Esculap - application in bodybuilding

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Esculap - application in bodybuilding
Esculap - application in bodybuilding

Find out why bodybuilders use a drug like Tadalafil in their diet and how to properly use it to maximize muscle gain. Esculap was created by Balkan Pharma, and its main active ingredient is tadalafil. Today there are quite a lot of Aesculapius analogues on the market. All of them have a similar effect on the body and are synonymous for doctors. Today we will find out what tadalafil is and how Aesculapius is used in bodybuilding.

Tadalafil: what is it?

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It is a synthetic substance that does not occur naturally. Tadalafil was first created in 2003 within the walls of the British pharmaceutical company Eily Lily. The first drug based on this substance was Cialis. It is this remedy that should be considered the original, and Aesculapius and other synonyms are generics.

Today on the market you can find a large number of generics of various drugs. Let's find out how they differ from the original. When creating this or that drug, pharmaceutical companies isolate a substance that will be further used as the main active ingredient. After that, a number of studies are carried out, the purpose of which is to determine the optimal and safe dosages.

In addition, at the research stage, the concentration of additional ingredients is also determined if they are able to increase the effectiveness and minimize the risks of side effects. An equally important step in the creation of any medication is to improve the technology for the synthesis of an active ingredient. Often, the substance required for the production of a medicinal product contains various impurities that can cause allergies. To avoid this, you need to find the most efficient cleaning method.

When all stages of research are completed, the drug is tested and if there are no problems, it appears on the market under a certain trade name. Now we have described a simplified scheme for creating original drugs for which the company-creator receives a patent. It should be remembered that international patents for medicines are valid for a limited time period.

When the allotted time expires, any third party company has full authority to use the original composition. There are no difficulties with its definition, because it is written in the instructions for the drug. Starting to release its own drug, the manufacturer gives it a new name, and it is considered a generic drug. Moreover, companies may not even bother choosing a trade name, and name their own drug simply by the name of the main active ingredient.

We said above that on the market now you can find many drugs based on tadalafil, the name of which is completely similar to this substance or is derived from it. Thus, Aesculapius in bodybuilding is also a generic drug, but it costs significantly less than the original drug. If the main active ingredient of the synonyms is similar to the original, then the composition of the auxiliary components may differ. In addition, not every manufacturer pays great attention to the purification of the main substance and this can cause the development of allergic reactions.

Properties and effects of Aesculapius

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The high popularity of Aesculapius in bodybuilding is due to its effectiveness and the absence of side effects.The Balkan Pharma company is well known to domestic bodybuilding fans due to its sports pharmacology. All of her products are trustworthy, and Aesculapius was no exception. Below we will talk about how to properly use Aesculapius in bodybuilding.

This drug is primarily intended to enhance erection, but athletes have found a second use for it. However, let's first define the therapeutic effect of this drug. Tadalafil is able to affect the main reactions that make up the process of arousal and subsequent erection of the male genital organ.

If a man is sexually aroused, the vessels of the penis dilate, and a large amount of blood enters the cavernous bodies. This leads to an increase in the size of the penis and erection. Various disorders are possible that prevent blood flow. As a result, an erection does not occur or it is not strong enough for intercourse.

Aesculapius is able to eliminate these problems. Strong filling with blood of the male genital organ occurs due to vasodilation under the influence of cGMP. This is a special substance that can be destroyed by the enzyme PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5). Esculap is able to inhibit (suppress) the work of FED-5.

It is quite obvious that in such a situation, cGMP is not destroyed and is capable of acting on blood vessels for a long time, keeping them in an expanded state. In medicine, Aesculapius is referred to as a group of vasodilators or vasodilator drugs. However, tadalafil has one feature that makes it more valuable as a means of improving potency - it begins to work only with sexual arousal.

When you take the drug, the vessels will not begin to dilate immediately after the active ingredient has been absorbed by the body. cGMP is synthesized in the body only under the influence of NO (nitric oxide). This substance, in turn, can only be produced under the influence of sexual arousal. Only in this state, signals are sent to special centers of the brain and spinal cord that activate the processes of nitric oxide synthesis.

As you probably already understood, taking Aesculapius, you are insured against spontaneous erection. Only in a state of excitement, the drug will begin to work and not only enhance the erection, but also prolong it. If there is no sexual arousal, then Aesculapius will not be able to affect cGMP. This feature of the drug is often noted in numerous reviews of tadalafil.

Note that the PDE enzyme is synthesized in all blood vessels. A numbering system was created to classify them. For example, PDE-3 works in the heart muscle, while PDE-6 works in the retina. Aesculapius exhibits high selectivity during work and is capable of acting only on PDE-5. As a result, you will not encounter side effects such as changes in blood pressure, color problems, etc. In this respect, tadalafil is definitely superior to sildenafil (the main active ingredient in another popular erection stimulator Viagra).

After taking, Aesculapius is able to work for 36 hours. However, after 24 hours, its effect on the body begins to gradually weaken, although the drug continues to cope well with the task at hand. Within a quarter of an hour or a little more from the moment of administration, tadalafil can begin to work. It should also be noted that Aesculapus does not in any way affect the process of spermatogenesis and does not impair the quality of semen.

Instructions for the use of Tadalafil

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It's time to consider the proper use of the drug. You probably realized that bodybuilders use tadalafil not only to enhance erection.

Aesculapius in bodybuilding

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PDE-5 works not only in the penis, but also in the skeletal muscles. This suggests that it can be used to enhance the pumping effect - pumping blood into muscle tissue.You probably know that many bodybuilding experts recommend combining strength training with pumping for maximum results.

Before the appearance of tadalafil on the market, sportsmen actively used Viagra to solve the problem. However, esculap is less expensive, works for a longer period of time, and is free from many side effects. We recommend using Aesculapius in bodybuilding in accordance with the following scheme:

  1. A one-time dosage of the drug should be from 5 to 10 milligrams.
  2. Aesculap should be taken before the start of the training or immediately after its completion.
  3. To exclude the possibility of getting used to the drug, it is better not to take it on weekends from classes.
  4. The duration of the course should be limited to 4-6 weeks.

Using Aesculapius in bodybuilding, you can get the following positive effects:

  • Increase in physical characteristics.
  • Powerful pumping effect.
  • Increasing the intensity of classes.
  • Improved concentration and attention.
  • Normalization of blood pressure during training.

To enhance erection

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Since the drug was created nevertheless to improve the work of erectile function, it is worth acquainting you with the rules for using esculap to solve this problem. The tablets are taken regardless of the meal schedule. The recommended one-time dosage is 20 milligrams, which equals one tablet. Tadalafil should be taken at least 16 minutes before the intended intercourse. After that, you can have sexual intercourse for 36 hours and you can be sure that the Aesculapius will cope with its task.

You should not use the drug often, and taking it more than once a day is contraindicated. For older men, the recommended dosage remains unchanged. Although in most cases aesculapius is well accepted by the body, cases of individual intolerance do occur. In such situations, it is recommended to reduce the one-time dosage.

If you want to be one hundred percent confident in your abilities, then you can take a maximum of 40 milligrams at a time. However, this is almost never required, since tadalafil is highly effective. Some drugs can enhance the work of the esculap. We are talking about representatives of the CYP3A4 inhibitors group, for example, itracosan or erythromycin.

If you are using tadalafil in combination with them, it is recommended to reduce the dose of esculap to 10 milligrams and not take the drug more than once for three days. In the course of clinical trials of the drug, scientists did not find the ability to induce priapism - a painful erection. However, this possibility should not be completely ruled out. This is especially true for the joint use of tadalafil with other PDE-5 inhibitors. Sometimes, after using the drug, an extremely persistent erection is observed, lasting at least four hours. In such a situation, you should consult a doctor, as erectile dysfunction may be impaired in the future. In conclusion of the conversation about the use of Aesculap in bodybuilding, we recall that the drug should not be used in combination with Viagra or its analogues.

Video instruction on the use of Tadalafil in the following video:

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