Why is it good for men to do yoga?

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Why is it good for men to do yoga?
Why is it good for men to do yoga?

Learn how to choose the direction of yoga for men and what kind of exercises guys should do, as opposed to a girl in yoga. Many people believe that yoga is an exclusively female occupation, which is completely untrue. In many respects, this impression was formed due to the large number of fitness centers in which yoga is practiced in combination with aerobics or calanetics. You must understand that the main directions of yoga were created by men. Apart from this, most of the famous mentors are also men. Recently, guys are increasingly paying attention to this area of ​​fitness. Today we will tell you why it is good for men to do yoga.

Yoga for men - benefits

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There is no such thing as "yoga for men". Moreover, yoga presupposes not so much physical perfection of a person as spiritual. If a man decides to do yoga, then you can use serious loads. When the technique of performing the exercises is followed, then you can well strengthen the muscles, increase endurance and develop willpower. All these qualities are liked by the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

If the training process is organized correctly, then the created body cannot be called feminine. Of course, you will not build up such big muscles as in bodybuilding. However, not all men strive for this. Yoga classes stimulate all nerve endings in the body, which positively affects the functioning of the entire central nervous system and the brain in particular.

As a result, a man can more easily endure stressful situations and can quickly relieve fatigue. Regular exercise will improve the functioning of all body systems, and you will become more active. Scientists have proven that yoga improves erection. Certain asanas stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and have a positive effect on nerve endings. All this leads to better men's health.

Yoga is one of the oldest teachings and allows, in a short time, without the use of medications, to eliminate the cause of reproductive disorders, which include deformity of the genitals and muscle clamps. By performing the appropriate asanas, it becomes possible to enlarge the pelvic area, relieve tension and relax the pinched muscles with ligaments. As we mentioned above, an equally important positive effect of regular yoga practice is to improve blood flow throughout the body.

Many men who, despite their prejudices, decided to start doing yoga, claim the body and the body are strengthened, and the range of tasks to be solved is increasing. In training, all the muscles of the body are evenly worked out. We also note the benefits of yoga for the cardiovascular, immune and other systems. All this has been proven in the course of scientific research and is beyond doubt. We have already noted that most of the yoga trends were created by men. Moreover, women did not immediately receive permission to practice this ancient art. In ancient India, yoga was a mandatory practice in the army. This is due to the fact that a good warrior must not only have great physical strength, but also be self-confident. Only in the middle of the last century did yoga acquire a "woman's face". For many people, yoga training is a long time in one position. However, in practice, there are many dynamic exercises in this teaching.

Let's summarize and determine why it is useful for men to do yoga:

  1. Learn to overcome difficulties, not give in to them.
  2. Stamina, strength and self-confidence will increase.
  3. You will be able to make the right decision in difficult situations.
  4. It will be easier to do hard physical work.

Yoga for men: a set of exercises

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Frequent stress, a sedentary urban lifestyle, physical inactivity - all these are the causes of pain in the back and joints. Based on this, the following asanas (yoga exercises) may be very useful for men:

  • Reduction of the shoulder blades.
  • The position of the dove (kapotasana).
  • The position of the cat (marjarisana).
  • Table position (purvottanasana).
  • Twists in different positions.
  • Push ups.

All of the above movements allow you to relieve stress from the spinal column and joints. As a result, the development of various ailments of the spine and the articular-ligamentous apparatus slows down. Endurance and physical strength have always distinguished men from the fair sex. There are several areas of yoga that allow you to increase muscle mass and increase the rate of metabolic processes. Strength training goes well with aerobic exercise.

One of the most popular among men is the following set of exercises:

  • Deflections and tilts.
  • Planks.
  • Push ups.
  • Grasshopper position (shalabhasana).
  • The position of the boat (navasana).
  • Cobra position (bhujdangasana).

This complex movement should be performed three times throughout the week, giving training for 45 minutes. Strength training is useful for all people who want to maintain their health. If you want to create a beautiful body, then in a few months you will be able to appreciate the benefits of classes and understand why it is useful for men to do yoga.

It has already been said above that through regular exercise, you will be able to improve men's health. The most effective asanas here are the following:

  • Lotus position.
  • Locust position.
  • Cobra position.
  • Bow position.

You've probably already seen that yoga can be useful not only for women. It is necessary to eradicate the stereotype that dynamic training can only be in the gym. This can be achieved with a more detailed study of yoga techniques. If you think. That your level of physical fitness is at the minimum level, then you should not despair.

All you need to do is exercise regularly and exercise should be fun. If you feel discomfort while performing any asana, then it is worth giving it up for a while. When your level of readiness increases, you can return to it. It is always necessary to start with simple exercises and gradually move on to complex ones.

Many people justify the lack of physical activity with a busy schedule, in which it is impossible to find free time. However, you just need to want to do yoga. For good results, you can train for 10 or 15 minutes a day with three to four asanas.

Do not think that yoga practice involves giving up eating meat. Not many men can take this step. One of the ancient treatises gives a direct answer to this question - strict adherence destroys the practice and philosophy of teaching. If your instructor insists on certain prohibitions, then perhaps he simply does not have sufficient qualifications. Gradually, you yourself will begin to reconsider your habits. This will take time, but this moment cannot be avoided. First of all, you are required to learn how to control your body and spirit. Moreover, there should not be any violence in this matter.

Today, many people who have come to yoga are captivated by a lack of truthful information and various stereotypes. At the same time, men who practice yoga note a large number of positive changes. You must decide for yourself how you want to look - nervous, overweight and have problems with potency, or live in harmony with yourself and the world around you.We recommend starting your training under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Problems can arise with the search for such a person, especially in small towns. We recommend that you attend the lesson and determine how interesting it is to you. An instructor will guide you through the basics of your workout. After that, you can start training and video lessons at home.

Let's consider the most popular and effective asanas:

  • Garudasana - strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs.
  • Upward facing dog position (urdhva mukha svanasana) - for the muscles of the neck.
  • Tree position (vrikshasana) - increases coordination of movements and strengthens the muscles of the legs.
  • Shirshasana - the body is in an inverted position, which has a positive effect on blood flow.
  • Shavasana - relieves muscle tension and clears thoughts.

Quickly enough, you will be able to notice positive changes in your health:

  1. You will be able to relax at the right time and normalize relations with the surrounding reality.
  2. Inner calmness will appear.
  3. Defeat stress and normalize your sleep pattern.
  4. Get rid of muscle clamps and blocks.
  5. The body will become stronger and more resilient.

How to choose the direction of yoga for a man?

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There are many areas of yoga and many can easily get confused in them. The simplest and most popular is hatha yoga. It is from this direction that you should begin your acquaintance with this art of improving the mind and body. You can easily do without an instructor, mastering asanas on your own. In many areas, the emphasis is on breathing techniques and fixed positions, which perfectly strengthen the muscles of the body.

During the training, you should concentrate on your feelings and control all movements. Today you can find tons of books on classical yoga. It should be admitted that this is a rather complex teaching based on the passage of the eight stages of Patanjali. Due to its high complexity, classical yoga is not so popular in comparison with other areas, say, kundalini yoga. Here, the main emphasis is on meditation and the ability to activate inner energy. We do not recommend this direction for beginners.

Men should pay attention to a relatively young trend - Ashtanga Yoga. Dynamic asanas are actively used here, smoothly replacing each other. As a result, you can quickly strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance. After completing a complex of not the most simple movements, it is time for meditation and relaxation. It is probably difficult to find a more suitable direction for men than Ashtanga yoga. To achieve a positive result, you have to put in a lot of effort. This is what will allow you to strengthen the body, and this is what every man desires. If women tolerate static poses well, then for men it is quite difficult from a moral point of view. But to devote time to meditation, we recommend you. This is the only way you can improve spiritually.

How to do yoga for men? Exercises for beginners in the following video:

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