PGP Protein Isolate Review

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PGP Protein Isolate Review
PGP Protein Isolate Review

Find out what makes PGP Protein Isolate stand out from the competition and why every gym goer should take it. Today we're going to talk about PGP Protein Isolate. This is a young domestic manufacturer - PowerGymProduct. Its first products appeared on the market in 2013 under the Mir Sport brand. However, a year later, the company's management decided to change the name. Before the renaming, the company was engaged in the packaging of additives produced in Germany. However, PowerGymProduct is currently developing its own formulation. Protein Isolate PGP is packaged in 0.91 kg plastic jars.

Composition of PGP Protein Isolate

Description of PGP Protein Isolate Composition

This product is 100% Whey Protein Isolate. With its help, you will be able to accelerate the processes of muscle tissue hypertrophy, suppress catabolic processes and accelerate regenerative processes. Thanks to the multi-stage filtration system, the final product has the maximum purity index and in this regard is not inferior to the market leaders.

One serving of the supplement is 26 grams, and its energy value is 96 calories. The amount of carbohydrates is one gram, and there are no fats in the composition. As you can see, the indicators are more than attractive. As with all products of this type, the PGP isolate has a complete amine profile. Note that the composition of a portion does not exceed the amount of protein compounds that can be assimilated by the body at a time. One serving of the supplement contains more than six grams of BCAA.

What effects should you expect from PGP Protein Isolate?

Muscle Athlete and PGP Protein Isolate Can

Here are some of the main benefits of PGP Protein Isolate:

  1. Protects muscles from catabolic processes.
  2. Reduces appetite.
  3. Increases the effectiveness of training.
  4. Effective in closing the anabolic window.

This product can be safely called universal, since it can be used to solve various problems.

How to take PGP Protein Isolate correctly?

Black Can of PGP Protein Isolate

The supplement can be taken in an amount of two or three servings per day. We recommend taking into account the amount of protein compounds entering the body from other sources when calculating the dosage. To make a cocktail, you need to dissolve one serving of powder in 0.3 liters of liquid. If you need to increase the calorie content of the diet, then use milk. Otherwise, water is the best choice.

You can also increase the effectiveness of PGP Protein Isolate by taking it in combination with other sports supplements. This can be creatine, amino acid complexes, pre-workouts, etc. Since the product contains only whey protein, it can be taken on an ongoing basis without using a cyclic scheme.

Most often, ectomorphs lack the energy value that supplements of this type have. To solve this problem, you can, as mentioned above, use milk to dissolve the powder. In addition, it is possible to add fruits, honey, etc. to the cocktail.

Protein Isolate PGP - Experienced Athletes Reviews

Athlete Takes PGP Protein Isolate

The company actively cooperates with many famous athletes in our country. Therefore, even despite the young age of the manufacturer, you can get feedback on the supplement from professionals. Agree, they are more weighty in comparison with the opinion of ordinary fitness lovers. None of the athletes gave negative feedback on the PGP isolate. The athletes noted the high quality of workmanship and efficiency in their statements.

If we talk about cost, then the additive is somewhat cheaper than the products of well-known world brands, but at the same time it is not inferior to them in quality. We also note the good taste of the additive.If you don't want to consume a flavored product, a pure protein option is also available. We can state that another excellent product has appeared on the domestic market. It is even more pleasant to realize that manufacturers from our country can also make good products.

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