Why does physical education in school harm children?

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Why does physical education in school harm children?
Why does physical education in school harm children?

Find out why many experts have a negative attitude towards physical education lessons and what teachers do wrong in relation to children in such lessons. People of the older generation remember that all the students of the class attended physical education lessons and, as far as possible, passed various standards. At the same time, it did not matter how the guys treated this lesson or the personality of the physical education teacher. Today the situation has changed and many schoolchildren are trying to get certificates that exempt them from physical education.

As a result, it shouldn't come as a surprise that today's children look weak and clumsy. They spend a lot of time in front of a computer or tablet, instead of leading an active lifestyle. Of course, there are many exceptions to this rule. However, the current trend should be alarming. In this regard, the question of why physical education at school is harmful to children becomes relevant.

Are there any benefits from school physical education lessons?

Schoolgirls are in a plank at a physical education lesson

Of course, the fault is that many schoolchildren are exempted from physical education completely lies with their parents, who take the "fake" certificates. Often the reason for this is not fear for the child's health, but, for example, academic performance. Agree, this is a completely wrong approach.

At the same time, many parents are well aware that the child should be active. Another thing is that sometimes teachers demand from the children that they must pass the standards, and the highest ones at that. Not every child is capable of this, and the question is whether it is necessary. The task of school physical education is primarily to improve the health of children, and not to set records. For this, there are sports sections in which coaches train future champions.

Thus, the painful condition of modern children is primarily the fault of the parents themselves. Some of them may even encourage the offspring to stay in front of the computer or TV for a long time. They are sure that it is better to let him be at home than something happened to him on the street.

Unfortunately, many people start thinking about health only at the moment when it is already too late. However, the problem we have considered is not the only one. Today, more and more people are talking about the need to change the school curriculum of physical education. It is on this aspect that the main emphasis must be placed. The question why physical education at school is harmful to children, in principle, should not arise. Physical education teachers, first of all, need to pay attention not to the fulfillment of a specific standard, but to the child's progress. Some children are naturally phlegmatic and it is quite obvious that they will not be able to, say, run fast. Today everyone is sure that something needs to be done, and it remains to decide what exactly. Someone proposes to lower the standards, others advocate an increase in the number of hours of physical culture.

The last question is very relevant from the point of view of raising a healthy generation. Everyone understands perfectly well that health under the influence of physical activity can only be strengthened if they are regular and moderate in terms of indicator. Opponents of increasing the number of hours argue that in rare schools today there is a good basis for this step.

Many parents are sure that physical education at school should be canceled, because the child can be sent to the sports section. However, not everyone has such an opportunity, and experts constantly remind about this.They believe that only schoolwork can instill in children a love of exercise. But in practice, children often do not strive for this.

Physical education at school - what's the harm?

Physical education teacher stands in front of his students

This section will present information that was obtained through a survey of famous trainers. We have already said that today many people understand the need to change the school physical education program. Perhaps the opinion of professional coaches will help in deciding why physical education at school is harmful to children.

Lack of personal lockers for clothes and things

Today, a physical education lesson for children is not a way of emotional release, but the need to carry an additional package with a sports uniform. Moreover, you have to carry this load for the whole school day, because not everyone lives near the school. Here, one immediately remembers American films, which show individual lockers for each student. Our children have to carry everything with them.

Simultaneous lessons of several classes

Often, due to congestion in schools, the schedule is such that two or more classes have to conduct a physical education lesson at the same time. Keeping track of 40-50 children is almost impossible. It is quite obvious that there will be no benefit from such activities.

Lack of changing rooms

In some schools, locker rooms are set aside for small rooms, which, moreover, are not sufficiently ventilated. As a result, some children change clothes in the toilet. Agree, this situation is simply unacceptable.

Impossible to go to the shower

Physical education involves profuse sweating. After that, you need to visit the shower, but in most schools it simply does not exist or it does not work. Let's not forget that the usual change may simply not be enough to take a shower and completely put yourself in order. For example, girls need to dry their long hair, which takes time. It's easier for boys in this regard. American films come to mind again.

Uniformity of standards

All eleven years of schooling, children pass standards for the same sports. Moreover, many say that they are too averaged and that a differentiated approach to their definition is needed.

Illiterate schedule

Agree, after passing the standards in cross-country, it is difficult to rebuild for a test in mathematics or another subject. A hot and unwashed child often cannot show everything he is capable of during tests in the same physics. Note that teachers rarely go to a meeting in such situations and the test after the cross is not carried over.

Lack of equipment for winter activities

In winter, if the weather permits, physical education lessons should be held outdoors. However, there is simply no equipment for this in many schools, and parents are forced to purchase skis, and more than once, because the children are growing up. However, there is another problem here. Let's say the parents bought their child winter sports equipment. Agree, carrying skis to school twice a week is not an option! Leaving them at school is not possible, since no one is responsible for personal belongings.

Lack of inventory

The problem of sports equipment is extremely urgent. Let's forget about winter for a while, but there are often not enough basketballs or mats! Problems with inventory are typical for many schools, and this issue must be addressed to higher authorities, up to the country's leadership.

The third physical education lesson is necessary or unnecessary

When it was decided to increase the number of hours for physical education lessons, it was planned to make a third of the lesson specialized. For example, girls do aerobics. And the boys play football. In practice, everything has remained unchanged - all lessons are conducted in the same vein.

Low qualification of teachers

Many problems are associated with this issue.The physical education teacher should interest children and make their lessons as interesting as possible. Only in this case, most of the questions, including why physical education at school harms children, will disappear. Here again I would like to draw your attention to American schools. Physical education lessons in them are significantly different from ours. The popularity of college sports in the United States is not even worth mentioning. Students' basketball league games are often as popular as NBA games. The situation is similar with the country's school championships.

Why has physical education at school changed?

Physical education lesson in Soviet times

After several deaths in school physical education lessons, changes were made to the lessons. All children are now required to take the Rufier test. According to its results, students are divided into three groups:

  1. The main one.
  2. Specialized.
  3. Preparatory.

The standards must be passed only to those guys who are in the main group. Those children who ended up in the preparatory group study together with the main one, but they do not have to pass the standards. The teacher evaluates them primarily by theoretical knowledge.

But the special group is engaged separately according to a specially developed program that corresponds to their level of physical fitness. Unfortunately, not every school has a practical opportunity for organizing specialized groups, and children come to the main lesson, helping the teacher with the distribution of equipment and other organizational issues.

We have already noted that in the course of the reform of school physical education lessons, the number of classes was increased (from two to three), and the standards were simplified. For example, earlier in the fifth grade it was necessary to perform 11 push-ups to get an estimate of 12 points, but now there are only six. We do not want to say that this is bad, because not all the guys passed the previous standards. It is quite obvious that today it has become easier to do this.

However, the question is different - only about half of the schoolchildren, according to the test results, fall into the main group. At the same time, we talked about the decision of some parents to take "fake" certificates so that their child would not pass the standards. Specialists in the field of pediatrics are confident that it is impossible to artificially restrict the activity of children. If there are prerequisites for this, then the situation is different.

It is necessary to worry about the health of children if, during classes, they often have shortness of breath and weakness. At the same time, today doctors note the fact that the health of the younger generation is deteriorating, the need for a competent distribution of loads becomes obvious. Doctors believe that moderate stress is necessary for our body. Only in this way is a person able to develop emotionally, physically and spiritually. Children should find time for physical activity, computer games, sports and even small pranks. Imagine a child who does not attend the sports section and at the same time does not engage in physical education at school.

As a result, he is deprived of specific communication, without which it is difficult to develop normally. Sports and competitions have been part of society throughout human history. All peoples held various competitions in which the best were determined. Such isolation of the child will definitely negatively affect his psycho-emotional development.

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