joints, the risks of injury are quite high. Also, during classes, you should focus on your condition. If you are sick, it is better to postpone the training until the moment of complete recovery. Do not rush with the progression of the load.

Of course, without this, you will not grow, but a sharp increase in load will negatively affect your overall progress. In addition, beginners should avoid heavy loads at the start of classes. Your body is not yet ready for serious work and it takes time to adapt. In terms of the effectiveness of the training, nutrition and rest are of great importance. Muscle grows only in the pauses between workouts. If you don't give your muscles enough time to recover, you won't be able to progress. According to professional athletes, more than 50 percent of your success depends on the quality of your nutrition.

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