Andropen 275 (Andropen 275): features, course, side effects

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Andropen 275 (Andropen 275): features, course, side effects
Andropen 275 (Andropen 275): features, course, side effects

Find out how to take Andropen 275 to gain muscle mass, how to make the right course and what dosages to use on the course. Andropen 275 is a five-ester testosterone mix produced by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, a well-known athlete. The active ingredients are steroids dissolved in high quality vegetable oil. The creation of esters of various steroids made it possible to solve the problem of the high frequency of injections. In fact, the Andropen 275 combines all the good qualities of long and short AAS.

Andropen 275 contains the following active ingredients:

  • Testosterone Acetate - 20 milligrams
  • Testosterone Decanoate - 90 milligrams
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate - 45 milligrams.
  • Testosterone Cypionate - 75 milligrams
  • Testosterone Propionate - 45 milligrams

Each of these substances has a certain half-life, and they come to work in sequence. As a result, the athlete does not have to wait a long time for the first results of steroid use. At the same time, Andropen 275 works for about two weeks. The manufacturing company has developed this steroid specifically for use by athletes, and it is actively used in strength sports. Today we will look at the features, course, side effects of Andropen 275.

Useful properties of Andropen 275

A jar of Andropen 275 is on the table

Although all steroid ingredients are testosterone esters, due to their different half-lives, their effects on the body are somewhat different. Acetate dough comes into operation first and this happens almost immediately after injection. Short esters of testosterone weakly retain fluid in the body, are less susceptible to aromatization in comparison with long preparations, and have higher fat burning properties.

Propionate is connected next to work. It is one of the most popular male hormone esters among bodybuilders and is actively used during the drying period. Enhances the effectiveness of the drug phenylpropionate, and then cypionate and decanoate will alternately enter into work. One of the main benefits of any steroid mix, including Andropen 275, is the ability to maintain an even hormonal balance throughout the entire anabolic cycle.

This is extremely important, because hormonal pits can be very dangerous to the body. Speaking about the features, course, side effects of Andropen 275, it is necessary to separately note the positive properties of this drug:

  • Muscle mass is gaining momentum.
  • The rate of bone mineralization increases, which in turn leads to their strengthening.
  • It has a positive effect on the elements of the articular-ligamentous apparatus.
  • Helps suppress joint pain.
  • Improves the work of the body's defense system.
  • The athlete's overall vitality improves and the desire to exercise increases.
  • The nitrogen balance is normalized and thus the anabolic background increases.
  • Sexual attraction rises.

All of these effects are essential for athletes. At the same time, Andropen 275 also has other effects, for example, it accelerates regenerative processes, and the athlete recovers faster after an intense exercise.

Are side effects possible with Andropen 275?

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Speaking about the features, course, side effects of Andropen 275, one should not be silent about the possible negative effects of the drug. They do exist and must be accepted. There is no such medication that would be one hundred percent devoid of negative properties or contraindications. What can we say about such a powerful hormonal agent like Andropen 275?

If someone tells you that steroids are safe, you shouldn't believe it. Another thing is that the competent use of this type of sports pharmacology allows minimizing the risks of manifestation of the negative properties of drugs. However, we will talk about the rules for conducting the course below, and now we will return to considering the possible side effects.

Every athlete using the pharma should remember about the ability of testosterone containing AAS to convert into female hormones. This process is called aromatization and if it is not controlled, a number of side effects are possible. The most famous of these effects is gynecomastia - an enlargement of the mammary glands of a man in a female pattern. To treat this ailment, surgical intervention is necessary. Also, high aromatization can cause a large amount of fluid to be retained in the body. However, this is at the same time an advantage of steroids based on testosterone esters, because the work of the articular-ligamentous apparatus improves. The side effects discussed above are often called estrogenic, since they are associated with an increase in the concentration of female hormones (estrogens).

To suppress them on the course of Andropen 275, it is necessary to use drugs of the aromatase inhibitor class, for example, Proviron, exemestane or letrozole. However, if Andropen 275 is used in minimal doses, then there is no need to use antiestrogens. An exception to this rule is the genetically determined high activity of the aromatase enzyme.

Testosterone is a strong androgenic substance that can lead to certain side effects - acne (acne), hair loss. First of all, their appearance is associated with a high level of the enzyme 5-alpha-dihydrogenase. This substance interacts with testosterone, which leads to the appearance of dihydrotestosterone. Finasteride is used to suppress androgenic side effects.

However, this is only necessary if there is a genetic predisposition of the organism. Dihydrotestosterone has a serious effect on libido and if used for no reason finasteride, sex drive will be low.

Other rare side effects of Andropen 275 should be noted:

  1. Hypertrophy of the prostate gland - the formation of malignant neoplastic neoplasms is possible.
  2. Polycythemia - due to the active production of erythrocytes on the course of the drug, the blood thickens.
  3. Myalgia is one of the rarest side effects associated with local muscle pain.
  4. Oligospermia is a decrease in the quality of semen.
  5. Slowing down the processes of spermatogenesis.

Instructions for conducting an effective and safe course Andropen 275

Jar with Andropen 275 in hand

Our conversation about the features, course, side effects of Andropen 275 comes to a logical conclusion and it remains to acquaint you with the rules for using this drug in sports. The very fact that this is a composite steroid promises us high efficiency. With its help, athletes can actively gain muscle mass, increase strength.

In this case, the steroid can be used not only by experienced athletes, but also by beginners. However, it should be remembered that Andropen 275 is not the best choice for the first course. I also immediately want to warn you that you must strictly adhere to the instructions for using the anabolic. Only in this case, the results will be excellent, and the safety of the cycle is high. If it is necessary to increase the effectiveness of the course, then this is achieved not by exceeding the recommended dosages, but by combining.

We'll start with the Andropen 275 solo course, which can also be effective. Recommended weekly dosages range from 0.3 to 0.6 grams. Since the drug contains testosterone decanoate, one injection for seven days will be quite enough. The average duration of the cycles is one and a half months and this time period will be quite enough for bodybuilding lovers to obtain excellent results.

It is quite obvious that experienced athletes are interested in the possibility of combining Andropen 275 with other drugs. As we said above, this is a great way to increase the effectiveness of anabolic courses. All esters of the male hormone can be combined with any steroid, and mix dough is no exception. First, you should decide on the tasks set, because it depends on which bundles will give the maximum result. Let's take a look at examples of several loops.

Andropen 275 course for beginners

Beginner athlete works with a barbell

Of course, the solo will be such a cycle. To carry it out, in addition to the steroid itself, you will need an aromatase inhibitor and a drug for PCT. In our case, we opted for anastrozole and clomid, respectively.

The recommended scheme for this cycle is as follows:

  1. 1st to 6th week - put Andropen 275 in the amount of 0.3 grams once for seven days.
  2. 15th to 57th days - Anastrozole is taken in the amount of one milligram every third day.
  3. From 51st to 64th days - PCT begins and you should consume 50 milligrams of Clomid daily.
  4. 65th to 75th days - the dosage of antiestrogen is halved and is 25 milligrams.

Andropen 275 Course for Advanced Athletes

An experienced bodybuilder holds the bar with his hands

This is a strong mass-gaining course, which is contraindicated for beginner builders. But experienced athletes will be able to get excellent results. The cycle included nandrolone decanoate, stanozolol, methandienone and the dough mix itself. Of the adjuvants, you will need cabergoline, clomid, and anastrozole. Here is a diagram of a strong mass-gathering course:

  1. 1st to 6th week - Use 0.2 grams of nandrolone decanoate every seventh day.
  2. 1st to 8th week - Andropen 275 is put once a week at 0.3 grams.
  3. 1st to 25th days - Take 40 milligrams of methandienone daily.
  4. 26th to 60th days - the daily dosage of stanozolol is 40 milligrams.
  5. 15th to 72nd days - Anastrozole is taken every third day in the amount of one milligram.
  6. 8 to 52 days - it is necessary to use dostinex to suppress the progestogenic activity of the soundboard in an amount of 0.25 milligrams every fourth day.
  7. From 71st to 73rd days - daily need to consume 150 milligrams of clomid.
  8. 74th to 77th days - the dosage of the antiestrogen will be 100 milligrams.
  9. From 78th to 91st days - Take 50 milligrams of Clomid daily.
  10. From 92nd to 98th days - reduce the dose of antiestrogen by half and take the drug in the amount of 25 milligrams.

As you can see, after a powerful course of AAS, the PCT should be more intense. This is reflected in the dosage of clomid and the timing of its use. This is an important point to draw your attention to. By taking this approach to steroid use, you can minimize the risks of side effects.

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