Gainer PGP review

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Gainer PGP review
Gainer PGP review

Find out if you should use PGP Gainer to build muscle and increase strength, in-depth review from the bodybuilding pros. Gainer PGP is a mixture of carbohydrates and protein compounds and is designed for mass gain. The product is produced by the young company PowerGymProduct. It was created in 2013, and at first it bore the name "World of Sports". However, a year later, the company's management decided to change the name. If at first all the manufacturer's products were a simple package of German additives, now PowerGymProduct is developing a recipe on its own. Gainer PGP is packaged in packs weighing 2.76 kilos.

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Elements included in Gainer PGP

To assess the quality of a gainer, you need to carefully study its composition. A distinctive feature of the product is the presence of only slow carbohydrates, represented by corn starch. Since Gainer PGP contains no sugar, the likelihood of side effects such as bloating is excluded.

Note that the product is intended for gaining high quality muscle mass. One serving of the supplement is 120 grams and contains about 24 grams of protein compounds and 84 grams of carbohydrates. The amount of fat per serving is 4.8 grams. It is necessary to say about the indicator of the energy value of the gainer - 474 calories.

As you can see, this is a great product for ectomorphs. Let's also note the main ingredients of the supplement: corn starch, concentrate of whey-type protein compounds, lecithin, flavor. Also note that cocoa powder is included in the additive with certain flavors.

What effects should you expect from Gainer PGP?

Bodybuilder holds an open can of Gainer PGP in his hands

The product has a lot of positive properties, of which we have highlighted the most important:

  1. The ability to quickly gain high-quality dry mass.
  2. Increase in power parameters.
  3. Regeneration processes are accelerated.
  4. The feeling of fullness lasts for a long time.
  5. Workout efficiency increases.

Today, every athlete knows what a gainer is for. However, it is worth recalling that this type of sports nutrition should be used only by ectomorphs. If you are inclined to be overweight, then this product is not suitable for you, although it contains only slow carbohydrates. The only time for its use for endomorphs may be the pre-workout period. This will increase the energy reserve of the body, and the lesson will be more intense. Although, high-calorie gainers should be used only by ectomorphs.

How to take Gainer PGP correctly?

Filled Gainer PGP container

Depending on the task at hand, Gainer PGP can be taken in an amount of one to two servings throughout the day. Also, when determining the required daily dosage of the product, the amount of protein compounds by carbohydrates entering the body from other sources should be taken into account.

To make a cocktail, pour about 0.3 liters of milk or water into a shaker, then add a portion of the powder. You just have to mix the ingredients to get a homogeneous mass. You can take Gainer PGP in the morning, 60 minutes before the start of the training, or half an hour after its completion. On weekends, use the supplement in between main meals.

To get the best possible results from this supplement, you can combine it with other types of sports nutrition, such as creatine or BCAAs. Since the product contains only high quality natural ingredients, it can be used on a regular basis. The only point here is the need to control your appearance. If you notice an increase in fat mass, you need to reduce the dosage.

Gainer PGP: reviews from experienced athletes

Gainer PGP packaging and athlete silhouette on white background

Note that the manufacturing company cooperates with many well-known domestic athletes.Gainer PGP appeared on the sports food market recently, but the above mentioned fact gives us the opportunity to talk about the quality of the product. None of the athletes expressed negative reviews about Gainer PGP. The athletes noted the high quality of workmanship and efficiency in their statements.

The flavor of the additive is at a high level and two new fragrances have recently appeared on the market. If we talk about cost, then the additive is somewhat cheaper than the products of well-known world brands, but at the same time it is not inferior to them in quality.

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