Fast weight gain tips for skinny girls at home

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Fast weight gain tips for skinny girls at home
Fast weight gain tips for skinny girls at home

Find out why it is difficult for a girl to gain muscle mass and how to structure her workouts and diet to achieve results at home. Now you can find many articles about the correct weight loss. However, girls often pursue a different goal. In practice, it turns out that gaining weight for thin girls is much more difficult than losing weight. The inability to gain muscle mass can be due to various reasons. It is possible that you will even need to see a doctor. Today we will talk about how to gain weight for a thin girl at home quickly.

Why is it difficult for girls to gain weight?

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A person can be naturally thin and it's all about his unique genetics. At the same time, the problem of low weight may lie in the wrong diet. If the body weight is low, then this negatively affects the work of the whole organism. First of all, we are talking about possible problems with immunity, even small wounds can heal for a long time, etc.

Another cause of unhealthy thinness is thyroid problems. Some people do not take stress well and, because of this, they cannot eat properly. As a result, their body weight falls. In addition to all of the above, a thin person is subject to other dangers. They see that body weight does not increase, and try to gain it through nutrition, using unhealthy foods.

It can help, but being overweight also has a negative effect on the body. This can cause an increase in blood pressure, the development of type 2 diabetes and an increase in the concentration of lipoprotein compounds. If you want to know how to gain weight for a thin girl at home quickly, then first of all avoid junk food. Consuming such products, at some point, you will surely face the problem of obesity.

Let's note the most common causes of low muscle mass:

  1. Genetic characteristics of the organism.
  2. Basal metabolism - the thyroid gland may be malfunctioning and you should be diagnosed.
  3. The presence of serious ailments.
  4. Constant stress.
  5. Insufficient sleep time.
  6. Eating disorders such as anorexia.
  7. High physical activity.
  8. Low rate of absorption of nutrients.
  9. Diseases caused by parasites.

Why is light weight dangerous?

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Now we will consider all the negative effects of being underweight on the female body:

  • Problems with the work of the reproductive system, expressed in irregular periods, are possible. As a result, it is extremely difficult to get pregnant and bear a child.
  • Low weight contributes to an increase in blood sugar concentration and the subsequent development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Problems with the work of the hormonal system.
  • Due to the very low percentage of body fat, internal organs cannot function normally.
  • Being too thin can cause kidney problems such as prolapse.
  • Problems with the work of the digestive system and a decrease in the activity of protective mechanisms. As a result, there are frequent colds and infections.
  • In everyday life, there is a high risk of overloading muscles and internal organs.

Types of thinness

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Scientists distinguish two types of unhealthy thinness:

  1. Physiological - after passing all diagnostic procedures, the cause of low body weight remains unclear. Most often this is associated with increased metabolism, a special mode of operation of the endocrine system, or genetics.
  2. Pathological - can be detected during a medical examination and is most often associated with a malfunction of the internal organs.

Today we will try to answer in as much detail as possible how to gain weight for a thin girl at home quickly. First of all, you need to reconsider the diet. And also the right approach to doing spot. Remember, only moderate physical activity is good for the human body.

How to gain weight for a thin girl at home quickly and correctly?

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There are not so few people who want to gain mass as it might seem. Most often, this problem is relevant for young people, regardless of their gender. In adulthood, the problem of excess weight most often arises. Let's figure out how to gain weight for a thin girl at home quickly.

The principles of good nutrition for gaining weight

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First of all, it is necessary to increase the indicator of the energy value of the diet. For the average girl, the recommended daily calorie intake is in the range from 1.5 to 2 thousand calories. But thin women due to their high metabolism can consume 3-4 thousand daily.

Of course, it will be extremely difficult for the body to process such a large amount of food right away. To avoid problems with the work of the digestive system, we recommend switching to a fractional nutrition system. It involves snacks one and a half to two hours after the main meal.

Changing your diet is no less important. You should increase the number of meals a day to at least five, and preferably six. Thus, you will have to eat every two hours. Never skip breakfast, and try to eat hot food during the first meal. It can be cereals cooked in milk and butter with the addition of candied fruits or dried fruits. In addition to lunch, make two dinners in the evening. Spend the first one as usual at six, and eat protein foods 120 minutes before bedtime.

You can't give up any nutrient. The body needs all the nutrients, but a certain balance must be maintained between them. In percentage terms, it looks like this - 25/20/55 (protein compounds / fats / carbohydrates). Note that fats are extremely important for the normal assimilation of protein compounds, and you should never refuse them.

An increase in the energy value of dishes is achieved thanks to carbohydrates. You can safely eat simple carbohydrates, but you should not be zealous in this. Dairy products are high in calories and should be included in your diet. Scientists have found that milk fats have a positive effect on the body.

Start eating more meat. To normalize metabolism. Drink at least two liters of liquid throughout the day. Note that when calculating the amount of water consumed, all liquid should be taken into account, even contained in fruits or vegetables. It is not necessary to drink only water, coffee, green tea is also great.

Vegetables do not have a high energy value, but they are extremely important for the body. In addition to the presence of micronutrients in their composition, one should also remember about plant fibers. Thanks to them, the work of the digestive system improves, as well as the processes of utilization of toxins are accelerated.

Your diet should not go without fruit. You can use those of them that are undesirable during weight loss - bananas, peaches, grapes. However, do this in the morning to avoid fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract. Pay special attention to dates and bananas, which can be bought at the supermarket throughout the year.

Various beekeeping products will also help increase body weight. Let us recall that this is not only honey, but also bee bread, royal jelly, and pollen.Nuts contain healthy fats, and we recommend using them with honey and dried fruits. Wanting to find out the answer to the question of how to gain weight for a thin girl at home quickly, try not to constantly increase the size of the dishes so as not to overload the digestive organs.

The principles of organizing the training process for gaining mass

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Without regular exercise, you will not be able to gain weight properly. Since the energy value of your diet must be increased, the risk of fat accumulation increases. You don't want to turn from skinny to fatty, do you? To prevent this from happening to you, physical activity will be required.

Exercising will allow you to use the nutrients from food to increase muscle mass. It is not only beneficial in everyday life, but also to improve the appearance of your body. However, the main difficulty for many is determining the required loads. If they turn out to be excessive, then you will only harm yourself.

Now we will look at a set of simple movements that can be performed at home. Each of your workouts should start with a warm-up. To do this, use jogging in place, perform circular movements with your limbs and you can work with a rope for a few minutes.

Squats should be included in the main complex. This is a basic exercise that uses almost all of the leg muscles. The feet should be at the level of the shoulder joints. The back must be straightened, and the hands can be put on the belt or extended in front of you. Do the movements in four sets of 15 reps each.

The next exercise can be squatting followed by jumping out. This movement is also designed to strengthen the leg muscles. In addition, it has a positive effect on all elements of the articular-ligamentous apparatus. Do three sets of 8-15 reps.

Push-ups will help you tighten your arms and chest muscles. If you have not been involved in sports before, then start with a simplified option - emphasis on your knees. When your muscles are firm, move on to the classic movement. It is enough to perform four sets of 8-12 repetitions.

We recommend purchasing collapsible dumbbells. With their help, you will be able to progress much faster. A great dumbbell exercise is the Roman deadlift. During its implementation, the muscles of almost the entire body are involved in the work. Place your feet at the level of your shoulder joints, and lower your arms with dumbbells along your body. Keeping your back straight, begin to lean forward, while the pelvis should be retracted. Do four sets of 12 reps.

The next exercise is called "boat". Take a prone position with your arms and legs extended. Imagine flying like a supergirl. From this position, begin to raise your legs and arms at the same time, trying to arch your back as much as possible. At the end point of the trajectory, pause for 10 seconds. This is a great exercise for strengthening your back muscles.

If you wish, you can start using the fitness center. This will speed up your progress, because the choice of sports equipment there is much better. If you have every minute scheduled for the whole day, then study at home.

How a girl can quickly gain weight, this video will also tell:

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