Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

History of the holiday. Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day: Best Gift Ideas, Tips & Tricks.

A Valentine's Day gift is a great opportunity to show your loved one your love. You can do something nice to anyone: your boyfriend (girlfriend), girlfriend, mom or sister, but at least your parents do not care. The main thing is to show that you have a pure feeling of absolute love for a person.

History of the celebration of Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day

It is not known for certain where it came from. Most likely, people in troubled times wanted romance and something pleasant, so they came up with a story that was passed from mouth to mouth for a long time. Although there is still a real background, at least the Christian preacher Valentin existed (Valentin Internamsky).

Today the holiday is considered Catholic. Although the Orthodox can also celebrate it. However, it does not apply to the obligatory ones: on February 14, the church celebrates the day of Cyril and Methodius.

Like any romantic holiday, Valentine's Day has overgrown with numerous legends over time, so it's not possible to find out exactly what really triggered its celebration.

According to one of the legends, the Emperor Claudius II, who ruled in 268-270 AD, was concerned that the influx of soldiers into his army was too small, and therefore forbade the young men to marry. At the same time, Valentine, a Christian preacher and doctor-healer, also lived. Despite the ban of the emperor, he married lovers until his secret was revealed. Valentine was imprisoned and sentenced to death. On the eve of her, he gave a note to the prison guard, which was intended for his blind daughter. It contained words of love and a sprig of saffron. When the girl took her in hand, she regained her sight.

In 496, February 14 was declared Valentine's Day. And Pope Gelasius himself proclaimed it. Valentine was declared a Christian martyr and canonized.

Features of choosing a gift for Valentine's Day

How to choose at for Valentine's Day

Choosing a present has always been difficult. How not to cross the line beyond which just a friend turns into a future wife or just a boyfriend turns into a potential groom? It's simple: do not give erotic gizmos and gifts with similar connotations. Well, very expensive presents can put your friend or acquaintance in an awkward position, obliging them to pay in the future.

If the relationship is not one year old and their termination is not expected, you can give anything you want - from humorous family panties with images of poses from the Kamasutra to banal shaving foam and a trimmer for plucking hair in the nose.

Gifts for a guy for Valentine's Day:

  • The gadget is perhaps the best solution. Any guy will love a wireless headphone, action camera or quadcopter. And also Powerbank will definitely not be superfluous.
  • Game console: for some, it is much more priority than a technological gadget, although it costs more. But if you have been with your boyfriend for a long time and are planning to live together, and maybe create a family, why not pamper your "boy"? Both guys and men - a spark of childishness always burns in their souls, and therefore they will not refuse to play even on the threshold of their 70th birthday.
  • Snowboard + safety helmet is the perfect gift if the guy is passionate about sports. In order not to get into a mess, carefully find out what he needs. Maybe instead of a snowboard, he will be delighted with skates or a hockey stick.

It does not hurt to think about a pair of trinkets - mugs in the shape of a heart or hugs or large "heart" pillows. Each of them should contain your joint photo.

Choosing a gift for a man on Valentine's Day is easy. Even a grown man in his 40s is still a boy at heart.Present him with a radio-controlled helicopter. He will definitely be delighted. If your man smokes, let a hookah be his Valentine's gift. Choose the most beautiful one and don't forget about the tobacco blends. And a real exam for a woman is a gift of interests. If you still don't know what your loved one is interested in, it's time to ask.

A gift for a girl on Valentine's Day depends on her occupation:

  • Present a mouse in rhinestones, a webcam or a heart-shaped flash drive to the one who spends most of the time at the computer.
  • With a girl who loves to travel, go on an exciting fantasy quest.
  • Present your camera to someone whose life is entirely devoted to creating beautiful photographs.
  • Anyone will be pleased to sit with their boyfriend in a cafe. Well, so please her with it. And do not forget about flowers and sweets: they can and should be given to women of any age, anytime, anywhere.

The choice of gifts for families depends on what the spouses prefer - practical or beautiful and romantic things. In the first case, choose what the person wants: usually it is said about it quite often, so you don't even have to ask additional questions. In the second, get yourself together and dream up a little to make the person pleasant. Well, don't forget the traditional valentine.

Valentine's Day Gift to Husband:

  • toilet water or perfume according to his taste;
  • a gift of interest;
  • romantic dinner for two;
  • going to a restaurant;
  • Erotic massage;
  • the power tool he had dreamed of for a long time.

Gift for wife for Valentine's Day:

  • household appliances that I have been asking for for a long time;
  • jewelry - go to the salon together and choose;
  • theater tickets;
  • buying an evening dress - go to the store only together, otherwise, if you don't guess, the whole holiday will be ruined;
  • elite perfumery.

How expensive should a gift be? We constantly repeat: "A gift is not the main thing, it's all about attention, and how you present this gift." But you must admit, a cheap heart-shaped card presented by a boyfriend to his girlfriend will not be perceived too favorably. It is clear that no one will say to your face: “Listen, dear, such a gift can be given by a little boy to his mother, but not by an adult man to an adult woman,” but he will think unequivocally.

The cost of a gift for any occasion matters, no matter who says anything. Valentine's Day is a litmus test for women in relationships. If your loved one limited himself to one "dead" flower or chocolate, a tiny postcard, think about whether it is worth associating your life with this person.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Traditionally, on February 14, people give each other heart-shaped cards, very tiny, which easily fit in the palm of your hand, or huge, which are difficult to carry through the door, flat or voluminous, with or without inscriptions. What else can you give? The choice is great - gifts for Valentine's Day can be simple, stylish, expensive, tasty, unusual, handmade. Well, do not forget: what can be given to a man is not always suitable for a woman, and vice versa.

Simple gifts

A heart-shaped watch as a simple Valentine's Dayt

Chances are, you've been thinking about regular valentines. But they didn't guess. Simple doesn't mean cheap or primitive. This means that you do not have to search for them or order them online for a long time.

Simple gifts for Valentine's Day can be very different:

  • Mug with a romantic photowhich depicts you and your significant other. This is a classic of the genre that no one will ever exterminate. In addition, the cup will always come in handy on the farm.
  • Glass wall or classic pendant, table or heart-shaped night light… Just don't overdo it: go for a medium size. Although a giant composition can also look very beautiful. But dream up with color, for example, green has a very beneficial effect on the eyes. A heart of luscious grass color - what could be more romantic.If you are not a fan of experimentation, choose a model that glows with a warm yellow-orange light. Many women will love the pink heart. You just have to choose.
  • Huge bouquet of flowers - a gift that is suitable for absolutely any occasion. But you can also experiment. Present your girlfriend, mom or grandmother with a bouquet of chocolate flowers or soft cute toys - they will definitely appreciate it.
  • Many, many heart-shaped balloons - Someone will definitely like this. You can choose regular bubbles (Bables). These balls are perfectly round and transparent. Ask the seller to put a lot of colored foil hearts inside, and then puff. Well, an edging made of a thin glowing led-cord will come in handy.
  • Heart shaped wall clock… The gift is simple, but meaningful, creative and practical. You can find and order handmade watches - it is not only beautiful, but also strong.

Stylish gifts

The figurine as a stylisht for Valentine's Day

It all depends on what you think is stylish. Don't take cheap figurines of cupids with bows and arrows - they look good. A really worthwhile thing - a porcelain figurine of a girl holding a heart in her hands, necessarily made in Italy - is the right stylish gift.

A good option for all times is professional crafts from semi-precious stones. For women - a heart-shaped box made of obsidian, onyx or moonstone, for men - a beer glass with an engraved heart.

Expensive gifts

An expensivet for Valentine's Day

You can't present them to just anyone. It is definitely worth giving a good gift if people love each other and are married. An expensive car or piece of jewelry will be accepted favorably and without any obligation.

The double pendant, consisting of halves of the heart, is an ideal mutual gift for couples who are going to get married.

If a guy (man) plans to propose to a woman on February 14, it is definitely worth presenting a ring with a heart made of diamonds or, at worst, cubic zirconia.

A wonderful gift for a girl, regardless of whether you are planning a long-term relationship with her or not, will be a silver souvenir box with ala Faberge crystals.

Delicious gifts

Delicious Valentine's Dayt

Traditionally, these are sweets, but not ordinary ones, which are sold shortly before the holiday in absolutely all stores, but something like that. For example, here are the handmade kits. True, they are expensive, but what cannot be done for the sake of a loved one.

Delicious Valentine's Day gifts can be purchased or made yourself, such as mousse dessert and marshmallows. It is best to order both delicacies in private patisseries. Here they cook without the use of harmful preservatives and dyes hazardous to health. At your request, you can give cakes and marshmallows any shape, including hearts.

A festive breakfast with your own hands is another option for a delicious gift for Valentine's Day. The preparation is simple - any man can handle:

  1. Using silicone molds-hearts, prepare fried eggs. Sprinkle it with finely chopped green onions. Place on a plate.
  2. Toast heart-shaped toast and place next to it. Decorate everything with fresh dill sprigs.
  3. Serve a portable table: put what you have prepared on it. Don't forget your fork and knife.
  4. If you have a coffee machine, make a latte, cover the cup with a heart-shaped stencil and sprinkle with cocoa powder.
  5. Place a small vase with a red carnation on the table.

A romantic breakfast for your beloved is ready. And don't forget the strawberries with whipped cream - it's always delicious, whether it's a party or not.

Unusual gifts

Salt lamp as an unusualt for Valentine's Day

You can give your loved one anything you want, for example, his dream. If you know well the person to whom you want to please, then go for it.

What is usually given:

  • parachute jump - for extreme sports;
  • horseback riding for horse lovers;
  • to offer a hand and a heart, or even better to register a marriage and celebrate a wedding;
  • a certificate for an elite perfumery store - for ladies;
  • a trip for two to a water park or sauna;
  • a trip to an exhibition of butterflies, if one is held in your city.

Among the ideas for unusual gifts for Valentine's Day stand apart from the salt lamps in the shape of a heart. With their help, you can clean the air in the room: the effect is comparable to a person's stay in a salt healing mine. In addition, such a lamp emits a glow that is pleasing to the eyes, having a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Such a gift can be made on Valentine's Day to a man and a woman of any age, killing two birds with one stone at the same time - to take care of the health of a loved one and make him pleasant. Salt lamps look stylish and really create a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort in a living room.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Handmade cake for Valentine's Day

They are popular with those who do not want to spend money on something significant, but sit for a couple of evenings to make something unnecessary, but so dear to the heart of their beloved (at least they think so), such people do not mind. You can, of course, make a Valentine's Day gift with your own hands. But is it necessary?

If you are over 18 years old and are employed, ditch the idea of ​​making a homemade postcard. Such a gift will be dear only to mom or grandmother. Any adult will throw this piece of paper into the trash can after a while.

However, there are several ideas for quite creative DIY Valentine's Day gifts that your loved ones will definitely like.

If you are good with knitting needles, knit your significant other with socks, a scarf, or a jumper. Decorating them with hearts is optional.

If baking a beautiful cake is easy for you, go for it. And let it be in the shape of a heart: a loved one or beloved will definitely appreciate such a culinary masterpiece.

Make a panel "heart". This is not difficult:

  1. You will need a sheet of plywood (choose the size yourself), small nails (the amount depends on the size of the panel), scarlet, orange, bright pink or any other color of thread, dark paint (black).
  2. Paint the plywood and let it dry.
  3. Draw a heart on a large piece of paper (about the size of a plywood sheet) and carefully cut it out.
  4. Attach to the plywood, fix with buttons so that it does not move, fill in nails along the contour at a distance of about 2.5 cm from each other.
  5. Take away buttons and paper heart.
  6. Now it remains to connect the nails with threads in a chaotic manner.

What to give for Valentine's Day - watch the video:

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