Features of gaining muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars

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Features of gaining muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars
Features of gaining muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars

Find out if you can gain weight using only a horizontal bar and bars with your own weight for training. What should be the training program in this case. The content of the article:

  • How to gain muscle mass on the horizontal bar
  • What exercises are best for pumping your upper body
  • Best Lower Body Exercises
  • How to eat right

It is generally accepted that in order to gain mass, it is necessary to train exclusively with weights. In addition, you will need to visit the gym and use the services of a trainer. Otherwise, you can never pump up. However, in practice, everything is not so simple. The need to visit the fitness center directly depends on the tasks assigned to you. If your goals are maximum, then you cannot do without a gym.

But after all, not every man wants to have huge muscles and sometimes you just want to put your body in order. By the way, in the UK, a survey was conducted of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity for their attitude to big muscles. Many women responded that they were not attracted to a pumped male body with bulging veins.

Often, to achieve this goal, it is enough for a guy to work with his own body weight on a horizontal bar and uneven bars. To do this, you do not need to visit the gym, because this sports equipment can be found at any school stadium. You probably already figured it out. That today we will talk about how to gain muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars.

How to gain muscle mass on the horizontal bar?

The guy pulls himself up on the horizontal bar on the street

If you decide to finally put your body in order, then you must remember one truth - muscles grow only in stressful situations. Simply put, first it is necessary to inflict microtraumas, after which the body will restore all the damage with a small margin. If you already have sufficient training experience and want to continue to grow, then you will not be able to get around without using serious weights.

But for novice athletes, the weight of their own body is quite enough. Once you can do 8 to 13 repetitions in an exercise, it's worth thinking about the progress of the load. An important feature of the process of muscle tissue hypertrophy is that it is activated only during rest. Thus, training every day is not only unnecessary, but also impossible.

If the body does not fully recover between sessions, there will be no benefit from your workouts. To obtain good results, it is quite enough to work on the horizontal bar three times throughout the week. We said above that at some point, your muscles will become so strong that your own body weight will not be enough to create stress. As an additional burden, you can use a backpack with any load. In the hall, pancakes from a barbell are used for this, hanging them on a special belt.

An equally important issue when organizing training sessions is the duration of their holding. You do not need to work more than 60 minutes in order not to reduce the effectiveness of the training. When drawing up a training program, you must first select exercises for large muscle groups, and then for small ones. We recommend that you pay special attention to the lats of the back.

What are the best exercises for building your upper body?

The guy pulls himself up, touching the horizontal bar with his neck

The best strength movement for strengthening the upper muscles is the wide grip pull-up.To perform it, you need to place your hands on the bar wider than the level of the shoulder joints, pointing your fingers away from you. To maximize the load on the targeting muscles, look upward. From this starting position, lift your body up, and this must be done as smoothly as possible, avoiding jerks.

It is extremely important to breathe correctly when performing any power movement - at the time of maximum load, you should exhale. At the very top of your trajectory, your chin should be above the bar. Do the exercise in three sets with ten repetitions each. Also note that as a result, you should achieve muscle failure. Between sets, pauses should be made for two to three minutes so that the body has time to utilize the metabolite of energy processes - lactate or lactic acid.

On the playground, horizontal bars of various heights are often found. If there is a crossbar in front of you at the level of the chest or even lower, then you can do push-ups. To do this, it is necessary to take emphasis on outstretched arms and lower the body until a right angle appears in the elbow joints. A similar exercise is also performed on the uneven bars. As with the pull-ups, do three sets of ten reps each.

If, while performing the exercise, you slightly tilt the body forward when performing push-ups, then the emphasis of the load will shift to the muscles of the chest. To avoid injury to the joints, do not go too deep. If you ignore this recommendation, the shoulder joints will be subjected to serious stress. With the help of the crossbar, you can pump and biceps. To do this, you have to perform a specific type of pull-up with a narrow grip.

Your palms should be practically touching, and your elbow joints should not be pulled apart. In any strength exercise, it is important to feel the load. It comes with experience and makes every move more effective. When doing pull-ups with a narrow grip, make sure that the biceps are involved. If you do not yet have sufficient strength, then you can pull up on a low bar.

Your feet are on the ground, resting on the heels. The grip is still narrow. For experienced athletes, this movement can be used as a warm-up movement to warm up muscles and joints. With the help of the crossbar, you can effectively work out the triceps. To do this, use the lowest bar located 40 centimeters above the ground.

Place your hands on it with an average grip, turning your palms away from you. In this case, the lower back must be slightly bent, and the back should be straightened. Make sure that the elbow joints do not go to the side, but are as close to the body as possible. Again, you need to feel the strain on the targeting muscle for the session to be as effective as possible. If it is difficult to work on a low bar, use a higher one.

There is no doubt that every man wants broad shoulders. To solve this problem, it is necessary to work out the deltas with high quality. And for this you do not need a horizontal bar or a crossbar. It is best to use dumbbells. Lower your arms with sports equipment down and from this position begin to raise them to the sides until parallel with the ground. Do three to four sets of ten reps each.

The best exercises for the lower body on the horizontal bar

The man shakes the press, hanging on the horizontal bar

Today, such a sport as workout is gaining more and more popularity, all classes in which are carried out on a horizontal bar. Voorouters are often accused of inharmonious body development. This makes sense, because the entire load during their training falls on the upper body, and the leg muscles are not pumped. To avoid this imbalance, we recommend the Spartan Squat exercise.

To complete it, you need a support, for example, a low horizontal bar.You can also just lean on the ground with your hands. Take a standing position on one leg and from there begin to squat. In this case, the chest tilts forward. It is quite obvious that this movement is performed alternately on each leg. This is an extremely effective and fairly complex movement that allows you to work out the quadriceps and buttocks with high quality.

There is no doubt that without a pumped-up abs, the body cannot be considered beautiful. Here we need a crossbar again. Hanging leg raises are the most effective exercises for the abdominal muscles. If you want to know how to gain muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars, then to work on the press, classic twists should be replaced with this particular movement.

The fact is that when you are lying down and doing twisting, the vertebrae are deformed. If you are a beginner athlete, then do leg raises with bent knees. However, when the muscles are strong enough. You should work with straightened legs. It is very important not to use the inertia of the movement, but to perform the exercise only thanks to the strength of the press.

How to eat right to gain muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars?

A pumped-up athlete and recommended foods for him

We answered how to gain muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars. However, in order to obtain high results when playing sports, it is extremely important to observe the daily regimen and eat right. It is about the organization of the diet that we will now talk about. Any professional bodybuilder will tell you that approximately 70 percent of success does not depend on training, but nutrition. This is quite logical, because it is with food that the necessary energy and plastic materials enter our body.

As the first, the body uses carbohydrates, and the second role is played by protein compounds. If you are using the most effective training program, mass gain is impossible without these substances. The main requirement for the diet is the balance of the main nutrients. The body requires a certain amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein compounds to create muscle fibers. On average, during the day, you should consume about two grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight. As we said above, carbohydrates are also indispensable, but the choice should be made in favor of complex ones.

Basically, you don't need to give up fast carbs. They can be especially useful after completing the training. At this moment, the body needs energy, because almost all of it was used up during the lesson. Fast carbohydrates in a short time will be processed by the body, and this will activate regenerative processes. In no case should you give up fat. This is due at least to the fact that testosterone is synthesized from this nutrient. However, when compiling a diet, it is necessary to maintain a balance between vegetable and animal fats. Pay special attention to the omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood.

In addition to all that has been said about nutrition, one should remember the importance of water for the human body. We recommend drinking isotonic drinks during the lesson. This will allow not only to maintain fluid balance in the body, but also to replenish the body's need for electrolytes. A few words should be said about sports nutrition. There are only a few supplements you might benefit from - protein blends, BCAAs, creatine, and a gainer. Moreover, the latter supplement can only be used by skinny athletes. If your body is prone to gaining fat mass, then you will not need it.

For more information on how to gain muscle mass on the horizontal bar and uneven bars, see the video below:

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