Application of Bemitil in sports and bodybuilding

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Application of Bemitil in sports and bodybuilding
Application of Bemitil in sports and bodybuilding

Find out how to increase your performance and endurance by using non-steroidal drugs in bodybuilding. Bemitil is a powerful psychostimulant that can improve performance and the body's ability to endure serious physical activity. The drug has been studied well enough and is actively used in medicine. Also Bemitil in sports and bodybuilding is becoming more and more popular, and soon you will understand the reasons for this phenomenon.

Beneficial Effects of Bemitil in Sports and Bodybuilding

Bemitil properties

The drug is available in tablet form, like its counterparts. Bemitil is a nootropic and has antihypoxic, regenerative, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. Under the influence of the drug, the processes of RNA production are activated, and then protein compounds. These processes also take place in the immune system, which forces the body to synthesize more protective enzymes.

The rate of production of substances necessary for gluconeogenesis also increases, which contributes to an increase in working capacity, since the body's energy reserves increase. It is also necessary to note here the rapid utilization of lactic acid, which, as you remember, causes muscle fatigue. Bemitil is also popular in sports and bodybuilding due to its ability to provide a more efficient resynthesis of carbohydrates.

We noted that under the influence of the drug, the production of protein compounds, including structural ones, is accelerated. In addition, the rate of production of mitochondrial enzymes increases, which makes it possible to increase the number of these organelles and make them work more efficiently.

You probably know that mitochondria are responsible for the oxidation of fatty acids for energy, as well as the phospholation reaction. All this leads to the maintenance of high ATP levels even in conditions of oxygen deficiency. If you use the drug correctly, then the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes will be accelerated, which will allow the body to effectively fight free radicals.

Let's highlight the main effects from all of the above, thanks to which Bemitil is used quite actively in sports and bodybuilding:

  1. The body becomes more resistant to serious physical exertion and other harmful external factors. For example, stress.
  2. The efficiency increases.
  3. Regenerative processes are accelerated.
  4. There is no psychomotor effect.

The duration of the drug is 4-6 hours and this is an excellent indicator. The fact is that during the first three hours Bemitil is gaining momentum and the strength of its effect on the body is steadily growing. Thus, you only need to apply the drug once before training.

Often, Bemitil in sports and bodybuilding is used in courses and in this situation, during the first five days, a therapeutic effect is noted. If the duration of the course is long and high dosages are used, then already on the tenth day, cumulation can be observed. However, for all its merits, Bemitil is a medication, which implies the presence of not only positive, but also negative effects. Most often this is the appearance of pain in the liver, as well as in the stomach. Headaches, rhinitis, nausea, etc. are much less common.

If you have any side effects, then, depending on their strength, you need to reduce the dose, or completely abandon the use of the drug. We strongly recommend using Bemitil in strict accordance with the instructions. If consumed in high dosages, serious problems are possible.

How to properly use Bemitil in sports and bodybuilding?

Bemitil in packaging

Thanks to its powerful regenerative and stimulating effects, Bemitil is used in sports and bodybuilding today even more often in comparison with traditional medicine. Surely, if you are reading this article, you need a tool that has similar properties.

Here are the situations in which the use of Bemitil is fully justified:

  1. Increase or restoration of working capacity.
  2. During the period of powerful physical exertion and during hypoxia.
  3. When the body is working in extreme conditions.
  4. It is allowed to use the drug in certain situations during the development of infectious diseases.
  5. Intoxication and treatment of somatic diseases.
  6. Before surgery and in the postoperative period.

In addition, according to the instructions, this tool can be useful for accelerating adaptation to extreme factors, improving blood circulation in the brain, for treating meningitis or encephalitis, as well as for memory impairment.

As you can see, this is a rather unique drug and the reasons why Bemitil is actively used in sports and bodybuilding are quite understandable. However, he has some contraindications, like any medication. You can not use Bemitil in the following cases:

  1. Arrhythmia.
  2. Disorders in the liver.
  3. Hypoglycemia and glaucoma.
  4. Arterial hypertension.
  5. Ischemic heart disease.
  6. Individual intolerance to the active ingredient of the drug.
  7. Pregnancy and lactation period.

Let's talk about how to get the most out of Bemitil in sports and bodybuilding. The classic regimen for taking the drug is to consume 0.25 grams twice a day. This should be done after eating. Note that the recommended dose can be increased, but not more than threefold. In such a situation, it is recommended to take 0.25 grams in the morning, and the remaining 500 milligrams at lunch.

If the athlete's body weight exceeds 80 kilos, then the drug can be used during the day for a maximum of one gram. Moreover, this must be done in two steps. The duration of the course for athletes is most often five days, after which it is necessary to rest for at least two days and continue the cycle. This will avoid side effects and increase the effectiveness of the product, as the receptors can be restored.

Let's take the liberty of giving some more useful recommendations to athletes who want to get the maximum effect from using this tool:

  • Athletes should take the drug 60 minutes before exercise and, if necessary, repeat it 6–8 hours later.
  • The combination of Bemitil with antihypoxants, asparkam, glutamic acid and antioxidants will increase the effectiveness of the drugs.

In addition to all of the above, it should be noted that taking the nootropic in the evening is not recommended. If you plan to use Bemitil over a long period of time, then you must use a nutrition program that contains a lot of carbohydrates.

Reviews about Bemitil

Pills in the palm of your hand

You have already understood the reasons for the popularity of the drug among athletes. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews left by athletes on the network. Note that there are many professional athletes among them. All the above described effects are confirmed by the practical use of the drug.

We mentioned that this remedy is well studied and there are no secrets left for scientists. For athletes, it is extremely important not only to increase performance, but also to increase cellular metabolism. These concepts have a certain relationship. Everyone knows that the process of gluconeogenesis takes place in the liver and partly in the kidney cortex. It is a reaction of resynthesis of carbohydrates from their metabolites, some amines and glycerol.

This leads to the appearance of a large number of substances that must be removed from the cells in a short time, and then excreted from the body. Bemitil makes it possible to achieve this. Today, much is known about lactic acid. It is this substance that causes muscle fatigue and thereby leads to a decrease in performance.

Under the influence of the drug, the gluconeogenesis process proceeds much faster, which implies the active use of lactic acid for energy. Another factor in increasing endurance. After reading the reviews of the builders, you will be convinced that this is exactly what happens in practice. A high concentration of lactic acid can be judged by the burning sensation in the muscle tissues. Athletes say that when using Bemitil, very often it does not come to this, because lactate is processed during gluconeogenesis.

As you know, the body needs oxygen to obtain energy, but during strength training it becomes deficient. Thanks to the use of Bemitil, the body becomes less demanding on oxygen and at the same time the heat production decreases. It should be admitted that the exact mechanism of these processes has not yet been studied.

Although the drug does not have strong anabolic properties, it indirectly produces this type of effect. This is primarily due to the possibility of increasing the intensity of the training. As a result, the body's hormonal response to classes is significantly higher. This fact also found confirmation in the responses of athletes. Thus, we can safely say that the drug is an anabolic agent of indirect action.

There is no doubt that you are interested in this drug. With high efficiency, it practically does not cause side effects and has no contraindications. After reading what you read, do not be surprised that it is actively used by professionals. Do not forget that under the influence of the drug, blood circulation in the brain is normalized, and memory also improves. These properties in relation to athletes can be considered additional, but in fact they are extremely important.

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