Methyltestosterone in bodybuilding - application features

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Methyltestosterone in bodybuilding - application features
Methyltestosterone in bodybuilding - application features

Find out what the strongest steroid in the bodybuilding world has and how to properly take Methyltestosterone.

Instructions for the use of methyltestosterone in bodybuilding

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If you carefully read the instructions for use of the drug, you probably paid attention to the recommendation to use a steroid as a substitute for methandienone. We also note that in the description of methyltestosterone there are many analogies with methane. For example, a short half-life, the duration of courses, which should be limited to a maximum of two months, etc.

With dosages, the situation is more interesting. According to the instructions, the drug should be used solo in an amount of 50 to 60 milligrams, and when combined with other drugs - 25–30 milligrams. Moreover, to reduce the load on the liver, the daily dosage should be taken at the same time in the morning. There is a clear contradiction on the face, because methyltestosterone has a large number of side effects in comparison with methane, and they are more pronounced. However, the instruction recommends us a higher daily dose.

Let's not forget about the short half-life of tableted AAS. If you take the daily dosage at a time, then the concentration of the male hormone in the body will quickly decrease. Since the drug is available in the form of tablets weighing five milligrams, you should immediately take from 10 to 12 tablets. The digestive system will definitely not be happy with this turn of events.

However, methyltestosterone is practically not used in solo bodybuilding, since it is not a highly effective drug and more attention should be paid to possible combinations. Since it is a powerful androgen with weak anabolic properties, moreover, it is actively aromatizing, we recommend combining it with low androgenic AAS, which are not inclined to interact with the aromatase enzyme.

An example is the course of stanozolol, turinabol and methyltestosterone. Consider the rules for taking all drugs on a cycle. The dosages listed below for each steroid are daily.


  • 1st day - 5 milligrams.
  • 2nd day - 10 milligrams.
  • 3rd day - 15 milligrams.
  • 4th day - 20 milligrams.
  • 5th day - 25 milligrams.
  • 6th to 16th days - 30 milligrams.
  • 17th to 21st days - the dosage is reduced daily by 5 milligrams until the steroid is completely canceled.


  • 2nd day - 10 milligrams.
  • 3rd day - 20 milligrams.
  • 4th to 26th days - 30 milligrams.
  • 26th to 28th days - the dosage is reduced daily by 10 milligrams until the drug is completely discontinued.


  • 3rd day - 10 milligrams.
  • 4th day - 20 milligrams.
  • 5th to 40th days - 30 milligrams.
  • 41st to 43rd days - the dosage is reduced daily by 10 milligrams until the drug is completely discontinued.

The cycle lasts ten full weeks. It was conducted by representatives of powerlifting and there were no significant side effects. At the same time, the strength characteristics of the athletes have increased very significantly, and also the muscle mass has slightly increased.

Side effects of methyltestosterone

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We have already said above that the drug has a certain set of side effects, which we will now consider in more detail.

Estrogen-type side effects

The ability of the drug to aromatize was discussed above. It is with this process that the side effects of the estrogenic type of almost all anabolic steroids are associated. The most serious negative aspect in this case is gynecomastia.The risks of its development are especially high when using high dosages. Athletes and active fluid retention in the body can cause problems.

First of all, this side effect is cosmetic in nature, as the body swells. Estrogens also trigger fat storage. Athletes use aromatase inhibitors such as Proviron or Exemestane to suppress estrogenic side effects.

Androgenic side effects

They arise as a result of the conversion of the male hormone into dihydrotestosterone. First of all, it should be noted the appearance of acne, increased work of the sebaceous glands on the skin and baldness. The greatest danger methyltestosterone in bodybuilding is for female athletes. Strong androgens can cause virilization. Women should not use steroids with a high rate of androgenic activity. Men use the drug finasteride to combat this type of negative effects. It is an inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which triggers the conversion reaction of the male hormone and dihydrotestosterone.


Opponents of steroid use in sports often talk about this negative effect of pills. In most cases, the harm of AAS is greatly exaggerated. However, it is useless to argue with the fact that an alkylated drug can pose a danger to the liver. If you use anabolic pills for a long time or use them in high doses. Then you can damage the organ.

Fortunately, the liver is able to repair itself and it is almost impossible to cause serious harm to it with steroids. Carrying out courses lasting a maximum of ten weeks, and without going beyond the recommended doses, you can not fear for the organ's performance. However, methyltestosterone, unlike most tableted AAS, is highly hepatoxic. To avoid serious problems, we recommend that you take a course of Carsil or another hepatoprotector after the end of the cycle.

The cardiovascular system

Anabolic steroids pose the main danger to the heart muscle and vascular system in terms of cholesterol balance. You probably know that there are two types of lipoprotein compounds in the body: low density and high. The first substances are often called "bad" cholesterol, and the second, respectively, "good". If the balance shifts towards low-density lipoproteins, then the risks of developing ailments of the cardiovascular system increase.

Methyltestosterone is capable of quite actively affecting the process of regulating cholesterol levels by the liver. In the course of scientific research, it was found that a daily dosage of 30 milligrams can reduce the concentration of "good" cholesterol by a third and increase the level of "bad" cholesterol by a similar indicator.

Similar changes in the body were observed after two weeks of using the drug and continued for 14 days after the steroid was discontinued. In addition, all AAS, including methyltestosterone, can negatively affect blood pressure and triglyceride levels, cause the development of ventricular hypertrophy of the heart muscle, and reduce the ability of the vascular endothelium to relax.

All this increases the risks of developing heart attacks and other ailments of the cardiovascular system. To avoid problems, we recommend limiting the consumption of fast carbohydrates, saturated fat and cholesterol on the course. But the introduction of fish oil into the diet will be beneficial.

Suppression of the operability of the HHE arc

Simply put, this side effect is characterized by a decrease in the rate of synthesis of endogenous male hormone. This is the "trouble" of all steroids, since they suppress the activity of the pituitary arch to one degree or another. Let's briefly tell you how things stand here.The HPA axis includes three elements - the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testes. The processes of dough synthesis in the body are regulated by the hormones of the gonadotropic group.

It starts with the hypothalamus, which monitors the concentration of testosterone and instructs the pituitary gland to increase or decrease the production of gonadotropic hormones. It is on their level that the concentration of testosterone itself depends. Any steroid dramatically increases the level of dough in the blood, and the body begins to slow down the production of endogenous hormone. As a result, the testicles are idle, and if this continues for a long time, they can atrophy.

Especially serious consequences can be with prolonged use of AAS or the use of these drugs in large doses. To eliminate this negative effect, professional sports use gonadotropin, which mimics the work of the hormones of the gonadotropic group. If you conduct short courses of mild to moderate severity and do not use high dosages, then the gonad can be completely dispensed with. But after the completion of the cycle, PCT is required without fail.

We examined how methyltestosterone is used in bodybuilding, and also got acquainted with its positive and negative effects. The drug is more commonly used by lifters and weightlifters than by bodybuilders. However, in strength sports, athletes prefer to use more effective AAS. In fact, any ester dough will give better results compared to methyltestosterone.

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