The best sports for autumn: TOP-10

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The best sports for autumn: TOP-10
The best sports for autumn: TOP-10

Find out the TOP 10 sports that you definitely need to do in the fall. If you want to take care of your body, but before there was not enough time, then autumn is an excellent time of the year to start playing sports. You had a good rest in the summer and it's time to get involved in working days. You can and even need to add regular training to your hobbies. This will allow you to improve your health, make your figure more attractive, and also effectively deal with stresses that cannot be avoided. Many people are interested in what kind of sport to do in the fall, and today we will talk about this.

Why should you start playing sports in the fall?

Youth on an autumn run

Many people understand the importance of playing sports, but they constantly find various excuses and postpone this moment. Here are some reasons why you should start training in the fall:

  1. Good weather conditions - the sun is no longer as active as in summer, but it is still far from frost. In autumn, you can play sports not only indoors, but also outdoors.
  2. The body's readiness for physical activity - over the summer, all body systems rested. You do not feel very tired and sleepy, and the reserves of trace elements are replenished.
  3. Psychological readiness - many people are ready for serious changes in their lives in the autumn period. It is no coincidence that it is at this time that new seasons in theater and television begin, and sets for various trainings are held. If you want to change something in your life, then start with sports.
  4. A large number of options - in the fall, recruitment begins in various sports sections, and you can choose one of the many fitness directions. If you prefer to train at home, then this is possible.
  5. The beginning of a new stage in life - many of us constantly postpone the moment of starting a new life until next Monday or new year. We recommend doing this in the fall. Often, it is in the autumn that people decide to change their place of work or engage in self-education. This fact is associated with a detailed analysis of their professional achievements while on vacation.

Sports activities in the fall can be varied and interesting. Great prospects are opening up before you, and soon we will introduce you to them. It is only important to choose the kind of sport that will bring you joy.

What changes should be made to the training process in the fall?

Muscular man

The decrease in temperature outside also slows down the pace of life. The body needs warmth, and the soul needs comfort. In such conditions, it will be difficult to maintain the same intensity of training. If you are interested in what kind of sport to do in the fall, then first familiarize yourself with the rules for organizing training during this period.

In the off-season, the body experiences severe stress, and with a well-chosen physical activity, it becomes possible to increase the activity of the immune system. In anticipation of the winter cold, this is extremely important. However, it should be remembered that it is in the fall that chronic ailments often make themselves felt. Thus, there are several factors you need to consider when designing your training plan:

  • The season of viral and colds begins, and excessive physical activity significantly weaken the immune system.
  • The ambient temperature is constantly supplying and during outdoor activities it is necessary to be prepared for strong winds, rain and changes in atmospheric pressure.
  • Daylight hours are decreasing.
  • In the fall, metabolic processes begin to slow down.

If you have just started playing sports or are doing it recently, then you need to make certain adjustments to your training process. Also, the following information below will be useful for people with weak immunity. Now we will talk about the most important aspects that should be changed when drawing up a new training plan.

Exercise pace

If you have been training for several years, then you probably will not encounter increased fatigue and slow recovery of the body after exercise. But for novice athletes, this problem most often turns out to be relevant. The increasing psychological stress associated with the autumn blues and the need to return to workdays after the summer holidays, negatively affects the work of all body systems. It is quite obvious that this fact also affects the physical capabilities of a person - the brain is reluctant to respond to the commands of the body, the body needs more time to sleep, the number of errors in training increases, etc. To normalize your condition. You should slow down by slowing down your exercise pace and frequency. As soon as the threshold for the onset of the new season is crossed, you can return to the previous training schedule. Manipulate the number of sets and reps to increase your break time.

Instead of strength, work harder on endurance

Cardio loads in the fall are very useful, but their combination with strength training will be more effective. Instead of running in the cold wind, try team sports or hiking. Also, spend more time working with weights to strengthen the muscular core.

Eat more plant fiber

In the summer, we often take liberties with our nutrition. This leads to the accumulation of a large amount of toxins and toxins. In order for the body to quickly readjust to a new mode of life, as well as to increase its response to spot exercises, consume the maximum amount of vegetables and fruits. Autumn is a great time of the year for these products, as a new crop has just been harvested.

Class time

In the fall, we subconsciously move on to a more relaxed way of life. In the evening, many people feel very sleepy, because daylight hours have significantly decreased. If you have the opportunity, we recommend moving the class time to the morning or afternoon. Otherwise, you will have to make adjustments to the intensity of the training, slightly reducing this indicator. Even one month of such exercises will allow the body to adapt to new conditions. Then you can return to your previous training plan.

Dress appropriately

At the beginning of autumn, there can be warm days, which are quickly replaced by cold ones. The wind also increases and it rains frequently. However, all this does not scare many fans of outdoor workouts. If you do not want to stop running, then special attention should be paid to the choice of clothing. Otherwise, you may get sick and have to skip classes.

What kind of sport to do in the fall - TOP-10

Sports girl lies on the uneven bars

Someone go in for sports in the fresh air throughout the year, while other people, with the onset of cold weather, decide to move to the gym. Now we will tell you what kind of sport to do in the fall. Surely everyone will find on this list the kind of sport that will bring pleasure.

Rock climbing

The guy is climbing

This sport is rapidly becoming popular with young people. It allows you to test yourself in difficult conditions and feel like a master of mountaineering. You don't have to go to the mountains to practice, because climbing walls have been built in large cities. Moreover, you can find those where the entrance is free.

Table tennis

Table tennis rackets and balls

This is one of the most accessible sports. To play you will need a table with a net, rackets and a ball.To practice table tennis, it is absolutely not necessary to have outstanding physical qualities. This game is available for people of all ages and will improve the reaction, as well as strengthen the musculoskeletal system.


Floorball match

This sport was created in Sweden and has not yet gained much popularity in other states. However, Russia already has a floorball federation. Outwardly, this sport is similar to hockey, but the games are held in a hall without ice, and a plastic ball and special clubs are used as sports ammunition.

Mini football

Men's mini-football match

A decrease in ambient temperature leads to the fact that the grass begins to wilt, and the football field gradually becomes like a swamp. However, you can easily change classic football for its "little brother". Perhaps for some, mini-football does not seem to be such an exciting spectacle as usual, but it is interesting to play it.

Horseback Riding

Girl riding a black horse

Quite an exciting activity, although for some it may seem expensive. Perhaps this is precisely the main disadvantage of this sport. If you are not embarrassed by the upcoming expenses, then in addition to a great pastime in the fresh air, you will get the opportunity to communicate with animals.


The girl is engaged in cardio striptease

In this case, you should not judge the lesson itself by its name. This is one of the areas of fitness that combines elements of strip plastics, dance and aerobics. You do not need to have a high level of initial physical fitness to practice cardio-stripping.

Water aerobics

Group water aerobics lesson

Today this area of ​​fitness is very popular. Although many believe that water aerobics can only be done by those who can swim. In practice, this is not the case and anyone can start training. Moreover, many people learn the ability to swim thanks to water aerobics. Compared to classical aerobics, exercises in the water can significantly reduce the load on the joints, but much more energy is expended.


Capoeira practice on the beach

It is a Brazilian sport that combines elements of martial arts and dance. Recently, capoeira has become extremely popular all over the world. Note that there are two areas of this sport:

  • Angola - movements are performed at a slower pace.
  • Regional - the peculiarity of the style is the high speed of movement and technique.

Today more and more people prefer capoeira to classical fitness directions. The only drawback is the small number of competent instructors.


Taekwondo style duel

If the previous sports discipline has just begun its journey for the recognition of millions, then the peak of taekwondo popularity is in the past. However, this does not affect the effectiveness of the classes. Among other things, there are a lot of highly qualified trainers in our country.

Running and Hiking

Girl preparing to run outdoors

Even in autumn, running remains one of the most popular sports. Many people continue training in winter, interrupting them only during severe frosts.

An excellent alternative to running and especially for people with serious overweight problems. Many coaches recommend that people who decide to start running start by walking. They will prepare the body for stronger loads, and walking practically does not have a negative effect on the joints.

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