Can sports replace physical activity at work?

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Can sports replace physical activity at work?
Can sports replace physical activity at work?

Find out why the physical activity that a person receives at work does not bring the effect that should be like training in the gym. If your work is connected with strong physical exertion, then this is not a reason to give up sports. Many people hold a different point of view, believing that the activity that they show during the working day is enough. Now we will tell you why physical activity at work does not replace sports.

Why doesn't physical activity at work replace sports?

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There is no way to strengthen all the muscles of the body

Most often, physical activity at work is monotonous, and a person has to perform the same actions every day. This leads to the fact that only certain muscles are stressed, while others lose their tone. This situation negatively affects our body, because an imbalance appears, which can cause the development of ailments of the musculoskeletal system and poor posture.

It is with this that all professional ailments are associated, for example, joint problems, impingement syndrome or pain in the back. Training in the gym allows you to harmoniously develop all the muscles of the body, thereby eliminating imbalances and related problems.

Workload is not enough to keep fit

Often the stresses that we experience at work are clearly not enough to maintain muscle tone. This, in turn, suggests that a person spends little energy and can gain fat mass. This fact is confirmed by the results of scientific research. Despite the fact that your work involves physical activity, the body is able to adapt to them and energy expenditure decreases.

A safe technique for performing movements is not formed

Most strength exercises in terms of their execution technique are close to those movements that we perform in everyday life. For example, doing squats with a round back can injure you. At the same time, such a mistake will certainly be performed at work when lifting weights. As a result, serious problems with the spinal column are possible.

Classes in the hall involve mastering the technique of all exercises. This is why it is recommended to work with an experienced instructor for at least a couple of months. Having mastered the technique. You will get into the habit of doing the movements correctly even outside the gym. Strength training will allow not only to increase physical parameters. But also reduce the risk of injury.

Flexibility does not develop

Flexibility for any person is an important parameter. It is she who allows you to perform movements correctly and thereby maintain health. If your muscles are highly rigid, your range of motion is severely limited. As a result, a person cannot use all his capabilities. If you do not work, say, as a yoga instructor, then you probably do not perform muscle stretching movements. In this situation, the muscles become stiff. Exercising in the gym will help you stretch your muscles, restore the mobility of the articular-ligamentous apparatus and maintain correct posture.

Job change will entail a drop in physical activity

Situations in life are different and it is quite possible that you have to change your job to an office one. As a result, you will lose even those loads that were before. At the same time, for sure, the indicator of the energy value of your diet will remain the same, which will inevitably lead to a set of fat mass.If you go in for sports, then changing your job will not affect your physical fitness in any way.

Get less enjoyment out of life

In most cases, work does not bring complete moral satisfaction. At the same time, many household worries and problems do not provide you with the opportunity to monitor your body. In the hall you will have the opportunity to take a break from all this, and return home with a clean head. Strength training can unload the brain and improve the appearance of your body.

Why do many people avoid physical activity?

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Scientists have shown that by the age of 90, with a passive lifestyle, a person will lose about 70 percent of his working capacity. If you go in for sports, then this figure will be only 30. Everyone knows that sports are good for health. Now we are not talking about professional training, since the situation is different there. Moderate physical activity allows you to prolong youth and feel good even in old age.

However, the question arises, why in such a situation, most people are not going to play sports? Perhaps someone is sure that the loads that the body experiences in everyday life are enough for him. However, we have already explained why physical activity at work does not replace sports. Most likely, the reason lies elsewhere. In all the published works on the benefits of sports for the body, there is no clear explanation of why a person should run or go to the gym.

It can be argued with a high degree of probability that most people after 30 years of age ignore sports due to the banal explanation of the need for regular training. Not everyone knows that a passive lifestyle only brings the coming of old age closer. Have you ever wondered why animals and humans are not endowed with longevity? Scientists today often say that the relationship between physical activity and the psychological state of a person does not depend on your level of fitness. Even playing sports, many do not enjoy it.

Nowadays, you can often hear that regular walking can improve your health. This is confirmed by the results of scientific research, which we are not even going to refute. But the question arises why postmen, who wind a decent mileage every day, are practically as susceptible to various diseases as representatives of other specialties. Another example is the hare and the turtle. The first is in motion all the time and is constantly running or jumping. However, this animal has a maximum lifespan of 15 years. The turtle moves slowly, but at the same time it lives for over 400 years. Often times, people force themselves to play sports, which is completely wrong. You just need to understand that our body needs constant physical activity. Nature made us such and there is no getting away from it.

For example, astronauts, if they were in zero gravity for a long time without special gravitational loads, would quickly weaken, and their bone tissues would become fragile. With forced immobility during an illness, only during two days of bed rest, a person loses about a quarter of his volume. At the same time, any normal person wants to always feel good, be energetic and healthy. This requires only physical activity, but it should give you pleasure.

It is useless to argue that playing sports will help you lose weight, and today this problem is relevant for a large number of the population of developed countries. But at the same time, physical activity cannot be considered the only way to fight fat. It is necessary to go in for sports, but within reasonable limits. Excessive loads are dangerous for the body, which is confirmed by professional athletes, who have serious health problems at the end of their careers.

Gradual and competent dosing of physical activity will definitely help you improve your health and well-being. The constant increase in physical activity is a rather controversial statement in obesity. The body independently sets the limits for energy expenditure, and our physical activity has practically no effect on this. People will get fat as long as they consume a lot of unhealthy foods.

More recently, it became known that many world leaders in food production support this statement. For example, the Coca-Cola Company has been found to sponsor a study that confirms the importance of exercise for obesity. But it would be wrong to reject the benefits that physical activity brings to the body.

Why should you play sports?

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If you are still sure that you do not need this, we will try to change this point of view. Studies have shown that spotting, even without changing the diet, can lead to a small loss of body weight. At the same time, the subjects showed an improvement in health in terms of several indicators, in particular, the normalization of the balance of lipoprotein compounds and a decrease in blood pressure.

In an ordinary person, at rest, the heart beats at a rate of 60 to 70 beats per minute. To do this, he needs a certain amount of nutrients and the organ gradually wears out. If a person has never played sports, then the heart muscle works with increased intensity, consuming more nutrients, and aging faster. In athletes, the heart can beat at a rate of 50 or less beats per minute. It is quite obvious that its wear in such a situation turns out to be less rapid.

It was found that with age, in the absence of physical activity, the lung tissue becomes rigid. As a result, the body cannot get enough oxygen. By exercising, you can slow down the aging process of your lungs. Our body has a huge number of blood capillaries. If the muscles are at rest, then no more than 0 percent of the small blood vessels are working. As soon as the muscles actively enter into work, then spare vessels are activated and the process of utilization of toxins is accelerated, and the body receives more oxygen and nutrients.

Muscles can be compared to pumps that accelerate blood flow. When you regularly load your body within reasonable limits, you are guaranteed to get rid of a lot of stagnation. Scientists have proven that they are often the cause of the development of various ailments. Under the influence of physical exertion, the blood vessels become more elastic, which allows you to keep the blood pressure within the normal range. Note that with good blood supply, toxins and metabolites are quickly eliminated from the body.

Telomeres are located at the ends of the DNA strands, which act as caps. They protect chromosomes from destruction. With age, the linear dimensions of telomeres decrease, which leads to active destruction of cellular structures, and they lose the ability to recreate themselves without errors. In fact, this process is aging. Scientists have proven that physical activity dramatically slows down the processes of decreasing the size of telomeres and thereby prolongs youth.

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