How to pump up the press for girls at home

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How to pump up the press for girls at home
How to pump up the press for girls at home

Dreaming of an attractive tummy? Don't have time to go to the gym? After taking just 5 minutes to read the article, you will find out how the beautiful half of humanity can find the press of their dreams. Just a few simple exercises will put your figure in complete order. Regardless of age and era, women have always tried to look as attractive as possible. They used cosmetics, beautiful clothing, diet and exercise to achieve this goal. A beautiful body was especially important at all times. And modern girls try to make every effort for this and they begin to strive for perfection precisely from a thin waist and a flat stomach.

We all know that in order to pump up the press, it is necessary to put a load on all parts of the muscles and only in this case we can hope that cubes will appear and the tummy will become flat. In order to properly pump up the press, it is not necessary to visit the gym, you can do it at home without spending a lot of time on training.

It is necessary to start exercising with an empty stomach, and if you decide to eat before exercising, you will not be too comfortable and may feel nauseous. Therefore, it is better to practice in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before dinner. Moreover, satiety will not allow you to work out the upper and lower abs, as it is necessary.

You need to swing the press on the floor, put the soft rug aside, because it will only interfere with you. Each exercise must be performed in several sets of fifteen to twenty times. It is not worth doing the exercise more than three approaches, you will only overload the muscles, and, as many believe, pump up quickly, thus, the press will not work. You always need to know when to stop.

It is not worth practicing every day. It is necessary to alternate the load with rest so that the muscles have time to rest. If you pump the abs every day, the muscles will not have time to rest, and accordingly you will not get the result. It is best if you practice every other day, in other words, three times a week. Before you pump the press, you need to warm up a little. To do this, just run in place or jump rope. When you pump the press, close the windows so that there is no draft, otherwise you risk catching a cold in the lower back. If you correctly alternate leads for different departments of the press, then in a week you will achieve visible results.

Exercises for pumping the press for girls

Strengthening the upper press (crunches)

  1. To do this, bend the legs at the knees, place our hands behind the head and begin to raise the shoulder blades towards the knees.
  2. Do not forget to exhale when returning to the starting position.

Strengthening the lower press (reverse crunches)

How to pump up the press for girls at home
  1. Lie on your back, your torso should be in a straight line.
  2. Then begin to raise straight legs, inhaling upward, after five seconds begin to slowly lower them, not forgetting to exhale.

Strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles

  1. We bend our knees, press our feet to the floor.
  2. Tear off the shoulder blade from the floor and reach with your hand to the opposite heel.
  3. We inhale when we rise, exhale when returning to the starting position.
  4. We repeat the exercise in the same order for the opposite side.

A bicycle is very effective

Tighten your abs and pedal imaginary. The exercise should not be done for more than three minutes. Also, remember to take a minute's rest after completing it.

Touching the shoulders

This is the last exercise in our complex. Lie on your back and pull your knees to your chest. We perform it fifteen times in several approaches.

Using these exercises in a month, you will see a significant difference, and your tummy will become flatter and prettier by leaps and bounds.

Video with tips on how to build abs (as well as exercises):

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