L-carnitine - what it is and why you should take it

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L-carnitine - what it is and why you should take it
L-carnitine - what it is and why you should take it

Want to know what nutritional supplements professional athletes use to achieve their goals? How to quickly prepare your body for the beach season? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our article on L-carnitine. The promotion of an athletic lifestyle is producing positive results. Sooner or later, any visitor to the fitness room will want to speed up the process of losing weight or gaining muscle mass. A wide range of additives in the form of powder, liquid and tablets is presented to the consumer.

The choice directly depends on the result you want to achieve. Someone wants to shine in short tops, showing the perfect abs. Some people want to lift the bar and not feel tired for a long time. Developers of sports nutrition offer a special drug for everyone. Today we propose to stop your attention on L-carnitine.

L-carnitine - what is it and why use it?

L-carnitine or levocarnitine - what is this taco

It should be noted right away that this is a natural substance. In another way, L-carnitine is called vitamin B11, T or - Levocarnitine. The main action of the substance is aimed at the synthesis of cells of the human body. It fights fatty acids by transferring them to mitochondria. There they are processed, turning into free energy that must be used. If you do not fight harmful acids, then they remain in the blood and turn into fat.

With a lack of L-carnitine, the body becomes vulnerable, and rapid fatigability is felt. During physical exertion, muscle tissue is destroyed and a person gets tired. L-carnitine allows you to take energy from unnecessary reserves of the fat layer.

In addition, Levocarnitine has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole:

  • Brain activity is activated.
  • The efficiency increases.
  • The work of the digestive system is normalized.
  • Overweight is reduced.
  • A hormone of joy is produced, a person's mood rises.
  • You can easily recover from prolonged withdrawal from sports activities.
  • There is an increase in muscle mass.

Weight loss does not happen at a rapid pace. The body naturally begins to lose those extra pounds without stress or exhaustion. This is a positive factor, since rapid weight loss negatively affects the nervous system and the functioning of the digestive tract.

How to take L-carnitine and are there any contraindications?

How to take L-carnitine

L-carnitine is a substance that every person needs. Deficiency can cause heart disease, anemia, and memory impairment. It can be obtained naturally through raw meat, chicken eggs, and milk. They don't have enough L-carnitine to help you burn excess weight.

It is best to combine the intake of the vitamin substance with intense training in the gym. For beginner athletes, it is best to opt for Liquid L-Carnitine, which will start releasing energy almost immediately. It is recommended to drink it before training on an empty stomach, the dose should be 500 g (this is the initial indicator typical for newly minted athletes).

Professional athletes choose capsules, they start to work after some time. The athlete manages to do an intense warm-up and the first approaches of the main exercise. Usually the dose does not exceed 1500 mg. Of course, athletes individually calculate the dose, taking into account the indicators of mass and endurance. In any case, you must carefully study the instructions that are enclosed in each drug.

L-carnitine supplementation did not show any adverse effects.An exception may be individual intolerance. If you are using drugs for the first time, then carefully monitor your condition. In case of discomfort and discomfort, it is recommended to consult a doctor and stop using L-carnitine. Video about L-carnitine:

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