Why is Bronholitin used in bodybuilding?

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Why is Bronholitin used in bodybuilding?
Why is Bronholitin used in bodybuilding?

Find out why many bodybuilders have started using Bronholitin in their diet for drying the body and what dosages are safe for your body. Surely you know a drug like Bronholitin. In medicine, it is actively used to combat coughs. However, since the beginning of the 2000s, it is often used by bodybuilders and not for its intended purpose. This is far from the first drug that sportsmen use to solve problems other than those for which it was created.

The most famous example here is clenbuterol. In medicine, it is used to fight asthma, and in sports it has become a powerful fat burner. Today we will talk about why Bronholitin is used in bodybuilding. Actually, the answer turned out to be quite simple, because the drug contains ephedrine. It is no secret that this substance is used in the creation of sports fat burners. However, let's deal with everything in order.

What effect does Bronholitin produce on the body and why do bodybuilders take it?

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As we just noticed, one of the main active ingredients of the drug is ephedrine. As a result, we can talk about the main effects of bronchodilator:

  • Appetite suppressed.
  • The processes of reduction of adipose tissues are accelerated.
  • The heart rate increases.
  • The work of the nervous system is stimulated.
  • The main metabolism is accelerated.

Among all the above effects, the main one should be considered the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. As a result, there is an active synthesis of catecholamines. These substances, in turn, interact with androgen-type receptors, which increases the metabolic activity of cellular structures. In addition, bronchodilator is able to enhance the efficiency of protein kinase and thereby stimulate the reduction of adipose tissue. In fact, we answered the question, why is Bronholitin used in bodybuilding?

How to take Bronholitin in bodybuilding correctly?

Bronholitin is poured into a spoon

It should be recognized that athletes have created several schemes for the use of this medication. However, maximum results are achieved with a daily dosage of 50 milliliters. To increase the effectiveness of the course, it makes sense to introduce caffeine with aspirin into its composition. All of these drugs must be taken 40 or maximum 60 minutes before the start of the training.

This will avoid side effects and even improve overall tone. Also, some athletes talk about the possibility of increasing the dosage of bronchodilator up to 100 milliliters or taking it twice. However, we can talk about the fallacy of such an approach to the course of bronchodilator. This is because ephedrine has a half-life of eight hours. If you take it too often or in high dosages, the effectiveness of the course will drop dramatically.

Are side effects possible when using Bronholitin in bodybuilding?

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There is no drug that would be absolutely safe for the body. In this case, Bronholitin can be considered the least dangerous, although certain side effects may occur. They are all related to ephedrine, which is a powerful stimulant to the nervous system.

Note that most often all negative effects go away on their own after a few days from the start of the cycle. If this does not happen, we recommend reducing the dosage or completely abandoning the drug. Some of the most common side effects include:

  1. The work of the genitourinary system is enhanced, since the drug has some diuretic properties.
  2. There are changes in the work of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Disruptions in the work of the digestive system are possible.
  4. Sweating processes are accelerated.
  5. Sleep disturbances are possible.

If you adhere to the recommended above scheme of using Bronholitin in bodybuilding, then you will avoid unpleasant moments.

What other fat burners are used in bodybuilding?

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In bodybuilding, athletes pursue two main goals - gaining muscle mass and getting rid of excess fat. Since the body does not want to part with its energy reserves. Athletes are constantly looking for ways to speed up the lipolysis process. We just talked about why Bronholitin is used in bodybuilding?

Due to the presence of ephedrine in the composition of the drug, it is able to produce a fat-burning effect on the body. Not only among bodybuilders, the fat burner group is especially popular. It includes both medications and relatively safe supplements. It is quite obvious that strong remedies should not be used by fitness enthusiasts.

Some mild fat burners, on the other hand, can be quite beneficial. They differ in their mechanisms of action, but there are several general effects inherent in almost every fat burner:

  • General metabolic processes are stimulated.
  • Appetite suppressed.
  • The process of liponeogenesis slows down.
  • Liquid utilization is accelerated.

Athletes use several groups of fat burners, and most often they are taken together. This allows you to influence the body in several directions at once. We will now look at these groups in more detail.


Jar with Thermogenics close up

These substances contribute to an increase in the heat production of the body and increase its temperature. In such a situation, the body is forced to activate lipolysis processes and burn adipose tissues. You should immediately warn that thermogenics should not be taken by people with problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as with hypertension.

Nutrient blockers

Multicolored Nutrient Blockers

Substances of this group are designed to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and fats by the digestive system. The most popular supplements are based on chitosan. They are generally considered safe as they do not contain any chemical ingredients. The only side effects may be digestive problems.

Thyroid stimulants

Multi-colored capsules and tablets that stimulate the thyroid gland

These are already serious drugs that interfere with the work of the endocrine system. When using them, you must strictly adhere to the recommendations for use. Side effects that can occur with an overdose are serious. The fact is that malfunctions of the thyroid gland cannot be eliminated. Fitness lovers should not use these drugs for weight loss.


Jar of L-carnitine on a white background

It is customary to separate this substance into a separate group, since it has no analogues. Unlike thyroid stimulants, it is safe and natural. Carnitine is a vitamin-like substance synthesized by the body. It has a wide list of positive properties, but does not directly influence the release of fatty acids from adipocytes.

One of the functions of carnitine is to deliver fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy. However, carnitine can only be effective with physical activity. It is quite obvious that if the processes of release of fatty acids are not activated, then the body will find another use for the substance.

Cortisol blockers

Cortisol blockers in pill form spill out of the jar

The drugs of this group produce an indirect effect on the lipolysis processes. Cortisol is one of the main catabolic hormones and is synthesized by the body under the influence of stressful situations. Training should be included among them. Under the influence of this hormonal substance, muscle tissue is destroyed, and the body begins to accumulate fat. It is quite obvious that this should not be allowed during weight loss.

Let's take a look at a few popular fat burners that you can find at sports nutrition stores. They are relatively safe, but you need to follow the instructions for use.


Close-up of Lipo-6x can

Many professional bodybuilders have noted the high effectiveness of this supplement. One serving contains two tablets. Containing ingredients with varying performance rates. The first capsule contains all the ingredients in a liquid form, which allows them to start working almost immediately after consumption. The components from the second tablet work for several hours and are able to stimulate the thyroid gland. At the same time, they do not interfere with the work of the endocrine system, since they do not have a steroid nature.

Hydroxycut hardcore

Jar with Hydroxycut Hardcore on a white background

Most fat burners have the property of causing the body to adapt to itself. As a result, their effectiveness drops rapidly. The creators of Hydroxycut Hardcore were able to solve this problem, and athletes can take the supplement for a long time. The main effect of this product is associated with the acceleration of the synthesis of norepinephrine. This hormone is one of the most powerful natural fat burners in our body.

Animal cuts

Jar with Animal Cuts drug on white background

The supplement helps to normalize the concentration of insulin. Improve the performance of the thyroid gland and liver. All this, ultimately, leads to an increase in the rate of processes of reduction of adipose tissues.


Close-up of Dren packaging

According to the manufacturer, Dren is based on a unique proprietary blend of active ingredients that accelerate lipolysis. Among the components of the supplement there are substances that affect beta-2-adrenergic receptors. Recall that adrenergic receptors of two types are present on the surface of adipose tissue cells: alpha-2 and beta-2. The activation of the former leads to the filling of the fat depot, while the impact on the latter leads to the exact opposite result.

Oxy shredz elite

Oxy Shredz Elite Close Up Jar

In terms of composition, Oxy Shredz Elite stands out sharply from the competition, as it contains the largest amount of active ingredients. At the same time, athletes talk about its high efficiency, and we recommend paying attention to Oxy Shredz Elite.

Centurion labz legion

Jar of Centurion Labz Legion drug on white background

The composition of this product is also very rich in substances of various groups. The additive is highly effective, since it works in several directions at once.

Black spider

Can with Black Spider in a supine position

One of the most famous fat burners. The manufacturer of this product specializes in creating fat burners and almost every of its products is well received by the sports community. We recommend Cloma Pharma supplements to everyone who wants to get rid of fat as soon as possible. There are practically no negative reviews about them on the Internet. Note that in the company's product line, you can find supplements created specifically for girls. First of all, they differ in less force of impact on the body, but at the same time they do an excellent job with the task.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that none of the fat burners will be effective without effort on your part. It is impossible to lose weight sitting on the couch and everyone should remember this.

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