What to wear for a corporate party for the New Year 2020

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What to wear for a corporate party for the New Year 2020
What to wear for a corporate party for the New Year 2020

Features of choosing an outfit, what to wear for a corporate party for the New Year 2020, colors and patterns. How to choose shoes, accessories and jewelry?

A corporate outfit for the New Year is a special thing. Choosing one can be as difficult as a first date dress. You need to impress, but not seem frivolous. Feel 100% attractive, but not at the expense of comfort. Take into account fashion trends and circumstances if you have to celebrate, for example, after a full working day. There are many conditions, but they are all feasible.

Features of choosing a New Year's outfit

Anyone who thinks that it costs nothing to decide on the color and style of an outfit for a New Year's corporate party, simply never had to make a choice, focusing on three strict critics at once: fashion trends of the outgoing year, their own color type and inclinations of the totem animal of the Eastern calendar, who also want correspond. Who knows, suddenly the right tones will tilt the hostess of 2020, the White Metal Rat, to your side, and the promotion will not be long in coming?

Color spectrum

Black dress for a New Year's corporate party

Fortunately, at the end of 2019, fashion designers and the heavenly rodent agreed on their opinions, announcing the shades of gold, silver and gray of varying saturation to be super relevant. And given that it is not the director's birthday that is to be celebrated, but the noisiest and funniest holiday of the year, you can afford something that would seem inappropriate on any other day.

How to choose the color of your New Year's outfit:

  • Do you want to shine? Feel free to make a choice in favor of sparkling, like the armor of an Amazon, metallized material, sequins and rhinestones.
  • Do you want to win hearts with strict elegance? Your choice is burgundy, emerald, sea wave, lilac, deep purple and lilac color.
  • Are you planning to appear in front of others in the role of a fatal beauty? Dare to blaze red. True, some astrologers say that the Rat does not like the shades of fire, but for this color the rodent will definitely make an exception, it is too powerfully charged energetically, which will obviously appeal to a businesslike animal.
  • Less defiant, but joyful and attractive orange color of calm tones and rich yellow looks. Both the one and the other suggest the sun, summer and warmth, improves mood, tunes in a positive mood, which is especially important when a woman chooses an outfit for a New Year's corporate party. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, there is no point in dressing!
  • Are you closer to the image of a gentle and quivering young lady? Give preference to pastel colors and flying silhouettes. The rat, by the way, highly appreciates natural shades - sand, peach, lemon, apricot, pistachio.
  • A win-win option that is appropriate always and everywhere - black, graphite, dark gray and other colors close to them. However, you have to puzzle yourself over accessories in order to turn the gloom of strict shades into sophistication.

Note! If your color type belongs to the cold types - Winter and Summer, avoid too saturated catchy tones. If your appearance is more inclined towards warm Spring and Autumn, juicy, "natural" colors may be the best choice.

New Year's outfit pattern

Solid dress for a New Year's corporate party

Neither the Rat nor the designers have anything against plain fabrics. They are always appropriate regardless of the reason for the party, and in a corporate outfit for the New Year 2020 they will be especially good as a symbol of elegant modesty.

But if you want something a little more noticeable, consider the option with a trendy craquelure - a pattern that imitates cracks in old canvases. It's fresh, relevant, and looks impressive.

Prints on the theme of flora and fauna are in demand, with the exception of tiger stripes and leopard spots. Do not forget that according to the eastern calendar, the year is under the auspices of a rodent, and any hint of closeness to the Feline family will be perceived with hostility.

But you can, without any doubt, wear suits and dresses with a strict geometric pattern, conquer the imagination of those around you with an outfit with abstract drawings and dizzy with colorful ethnic motives.

Styles and trends

Floor-length dress for a New Year's corporate party

In terms of what to wear at the New Year 2020 corporate party, designers give women relative freedom of choice. Judging by the direction of the latest collections, dozens of curious, sexy, sophisticated, luxurious and even somewhat provocative trends are offered to our attention. The main thing is, try not to cross the reasonable line, neither the bosses nor the Rat, who cannot stand excessive pretentiousness, will understand you.

So, what to wear for the New Year's party 2020:

  • Small black dress. A thousand times thanks to the unforgettable Coco Chanel, who introduced this irreplaceable thing into the women's wardrobe! She will always help you out, and at the highest level. And since you are not having a business visit or even an ordinary holiday, but the New Year, during which many bastions of style that seemed indestructible fall, the famous black dress can be decorated with asymmetry in the form of a slanting hem or one bare shoulder, as opposed to a voluminous sleeve on the other side, flounces and frills, for which season they do not want to disappear from fashion catwalks, extravagant trim with feathers, lace and fur. What to avoid: Lingerie style, deep neckline and open back, which in this case will look vulgar.
  • Overalls. A somewhat unexpected, but undoubted trend for a New Year's outfit for a corporate party in 2020, which is loved by many fashionistas for the perfect combination of practicality, comfort and style. Don't be afraid to look extravagant! If the figure allows you to defile in front of colleagues in clothes that mercilessly expose extra pounds at the waist and too wide hips, you have every chance of becoming the queen of the evening. Excessiveness should be avoided. The jumpsuit is completely transformed in the company with the right accessories, but they will be superfluous if the style of your outfit already contains interesting details - for example, an open shoulder or lace. In addition, an outfit made of fabric with a metallic effect and breathtaking options made of velvet or silk do not need additional decorations.
  • Blouse and pants or skirt. It would seem to be the most banal combination, but it is precisely this combination that can answer the eternal question of what to wear for a corporate party for the new year in order to look both delightful and restrained at the same time. A kind of shy girl, in whose eyes, if you look closely, a whole disco is dancing about. They are capable of making a standard office combination unique and unforgettable: hand embroidery, which is in great demand in the last season, pleating - another "dark horse" that suddenly broke popularity records at fashion shows, sequins, rhinestones and other "glitter". Among the favorite pieces of clothing this season, the favorite of most fashion designers is the sleeve: voluminous buffs, unusual shapes, asymmetric edges - you can use anything.
  • Midi dress. A thing from among those that can be worn at a New Year's corporate party for both a young girl and an elderly lady. Such a dress allows you to look slimmer, it is difficult to make it vulgar, and it usually fits well on all types of figures. Well, modern designer finds bring midi dresses to perfection.How do you, for example, an idea to partially or completely make it out of lace? Fashionable decor options for a midi outfit: fringe, perforation, pleating, fluffy multi-layer skirts made of tulle, chiffon or tulle, peplum or yoke, accenting the waist with a wide belt or bow, cutouts between the sleeve and the neck, open back, which is midi-length, in contrast from short dresses, will not conflict.
  • Jacket dress. Thanks to the designers who have recently been actively promoting this model to the masses. Thanks to them, we have the opportunity to choose between an A-line silhouette and a fitted cut, a straight and flared skirt, a classic jacket or a wrap-around model that disguises an imperfect waist. What to avoid: too open or, on the contrary, modest neckline. The dress-jacket is able to expose the owners of wide shoulders in the most unfavorable light. It would be wiser for them to choose another version of the outfit.
  • Dress to the floor. If the midi length is allowed for almost all women, then a dress with a maxi skirt will become an even more versatile option for a beauty who wants to look feminine, sophisticated and sexy at the same time for a New Year's corporate party. In particular, an adorned bustier (but not a corset, today this is a definite bad manners) and long cut-outs to the thigh. However, do not try to combine both of these details, only one part of the body can be put on public display.
  • Pantsuit. Prefer jeans to dresses and skirts? Your right, but appearing in them at a corporate event is just disrespect for colleagues. Replace your favorite piece of wardrobe with a trouser suit, and neither your convenience nor the rules of good taste will suffer. A peplum, a beautiful neckline, and noble fabrics (velvet and silk) will be able to add festive notes along with it. A trouser suit is best worn with sleek hairstyles and high tails.

Shoes for a corporate party for the New Year 2020

Shoes for a New Year's party

An ardent supporter of convenience, the Rat applauds your decision to wear elegant shoes with low wide heels and even flat soles. In these it costs nothing to dance all evening and take part in fun contests. The main thing is to avoid the ridiculous combination of sandals with tight tights and high boots with a light dress, today all this will lead to thoughts about the inability to dress rather than impress with contrast.

However, you can afford an unexpected feint in the form of clearly summer shoes decorated with fur or perforated boots. At the end of 2019, designers began to increasingly blur the line between different types of seasonal shoes, thanks to which we now have the opportunity to walk in all sorts of hybrids.

However, if you do not want to participate in the daring experiments of fashion creators, you can safely wear classic shoes with moderate high heels. In the outfit for the New Year's corporate party 2020, as in any other, they will be more than appropriate.

Accessories and decorations for a New Year's corporate party

Accessories for a New Year's party

Rings, chains, dangling earrings, wrist and anklets made of gold and silver will help to shade the beauty of a high neck and graceful fingers, to emphasize the clear lines of the wrist or ankle. The metal animal will be delighted with them.

Let's say more, you can safely afford some "excesses" in the form of a tiara or a large brooch, at the New Year's party they belong. Especially if sun amber or juicy pomegranate will accompany the gold.

Jewelry will help you out if you plan to have a party after a working day and you have to urgently "retrain" from an office employee to a magic firebird. With a few accents in the right place, you are ready to present your colleagues in a new light.

What to wear for a corporate party for the New Year - watch the video:

What to wear for a woman for a New Year's corporate party? Let's reveal a terrible secret: almost anything she wants.The only truly noteworthy critic and advisor here should be your own sense of proportion, there are very few other restrictions. Skirts and trousers, midi and maxi, glitter and feathers - everything can be used in a festive outfit. The youngest and most charming can even afford a mini, although this is a risky option and requires the girl to have the perfect taste.

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