Phenotropil in bodybuilding: strength and endurance

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Phenotropil in bodybuilding: strength and endurance
Phenotropil in bodybuilding: strength and endurance

Find out which drugs in the non-steroidal category will best help you develop incredible strength and endurance. Phenotropil is a nootropic and has psychostimulating, antihypoxic, anticonvulsant and antihypertensive properties. In addition, the drug produces an adaptogenic property on the body for any type of stress. With its help, it is possible to prevent overloading of the nervous system and normalize the work of the sympathoadrenal system. This has been confirmed in animal and human studies. Now you will learn how you can use Phenotropil for strength and endurance.

What is Phenotropil used for in sports?

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Since it is a stimulant, the use of Phenotropil for strength and endurance by athletes is prohibited and the drug is classified as a doping class. Two Russian athletes were disqualified for using the nootropic: Olga Pyleva (2006) and Roman Usov (2008). If you focus on the reviews of athletes about the drug, then Phenotropil belongs to that small group of medications that really work.

Within a couple of days from the moment you start taking it, you will definitely see results. First of all, this is noticeable in the increase in endurance and physical activity is much easier to carry. Most often, athletes start taking Phenotropil for strength and endurance about a week before the start of the competition. However, you should not use it during the period of weight gain, since the agent is capable of suppressing appetite and has a positive effect on lipolysis processes.

We said that the drug belongs to the group of nootropics, which involves improving brain activity. This is exactly what happens in practice, which makes the use of Phenotropil a very effective remedy for active mental activity. Thanks to the drug, a person is able to quickly assimilate new information.

Pharmacological properties of Phenotropil

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The drug is characterized by a strong antiamnesic effect and this helps to improve the integrative activity of the brain, consolidates memory and increases concentration. We have already said that under the influence of the drug, new information is absorbed much faster, which is associated with the acceleration of the transmission of nerve impulses. In addition, the agent increases the resistance of the cellular structures of the brain to the effects of toxins and oxygen deficiency.

In addition to all of the above, we note the presence of anxiolytic and anticonvulsant effects, improves human mood and regulates the production of neurotransmitters. Among all the properties of the drug, it is necessary to separately highlight the ability to improve blood circulation in the brain, stimulate redox reactions and, thanks to better utilization of glucose, increase the body's energy reserves.

Under the influence of Phenotropil, the production of serotonin, norepinephrine and adrenaline increases. Since the drug has a stimulating effect, the concentration of GABA and the receptors of this neurotransmitter is not affected. In the course of research, scientists also did not reveal the ability of the drug to affect the spontaneous bioelectric activity of the brain.

Also, the effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems has not been established, but an insignificant diuretic effect was found. If you use the drug in courses, then anorexigenic activity is actively manifested. The stimulating properties of Phenotropil are mainly associated with human motor reactions and an increase in performance.As mentioned above, Phenotropil is used in sports for strength and endurance.

But the psychostimulating properties of the drug are manifested in a slightly different area. Under the influence of the drug, the pain threshold increases, which suggests the presence of analgesic properties. Since Phenotropil helps to reduce fatigue and increases the body's resistance to physical and psychological stress, there are adaptogenic properties. Also, on the course, the body is able to quickly adapt to extreme conditions, for example, low temperatures.

When using a nootropic, an improvement in the functioning of the organs of vision is often observed. It was already mentioned above about the ability of Phenotropil to improve blood circulation in the brain and a similar effect is manifested in the lower extremities. When an antigen is injected into the body, the drug accelerates the synthesis of antibodies, but this does not increase the rate of fast-type hypersensitivity and does not change the allergic reaction of the skin. Also an important advantage of Phenotropil is the absence of dependence and the development of tolerance to the drug during prolonged course of therapy.

When should you use Phenotropil?

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Recall that athletes use Phenotropil for strength and endurance. However, nootropic is actively used in medicine. Moreover, there are a lot of indications for the use of a nootropic in this area:

  • Various diseases of the central nervous system.
  • Vascular disease.
  • Impaired blood circulation in the brain.
  • High intoxication.
  • Decreased intellectual ability.
  • Neurotic states, accompanied by lethargy and exhaustion.
  • Psychomotor dysfunctions.
  • Memory impairment.
  • Improving the learning process.
  • Depression of the moderate as well as mild stage.
  • Psychoorganic symptoms.
  • Convulsions.
  • For the prevention of hypoxia.
  • With obesity.
  • Alcoholism in the chronic stage.
  • Increasing physical and intellectual activity.

How to use Phenotropil for strength and endurance?

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First, let's talk about when the drug cannot be used. Firstly, when the kidneys and liver function are impaired. Secondly, with complex arterial hypertension. You should also refrain from taking a nootropic for atherosclerosis, acute psychotic conditions, accompanied by psychomotor agitation and during pregnancy.

The drug is practically free of side effects, although they do occur. If the drug is taken shortly before bedtime, then insomnia is possible. You must remember that this is a psychostimulant. Psychomotor agitation and an increase in blood pressure are also possible. The drug is taken after meals, and a one-time dosage is from 01 to 250 grams. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 0.75 grams, and we recommend taking the drug twice a day. When Phenotropil is combined with antidepressants and other psychostimulants, the effectiveness of the course increases. However, remember that the risk of developing side effects in such a situation increases.

What other drugs can increase endurance?

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Every athlete strives to increase endurance, because in this case, you can get the best results in training. If you are not happy with your endurance indicator, then first of all pay attention to creatine. This is one of the most popular sports supplements and it works one hundred percent.

Surely many sports fans remember the scandals with the use of Mildronate in early 2016. This drug has not just been ranked as doping and is able to really increase endurance. Note that in some countries it is prohibited for sale.

Almost any drug that accelerates the process of hematopoiesis can increase endurance. This is understandable, because the more blood in the body, the more oxygen the tissues receive.Erythropoietin, which is also banned in sports, is used most often in sports. By and large, the hematogen, which many remember from childhood, can increase endurance for a short time.

Of the available preparations, we note vitamin C and caffeine. If you constantly feel tired, then you should not immediately seek medication. It is better to try to identify the cause of this phenomenon and then take certain actions.

It is also necessary to say about the bemitil. This is another very effective psychostimulant that is increasingly being used by athletes. In terms of properties, this tool is in many ways similar to the Phenotropil considered by us today, which is actively used for strength and endurance.

Many athletes call Bemitil an indirect anabolic. Do not think that it belongs to the steroid group or has an anabolic effect. Since the drug allows you to increase endurance, the intensity of the training increases. It is quite obvious that in such a situation, the body's response to physical activity will be much higher in comparison with the usual activity. The desire of athletes to improve their performance with the help of various medications is understandable. However, it must be remembered that any drug has a certain set of side effects.

We are not trying to dissuade you from using them, but only want to warn about possible negative consequences. If you use medications in accordance with the instructions, then the benefits will be obvious. Unfortunately, many bodybuilding enthusiasts don't think about it. If in the case of pro-builders, a decrease in attention to their health is obvious, then at the amateur level such an attitude is unacceptable.

In conclusion, I would like to say once again that Phenotropil can be extremely effective for strength and endurance. To do this, you must take it in accordance with the instructions. Also, do not forget about proper nutrition, because about 50 percent of your success depends on it.

What else you need to know about Phenotropil, see this video:

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