Should hobbyists take steroids?

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Should hobbyists take steroids?
Should hobbyists take steroids?

Find out if steroid courses are easy for beginners in the gym and why you'd better refrain from sports pharmacology if you are not a professional athlete. Today's article focuses on a complex and controversial topic - should you take steroids if you are not performing? We will try to answer this question with an open mind and honesty. It is quite obvious that each person has the right to decide for himself how to act in a given situation. We are not going to urge fans of "iron" sports to take anabolic drugs or refuse them.

Do you need steroids if you are not planning to perform?

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Certainly, with the help of AAS, you can achieve your goals much faster in comparison with natural exercises. However, it is worth keeping in mind the potential health risks and money spent. Steroids today are the most accessible type of sports pharmacology and at the same time have a high effect on the body. However, it is necessary to spend money on their purchase, which will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

By and large, the answer to the question of whether to take steroids if you are not performing depends on your goals. We are all individuals and have our own opinion in any matter. For some, the priority is to create a family and a career, other people want to buy an expensive car, while others practically do not need anything. We mean that if your priority is powerful muscles (the question of finances is not worth it, since the goal has been achieved), then there is nothing good for your friend, only empty costs.

If you want to know the answer to the question of whether to take steroids if you are not performing, then first decide whether it is important for you to have large muscles. Many guys visit the gym and at the same time do not strive to gain a large amount of mass and it is enough for them to just pump up. It is quite understandable. That they don't even think about steroids.

If you decide to buy an apartment, then you probably appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of this step. First of all, most often we are talking about financial costs. Then move on to other factors, the area, the remoteness of the new housing from the main infrastructure of the city, etc. Only after analyzing all these factors, a decision is made.

In a situation with anabolic drugs, we advise you to do the same. Only by assessing the degree of importance of large muscles for oneself, it is possible to answer this question. If we talk about the possible advantages of AAS, then this is a quick mass gain and an increase in strength indicators. So that you do not hear about the dangers of these drugs, there is no doubt about their performance.

Moreover, with the task assigned to steroids, they cope perfectly. Under their influence, the body significantly accelerates the production of protein compounds, which translates into the results that can be seen at bodybuilding tournaments. Surely no one would argue that all these guys at Mr. Olympia are adopting sports pharmacology. And this can be said about representatives of all sports disciplines.

The question arises, why do they need it? The answer here is quite simple - to win. Many bodybuilding enthusiasts argue that in the last couple of decades, only the athlete with the largest muscles can win in bodybuilding. If earlier the question of aesthetics of the figure was at the forefront, today it has faded into the background.

What can we say about the fans of this wonderful sport, if Arnold Schwarzenegger himself criticized modern builders and their physique. Agree that if the main criterion in evaluating athletes is the beauty of the figure, then there will be little sense in using steroids. More precisely, they would have been used anyway, but not so actively. This is our subjective opinion and each of you may disagree with it.

Professional builders have already made their choice, and their priority is to successfully compete in tournaments, which entails financial benefits. Famous athletes receive money not only for participating in tournaments, but also for advertising various products. And again, representatives of all sports intersect on this issue. In the same football, the stars make good money in clubs, but the amounts of sponsorship contracts they have are appropriate.

You should understand that professional athletes get significantly more bottom line from steroid use than just huge muscles - good income. If a person is only interested in his muscles and does not think about anything else, then he definitely has problems with self-esteem. If you want to start using AAS solely to accelerate progress in bodybuilding, and do not set any other tasks in this direction, then such a position looks silly.

As with any question, you must first of all proceed from the ratio of potential risks and rewards. Perhaps someone thought that the lack of profit from the use of anabolic drugs lies only in money. However, first of all, one should understand health here. Imagine that you have started using steroids and have achieved your goal. You have big muscles, but you have problems with, say, your heart. Do you need larger muscles in such a situation?

Of course, most statements about the deadly danger of anabolic steroids are pure delirium. But we cannot talk about the complete safety of these drugs. Do not trust online stores, which assure that the correct use of AAS does not cause side effects. They have a place to be and largely depend on your body. Take nandrolone decanoate as an example.

One athlete can use the drug in large enough quantities, and no problems will arise. The other, in turn, and at minimal dosages, may encounter such a phenomenon as "deca-dik". Here are the main side effects that can occur with an ACC cycle:

  1. Gynecomastia. This disease is the appearance of seals in the nipple area and it seems that the breasts begin to grow in a female pattern. The main reason for the development of gynecomastia is the active conversion of certain drugs into estrogens. This process of converting testosterone to female hormones is called aromatization.
  2. Problems with potency and sex drive. This can also be problematic. Most often, on the course of anabolic drugs, the opposite situation is observed, because the concentration of testosterone in the body reaches its maximum limits. However, after the end of the cycle, the level of the artificial male hormone drops rapidly, and the body has not yet started the synthesis of the natural substance. In many ways, the risks of developing problems with potency depend on the human body.
  3. Rollback effect. This is the main negative effect of steroid use. Moreover, it is dangerous not from the point of view of physical health, as psychology. After the course, it is quite difficult to maintain the results obtained, and you will lose muscle mass, as well as strength parameters. Agree, it is very difficult to see how the fruits of your labor disappear in the hall.
  4. Problems with the skin and heart muscle. If we talk about the heart, then it is not so much steroids that have a significant effect on the quality of the organ's work, but rather the combination with the intensity of training with a genetic predisposition. The situation is similar with the skin, but here, along with genetics, the quality of the athlete's nutrition has a great influence.

Why shouldn't beginner athletes and adolescents use steroids?

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Nowadays, it is very easy to purchase anabolic drugs. There are many stores on the Internet where you can freely choose the desired drug and, having paid for the order, receive the parcel after one or two weeks. Moreover, the cost of many AAS is relatively low and may even look preferable to some types of sports nutrition.

We have already said that only you can answer the question of whether to take steroids if you are not performing. We have set out thoughts on this topic, but the final decision is only yours. At the same time, there are two categories of bodybuilding enthusiasts who definitely should not use anabolic steroids - beginners and adolescents.

With the latter, everything is quite simple - their body, in particular the endocrine system, has not yet formed. The use of AAS at any age leads to malfunctioning of the hormonal system, but in adolescence it can be extremely dangerous. You will simply unbalance it, and for the rest of your life you will have to use these drugs, but not for gaining mass, but for the purpose of carrying out hormone replacement therapy.

With novice athletes, everything is much more complicated. Let's imagine that an athlete is already 25 years old, but he began to engage in bodybuilding less than a year ago. In principle, you can use anabolic steroids, but remember that the sooner you start doing it. The worse the final result will be.

A good example for comparison is an expensive sports car, capable of moving at a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour. If at this speed you turn on nitrous oxide, then the car can accelerate to 280 kilometers per hour. But if you do this from the start, then when you reach the maximum speed, it will not change, because nitrous oxide has already ended.

If you have made a firm decision to use anabolic drugs, then your training experience by this time should be at least three years. In support of these words, we present the results of a study conducted in the United States. The subjects were divided into two groups according to their training experience. Experienced athletes have shown good results in contrast to beginners. This suggests that steroids can only be as effective as possible. When the athlete came close to his genetic limit.

In conclusion, I would like to say once again that in this article we only expressed our thoughts on the question of whether it is worth taking steroids if you are not performing? The final decision is yours. But if you have not reached the age of 25, then it is better to wait with the sports farm. The situation is similar with novice athletes. If your training experience is more than five years, then the results can be good. In general, decide if you need to take anabolic steroids or continue with your natural workouts.

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