MTOR activation in bodybuilding

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MTOR activation in bodybuilding
MTOR activation in bodybuilding

Learn how mTOR is used to protein synthesis and activation to build powerful muscle mass. Every athlete knows. That in order to gain mass, it is necessary to accelerate the synthesis of protein compounds in muscle tissues. However, this is a complex process and several approaches can be used to solve the problem. Today we will show you how to use mTOR activators in bodybuilding.

mTOR - what is it?

MTOR functions

First you need to understand what mTOR is. Agree, if you do not understand the purpose of this or that substance and the mechanisms of its work in the body, then it will be quite difficult to achieve positive results. Only by understanding the problem can you solve it. When talking about how mTOR activators are used in bodybuilding, you need to understand what the targeting substance is.

mTOR is an intracellular protein structure capable of regulating the process of muscle tissue hypertrophy. If we move away from scientific terms and go to the language accessible to the common man, then mTOR acts as a signaling substance that starts the process of synthesizing protein compounds in the muscles.

At the moment, the most effective mTOR activators in bodybuilding are amino acids and especially BCAA. At the same time, scientists continue to work on the creation of more effective substances that can trigger the production of mTOR and thereby activate the reactions of muscle tissue hypertrophy.

In simple terms, this protein is a kind of indicator of the well-being of cellular structures. As soon as the mTOR is “sure” that the cell is receiving enough nutrition, it sends a signal to genes, which have nothing else to do but activate the hypertrophy process. The state of cellular structures is assessed by the concentration of insulin, amines in it, as well as the presence of growth factors. When all of the above substances are in the required concentration, mTOR starts working. From the foregoing, we can conclude that properly organized nutrition is in many ways an activator of mTOR.

BCAA - a powerful mTOR activator in bodybuilding


Now the amines of the BCAA group are heard by every fan of bodybuilding. A lot of words have been said about them and this is one of the few sports supplements that definitely works. When talking about mTOR activators in bodybuilding, leucine should be considered first. It is this amine that can act as actively as possible on mTOR.

It should be noted that different strength movements do not have the same effect on protein metabolism in muscle tissues:

  1. Exercises to develop endurance - reduce the anabolic background, while increasing the catabolic, which leads to the breakdown of protein compounds in the muscles.
  2. Exercises for the mass - at the same time, the rate of production and decay of protein compounds increases.

Both cases considered above have one thing in common - a negative balance of protein compounds. Simply put, in the short term, any physical exercise leads to the breakdown of muscle proteins. At the same time, in the long term, the mass increases or remains.

It has been proven that after the end of the exercise, in order to shift the balance of proteins in a positive direction, it is necessary to take protein compounds, in particular, amines of the BCAA group. Until the leucine is in the body, the balance of protein compounds will be negative.

Leucine can be called a unique amine that is able to start the synthesis of protein compounds. In the course of research, it was found that leucine is about ten times more active in affecting protein synthesis compared to other amines.To understand what this is connected with, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in more detail with the processes that are activated under the influence of this substance.

It is well established that the amine is capable of acting on mTOR, the target of rapamycin, which is found in the cellular structures of all mammals. We can confidently consider mTOR as an amine receptor, which is sensitive to the effects of leucine. As soon as the concentration of BCAA decreases, then mTOR sends a signal about the deficiency of cellular nutrition, and after that it is deactivated. If the level of leucine is high, then the opposite process occurs.

How does mTOR activation work?

MTOR activation mechanism

It must be admitted that scientists are not completely sure about the mechanisms of mTOR activation. However, it is known for sure that this protein compound is very sensitive to the concentration of ATP and leucine. This suggests that with a decrease in ATP levels, mTOR is also deactivated. Scientists are now suggesting that mTOR activators in bodybuilding work through two different mechanisms.

1st mTOR activation mechanism

The binding protein compound 4E-BP1 is phosphorylated and then inactivated. At the moment when this protein is active, it interacts with another protein compound - eIF4E, which is also called an initiating factor. In this case, the synthesis of the new compound eIF4E * eIF4G is prohibited.

This complex is essential for activating the process of protein synthesis in muscle tissue. In other words, mTOR triggers the process of inactivation of 4E-BP, which leads to the creation of the substance eIF4E * eIF4G. This is the simplest scheme for the operation of this mechanism and it makes no sense to go into subtleties.

2nd activation mechanism of mTOR

mTOR acts on the ribosomal protein junction S6, thereby increasing the production of several components of the protein synthesis chain. As a result, we can say that mTOR is not only capable of starting the process of producing protein compounds, but also increasing its potential.

If you forget about science and go to simple language, then you can draw certain conclusions from all of the above. First, you need to decide which mTOR activators are best used in bodybuilding - protein compounds or leucine (BCAA). According to the results of numerous studies, it can be said that even with the use of a sufficient amount of protein compounds, leucine, as an mTOR activator in bodybuilding, is more preferable.

In this regard, I would like to talk about one study that was conducted relatively recently. The subjects were divided into three groups and they all trained for 45 minutes. After completing the lesson, representatives of different groups consumed carbohydrates with protein compounds, only carbohydrates, as well as proteins with BCAA, and again carbohydrates.

As a result, scientists stated that in the third group, who consumed not only carbohydrates with protein, but also BCAA, the rate of catabolic reactions sharply decreased. It is quite possible that the results obtained can be explained by an increase in the peak concentration of BCAA in the blood, since these amines were taken in pure form.

It will take a long time to achieve a similar result only through the use of protein compounds, because the nutrient must first be processed and then absorbed. This suggests that the concentration of amines in this situation increases slowly. Even if you've consumed whey proteins, it may take a couple of hours for the peak leucine concentration to rise.

In turn, when BCAA is used in its pure form, leucine will be quickly delivered to the blood. An increase in the peak concentration of amine in the blood leads to a rapid increase in the level of the substance and in cellular structures. Only after this can the anabolic chain, which we talked about above, be activated.

We concluded that leucine is able to activate and accelerate the production of protein compounds due to the activation of mTOR and phosphorylation of the eIF4G protein. It is leucine that is the most powerful stimulant in comparison with other amines. Scientists have found that even relatively small doses of BCAA can trigger the protein production process. And this applies not only to additives in their pure form, but also to food.

How to use mTOR activators in bodybuilding?

The athlete prepares an energy cocktail

Since we have established that the most powerful mTOR activator in bodybuilding is leucine, it is worth talking about the rules for using BCAA. The best choice for you is the use of this supplement before the start of the session, during the training, and also after its completion.

We recommend making an energy cocktail by adding a couple of tablespoons of sugar to the water besides BCAA. Drinking the resulting drink is essential during training, which will allow you to simultaneously replenish the supply of water, energy and amines. We have already noted that the body experiences the greatest need for leucine precisely during the lesson and after its completion.

If your budget allows, then you can take the supplement before bed to suppress catabolic reactions. Otherwise casein can be used. Experiments have shown that BCAAs will be effective when combined with protein mixtures.

It should also be noted that BCAAs should be used not only during the period of mass gain, but also during weight loss. The scheme for using the additive is similar to that discussed above. Recall that during training, it is necessary to take a soluble form in order to accelerate the delivery of amines to tissues. By using BCAA while fighting obesity, you will be able to maintain muscle, which is extremely important. You only need to get rid of fat and leucine will help you achieve maximum results. That's all the information you might need to know about mTOR activators in bodybuilding.

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