How to celebrate New Year at home

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How to celebrate New Year at home
How to celebrate New Year at home

Scenario for celebrating the New Year at home. Menu options, contests for children and adults, gifts, helpful tips.

The scenario of the New Year at home is an opportunity to celebrate the holiday in an original way, so that it will be remembered for a long time. However, not everyone can think of something interesting and non-trivial. What to do? Turn on your imagination and relax for 10 minutes. Feel like a string of ideas lined up in your brain? All that remains is to put them into practice.

How to organize the New Year at home?

How to organize a New Year at home

As you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it - this is how popular wisdom says. But few today follow it. Most of us are so exhausted from work that we do not have enough energy and time to prepare for this big family holiday.

A woman on December 31 quickly cooks up a couple of ordinary dishes, puts a bottle of champagne on the table - that's the whole New Year. Many do not even consider it necessary to dress beautifully. In the end, who cares how you will celebrate the New Year at home - in shorts and a T-shirt or in a beautiful dress and heels. Nobody will see it anyway.

And such routine lasts throughout the next year, and then the next, and so on ad infinitum. It turns out some kind of groundhog day - it's no wonder to get depressed, especially if the rest of the holidays are the same.

The coming 2020 will be marked by the Rat. This rodent is often kept at home and is loved for its inquisitive, resourceful mind, kind and cheerful disposition, as well as love for games and activity. Rats are easy to learn, quickly learn their nickname and often become the main favorites in a family where there are already other animals.

So it will be extraordinary to meet 2020. You do not want to live the next 366 days in a whirlwind that is bored to hell? That's the same.

Ideas for spending the New Year at home depend on many factors:

  • will there be guests or not;
  • there are children in the family or not;
  • financial capabilities;
  • the size of the living space;
  • place of residence - a private house or apartment;
  • the creativity of the owners of the house.

All points are important. But it's very difficult to take everything into account.

Further, in detail, how to celebrate the New Year at home, so that it is interesting, and what to consider:

  1. Who will come to visit… If there are no invitees, the program of the holiday is one, if someone comes, completely different - much more complicated and with a large number of characters. Spending the New Year at home with children is another story altogether. And if they still want to invite their friends, then you definitely won't be bored, prepare funny contests in advance. Otherwise, the children will get bored, and then they will go to dressing-down - you will put the apartment in order until the end of the New Year holidays. The coolest option is when several families with children come to visit. This is where you will definitely have to try to have a fun New Year at home.
  2. Financial opportunities… This is a sore subject. Those who are wealthy, fantasy is always in full swing. Nothing prevents them from ordering quests for the New Year for the house or the arrival of Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, or even leaving with the children for all the holidays somewhere in warm lands or to a ski resort. Those who are limited in finances will have a hard time. But if you wish, you can always come up with something like that, unusual and bright, or simply different from what has happened over the past few years. Set aside a little money to celebrate the New Year every month. So you don't have to go into a loan or borrow money from friends.
  3. Living space size… He plays a huge role in organizing the New Years at home. If the living area is large, feel free to put the main symbol, a large Christmas tree or pine tree, and decorate it beautifully. Consider 50% already done.If the room is small, you will have to do with other attributes of the holiday - garlands, compositions from Christmas balls and fir branches, and instead of a real Christmas tree, put a small artificial one.
  4. Place of residence… The entire cultural program depends on him. In the apartment you will not roam much. But if you have a private house with a plot, even a small one, the holiday can be held on a grand scale - come up with exciting outdoor games, perhaps even quests, grill barbecue and celebrate the New Year with explosions of the coolest firecrackers or launch a real fireworks into the sky. Just be careful with explosives and always follow the instructions that come with them.
  5. The creativity of the owners of the house… Although all of the above can be considered very important, but if you are not able to generate ideas, then the New Year is in jeopardy. A traditional feast is certainly good. Everyone loves to eat deliciously, and many people love to drink. But only when this happens from year to year, and several times for each holiday, it becomes boring and at some point people begin to avoid visiting. They come up with a lot of excuses: either they are bored, they do not like the holidays, then they do not specifically celebrate the New Year, then there is a lot of work, and therefore they will not do anything, and in general, everything is worse than a steamed turnip - we just want to sleep off. If you recognize yourself, you urgently need to change something. If you don't know how to generate new ideas, then take note of some of our tips, then clothe it in your fantasies and get something original and unlike anything else.

Festive menu for the New Year at home

No matter how anyone claims that they go to visit to communicate, and the table is not needed at all, you can do with tea, without food and the holiday is not a holiday. The menu for the New Year at home is not necessarily the first, second, a mountain of snacks, tea or coffee and tons of pastries, but you will have to try.

Useful New Year's menu

Useful menu for the New Year at home

A feast is not necessarily just junk food. You can cook quite healthy food, which will also be very tasty.

Collect the table depending on the number of people, as well as taking into account their preferences. And don't forget the kids. If they are very small, they are unlikely to benefit from eating salads with mayonnaise or meat under a cheese-mayonnaise coat.

A classic appetizer that does not take any time at all is slicing raw smoked or dry-cured sausages, dried bacon and cheese. For a change, so that guests can taste the food, feeling like gourmets, choose different types of products. If it's cheese, then let it be with walnuts or mold, or Camembert, or some kind of fruit version.

Cut the sausage, bacon and cheese into thinnest slices, lay them beautifully on a plate and decorate with herbs, tomato slices or build something more interesting, for example, a flower, or a rat's face (instead of eyes and nose, put olives, and instead of teeth - a few grains of canned corn).

Such a snack is not useful, even harmful, but once a year you can definitely pamper yourself. But everything else can be eaten and not be afraid that it will become bad.

The garnish is traditionally potatoes. You can cook mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, pour it with butter and serve with finely chopped dill, bake in the oven - whole in a uniform or peeled in halves.

Hot is usually meat or fish. Make stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls or dolma. It is healthy and tasty. If you are planning a large number of guests, you will have to prepare several different dishes. Let the fish stuffed and baked in the oven be the second. Choose a recipe to your taste, also calculate how much time you can spend on cooking

Note! A large dish with vegetables and herbs must be on the table. Get creative and arrange everything as if it were a flower garden. Such a plate can become a table decoration.

Olivier has already set the teeth on edge, besides, he is very high in calories.It is no wonder that many, after the active celebration of the New Year, do not fit into their clothes.

Try some healthy salads:

  • Avocado, boiled chicken eggs, onions and tomatoes… Cut all the ingredients into small pieces, chop the onion into thin half rings and pour with 1 tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil. Place the prepared salad in a large bowl, garnish with lettuce and tomato wedges.
  • Mimosa made from canned tuna (or saury)… You will also need carrots and garlic grated on a fine grater, boiled chicken eggs and a very small amount of mayonnaise. Put all the listed ingredients in a deep plate in layers (grate the proteins on a fine grater), grease each one just a little with mayonnaise (the thickness of the layer is no more than 1 mm). Grate the yolks on a fine grater and sprinkle them on the top of the salad, garnish with dill sprigs. Place the plate in the refrigerator for a few hours.

You can bake something light, like shortbread biscuits, but for a holiday like New Year's, it seems too simple. Alternatively, you can spend the day making a butter roll with poppy seeds. There is no benefit from it, but how tasty it is.

Choose expensive, high-quality tea. It can be pure black or hibiscus, with or without fruit fillings. The aroma of such a drink will create a unique holiday atmosphere. If any of the guests is drinking coffee, make sure that there is at least one can on the table.

There is no place for alcohol on the healthy New Year's menu. Cook the cherry and sea buckthorn compote. It has a very beautiful color and amazing taste. By the way, it is not at all necessary to celebrate the New Year with champagne. Alcohol is contraindicated for the rat, so it will definitely not be offended.

Gourmet New Year's menu

Exquisite menu for the New Year at home

Note that the Rat is an omnivorous rodent. He will gladly eat a piece of meat, delicious cheese, will not refuse baking, although he is not supposed to have it, will bite it all with a piece of apple or pear. In other words, to please the Rat, make the table varied. Let it have snacks, and hot, and tea with something sweet, and fruits and vegetables.

Let's start with the appetizers:

  • sandwiches with black and red caviar;
  • sausage and cheese cuts;
  • cottage cheese snowmen;
  • salad "Rat" (prepared very simply from boiled eggs, hard cheese, garlic and mayonnaise).

Hot dishes:

  • roasted goose with apples or turkey;
  • Wellington beef;
  • meat in French - any of the options, even simple, even complex;
  • New Year's sturgeon;
  • river trout baked in the oven with vegetables.

For garnish - any kind of potatoes. Alternatively, bake it with the trout, or make it one of the layers of French meat.


  • strawberries with cream;
  • pineapple, mango and peach fruit salad;
  • tiramisu;
  • pancho.

There are countless options here. Many people used to cook something tasty, they just abandoned this business over time. In the Year of the Rat, remember your best recipes and cook at least a couple of them - appease the rodent so that the year goes by like clockwork.

If none of the guests have a goal to get drunk to a rat squeal, then prepare a cranberry. This is a delicious drink. You regulate the degrees yourself - you can do both 4 and 15, it all depends on the ratio of vodka and water. You should not make a strong cranberry. Then it's better to buy a cranberry liqueur - on brandy or vodka.


  • Prepare cranberry juice from 1 kg of cranberries, or squeeze juice from berries, and cook compote from cake. Add sugar to taste, but do not overdo it: the characteristic, slightly bitter taste of cranberries does not need to be interrupted. The second option is better.
  • Let the compote cool, then strain it, discard the cake.
  • Next, you need to combine the compote with vodka. To get the strength you need, choose the right ratio yourself.
  • Pour in the cranberry juice, pour the finished cranberries into the bottle and shake well.

Before serving, dip the edges of the glasses in cold water and then dip in a bowl of sugar.Now gently pour in the cranberry. Glasses with candied edges look very beautiful.

Contests for celebrating the New Year at home

New Year's contests at home

There are a great many of them, however, many people frankly do not like them, although they seem to be intended to amuse everyone. But, you must admit, it is not very pleasant for a man to put on a women's nightie, and for a woman, family panties and defile in this all New Year's Eve. Just something similar is suggested by the game "What's in the box?".

The following contests for the New Year for the home will definitely not offend anyone, moreover, they need to be held outdoors, and this is an ideal solution, especially if the feast was very dense:

  • Making a big snowman… The winner is the team with the biggest - fat and tallest.
  • Snow fight… Here you need to prepare a little - mark the site by drawing the center line and those that will limit the playing field.
  • Quest "find the treasure"… Here you need to think over every detail and draw a map. The quest is a kind of puzzle. A person (or a child, or a combined team of adults and children) follows the trail of clues, finds one, reads carefully, searches for the next, and so on until he finds the "treasure".

Indoor contests:

  • Quiz… To come up with it, you will have to study the range of interests of each of the guests. Based on this, make a list of trick questions. Prepare a good gift for the winner.
  • Poems Competition… Mandatory if there are children at the party. Prepare small gifts for everyone.
  • Costume competition… Also for children, although adults, if they want, can participate only in a separate category. Here, too, you cannot do without gifts.

It is quite possible that you will suddenly come up with some kind of entertainment after the arrival of guests, do not be afraid to implement it. Impromptu acts are often more successful than carefully prepared events.

New Year gifts

Gifts for the New Year at home

Without them, nowhere. If you do not know how to spend the New Year at home so that it is not boring, ask your loved ones, as if by chance, what they would like to get from Santa Claus.

We all, even being in old age, believe in a fairy tale, so no one will refuse to crawl under the tree for a gift - neither old nor young. If everyone is in a good mood, the holiday will definitely succeed.

Prepare gifts for your guests too. They don't have to be expensive, just a little courtesy is enough. If families with children come to visit, collect sweet gifts for them - loose sweets plus tangerines.

Helpful Tips for Celebrating New Years at Home

Celebrating new year at home

What unites generations? If you know well the interests of your family and those who will come to visit you, then there will definitely be no problems. Arrange several joint competitions, sing along to karaoke - let the adults sing along with the children, fight in snowballs, ride down the slides on sleds or ice sleds. Here's an interesting New Year at home.

The feast is mandatory, but it is better for children to set a separate table, serve it beautifully and prepare a children's menu - healthy, although you cannot do without sweets here. Try to accommodate the tastes of the little guests so that everyone is happy.

Prepare a place for children to play, think over what they need for this. To keep them busy for a long time, while adults are sitting at the table, ask them to cut out as many different snowflakes as possible and scatter them around the room. The challenge for adults will be to find as many of them as possible. Here's another completely harmless and fun joint competition for you.

New Year's Eve for adults at home is, for the most part, an opportunity to meet friends with whom you have not seen for a long time, have a heart-to-heart talk, remember something, have a good meal and take a break from work. Competitions are quite appropriate if the majority of guests are in the mood for them. If people just want to relax and be in a cozy home environment, do not try to artificially cheer them up.Just give everyone a small gift - it will cheer you up and show how dear these people are to you.

Now you can imagine how to celebrate New Year at home differently from usual. Take any idea as a basis and go for it. If you don't know how to cook, then it's time to learn - choose a few simple dishes and go. This is not as scary as it seems at first glance. New Year at home with your family - what could be better, and gifts will cheer everyone up and fill the holiday with happiness and love.

How to celebrate the New Year at home - watch the video:

There is nothing left until 2020. Hurry up: prepare for his meeting to be fully prepared. Remember, the Rat is an inquisitive animal, so let the holiday be intellectual. Holiday greetings!

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