Hairstyles for girls for the New Year

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Hairstyles for girls for the New Year
Hairstyles for girls for the New Year

Fashion trends and the best New Year hairstyle ideas for girls. Accessories, useful tips.

New Year's hairstyle for girls is a hair styling suitable for celebrating the New Year in kindergarten or school. Trends in 2020 are leaning towards simplicity and elegance. Given the tender age of the owners of hairstyles, you should not style the curls too luxuriantly, in an adult and unnatural way. Consider how to make a girl's hairstyle for the New Year.

Types of New Year's hairstyles for girls

Hairstyle for the New Year for a girl

Children on New Year's Eve attend New Year's performances in kindergarten, school, palaces of culture, children's centers. Parents want their daughters to look beautiful and look spectacular in the photo.

It is important to choose a costume and hairstyles for girls for the New Year 2020. Depending on the length and quality of hair, you can choose good options:

  • Short strands… For girls with a small length of curls, strand cords fixed with hairpins are suitable. A spikelet looks good on the sides from the front strands, secured at the back with an elastic band or hair clip.
  • Shoulder-length hair… Large curls fit perfectly on medium length strands. Curls will decorate the image of a princess, a fairy, an angel and other good fairy-tale heroes. A wreath hairstyle, formed from hair strands laid in a circle, is suitable for a dress of bright colors.
  • Average length… If the curls reach the shoulder blades, they can be decorated with a rim, a large hairpin. Look stylish on elongated strands of braids, including "spikelet", voluminous bunches, tails, woven in a checkerboard pattern. Do not braid the braids tightly, then they look voluminous.
  • Long… New Year's hairstyles for girls at the matinee with hair below the shoulder blades are varied and allow the imagination to roam. These can be voluminous pigtails, asymmetric styling, flagella and bundles. Loose curled hair looks beautiful.

Hairstyle ideas for girls for different hair lengths

Finding the best hairstyle for a girl for the New Year 2020 will not be difficult. The following are the best options that are easy to make at home so as not to waste time and money on a hairdresser.

New Year's hairstyles for girls for short hair

Hairstyle for a girl for the New Year for short hair

Stylish New Year's hairstyles for girls 2020 for short hair do not require a lot of accessories and are easy to style.

Several popular options:

  1. Tail… The hairstyle is convenient not only for the holiday, but also for every day. Make some small ponytails all over the head. Even if a girl has naughty hair, it is easy to collect with such a hairstyle.
  2. Wreath… Small braids or "spikelet" fit well on thin short hair. Make an even part in the middle of the head and divide the hair into 2 parts, divide each strand into 8 parts. Tie one of the parts with a tail, tie the next strand with a tail, capturing part of the previous one. Continue tying the ponytails all the way to the end of your hair, wrapping it in a wreath. Hide the tip of the latter under the elastic of the first tail. Since the Wreath hairstyle uses a lot of elastic bands, and they are visible to others, try to match them with the dress. Decorating the strands with hairpins with flowers at the end seems to be a good solution.
  3. Wrapping… Girls' hairstyle for the New Year in the kindergarten looks quite original. For her, stock up on hairpins decorated with flowers or other decor. Divide your hair into 8 strands, each with a low ponytail. Twist each strand around the elastic, secure the ring with a hairpin. The result will be something like a wreath of rings with decor inside.

A simple and interesting hairstyle in kindergarten for the New Year seems to be from two ponytails parted in a straight or zigzag. Decorate the ponytails with bows, ribbons, and other accessories.

The rim of a pigtail "spikelet" around the head looks interesting. You can decorate the snake with hairpins with decor, bows, beads, ribbons. It is important that the hairstyle for girls for the New Year does not take much time, but it is held tight and does not interfere.

Hairstyles for the New Year for girls for medium hair

Hairstyle for the New Year for a girl with medium hair

For hair to shoulder blades, there are interesting hairstyle solutions from the simple to the most complex. Here you will have to work hard to put the little head in order.

Consider the most popular children's hairstyles for the New Year with our own hands:

  • Multilayer basket… Suitable for girls with an elongated oval face. Distribute the hair so that it covers the entire surface of the head. Start braiding from the center, gradually adding strands from the outside. Braid all your hair in a circle. Finish the hairstyle with a regular braid, securing it with hairpins. Decorate the basket with flowers, sparkles.
  • Hairstyle heart… Suitable for the image of a princess at a children's matinee. It looks best on light and brown hair. It will take 10-15 minutes to make it. Make a straight part, select the center strand and tie it with an elastic band. Take a piece of hair from the ponytail and from the outside and start braiding, gradually grabbing additional strands from the outside. Do the same on the other side. Combine both braids into one. The result should be a braid heart, framing the head.
  • A bundle of braids… Making such a beautiful hairstyle for girls for the New Year is simple and suitable for medium hair length. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, divide it into 6 sections and braid each of them. Connect the ends of the braids with an elastic band. Lift up the ends and secure them together with the base of the braids with a thick elastic band. The ends can be dissolved or hidden under a wide bow or decor.
  • Two hearts… The hairstyle looks cute with a folk style costume. Part your hair with a straight part in 2 parts, make 2 ponytails and pull the base through the elastic. Divide the tail into 2 strands, twist each of them into a plait. Lay out a heart from the bundles, connect them at the bottom with rubber bands or bows, repeat the same on the other side. Twist the edges of the ponytails with a curling iron.
  • Bow… Looks elegant on medium hair. Ask the girl to tilt her head forward, collect her hair at the crown of her head and secure with an elastic band. Tie the second elastic around the first one, for the last time pass the strand through it not completely, pass the end to the front side. Divide the loop in half. With the remaining end of the hair, tie the bow in the middle and secure it with hairpins or invisible hairpins. Decorate the bow with ribbons, beads.
  • Aphrodite… Styling under an unusual name is suitable for long ball gowns. Comb your hair well, from the center of the forehead to the temples, separate 2 strands on both sides. Twist the bundles out of them. Grab the next strands just below and weave them into the flagellum, connect both bundles and wrap them in the middle. Secure your hair with hairpins.
  • Malvinka… Looks spectacular with a satin ribbon. This hairstyle for a girl for the New Year with her own hands is similar to the previous one, but the technique is much simpler. Part the hair with a parting, separate the front 2 strands on both sides. Connect the strands straight or intertwined in the form of a rope, fix the hairstyle with a satin ribbon or hair clip. Girls' medium hair allows you to experiment with a variety of hairstyles, so your princess is sure to be the prettiest at the party.

New Year's hairstyles for girls for long hair

Hairstyle for the New Year for a girl with long hair

Long hair gives room for imagination for children's hairstyles for the New Year. If the girl has wavy hair, curl it up at night, and in the morning, loosen it and put it in a bun or under a hoop.

The most popular options:

  1. Babette… Suitable for girls from 5 to 10 years old. To make it, you need silicone rubber bands, hairpins, a roller or a hairpiece.Wash your hair, dry it and comb it. Part the curls into two equal parts. Comb the top strands and sprinkle with styling products. Lay the bouffant with a chignon, lay the top layer of curls in a semicircle and fix it with invisible ones. Divide the lower strands into 2 parts, braid 2 braids and wrap a chignon with them. You can decorate your hair with a bow.
  2. Lantern tail… Looks great on long hair. To do this, comb your hair and collect it at the top with a ponytail. Divide it into 2-3 equal parts and fix them with small rubber bands. Decorate the tail with a bow or hairpin.
  3. Herringbone… The hairstyle is simple, but it looks impressive and in the spirit of the day. To do it, pull your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. Divide it into 2 parts, braid 2 braids and secure the ends with elastic bands. Invisible, secure the braids tightly to the base of the head. To make a Christmas tree, you need a green satin ribbon. Weave the tape from the beginning of the tail to the back of the head. You should get a triangle of crossed ribbons. Fix the drawing with hairpins with decorative elements: they will resemble Christmas balls. If you choose this hairstyle, take care of a matching suit.
  4. Mickey Mouse ears… This hairstyle can be done for little girls. Part your hair in half and part it in half. Tie 2 high tails. Make bundles from the ponytails, wrap them around the elastic and straighten them. Hide the tip and secure with hairpins. Decorate the ears with bright bows.
  5. Waterfall… This hairstyle looks elegant. Wash your hair and dry well. Draw a side parting, select a small strand on one side and secure it with a small elastic band. Divide the ponytail into 2 equal parts, skip another strand in the middle, then collect another small ponytail. Repeat until the middle of your hair. This hairstyle is suitable for photo shoots and for matinees with outdoor games. But save adult massive hairstyles for a photo shoot. They are too bulky and will prevent the baby from frolicking carefree.

If you are planning a photo shoot in a long ball gown, style your hair using a special roller: gather a tight tail at the top and thread it into the roller, distribute the hair strands evenly over the roller, fix them with hairpins. Twist the ends into a flagellum, wrap around the roller and hide with invisible ones. When choosing a hairstyle, think about how the girl will feel at a holiday or photo shoot. Remember comfort.

Useful Tips

Hairstyle with a ribbon for a girl for the New Year

Accessories are required to create a festive look. For girls of preschool and primary school age, the following are suitable:

  • tapes;
  • bright hairpins;
  • bows;
  • hoops;
  • tiaras;
  • beads and New Year's tinsel.

The adornment should accentuate the dignity of the hairstyle, complete the created image, and not attract attention to itself.

Sequins look beautiful on the bangs or along the parting. If the image requires, dye your hair with crayons. Avoid dyeing your hair with chemicals. Toxic substances in such products will ruin young hair.

A well-chosen hairstyle will allow the baby to feel confident on the New Year's holiday. Follow our recommendations in order not to be mistaken with the choice:

  • Braid long hair for an active event. Tied up in a bun at the top or in a lush tail, they will interfere with movement. But at photo shoots, massive styling looks impressive.
  • Do not feel sorry for hairpins and invisible bindings. Children love to move without thinking about their appearance. To prevent the hairstyle from falling apart, fix it firmly.
  • Styling should match the look. For example, you cannot build Babette if you have to wear a mouse or cat costume.
  • Discuss the hairstyle with the child, take into account the wishes of the girl.
  • If you don't make your own hairstyle, prepare the styling elements. Children cannot sit in beauty salons for a long time: prolonged styling can ruin the whole holiday.
  • If you are not confident in your skill, practice creating your hairstyle in advance, so that later you do not get upset and do not waste a lot of time.
  • Do not get carried away with curling iron or styling products: they spoil the curls.
  • Do not overdo it with the decor, choose elements that are in harmony with each other.

How to make a New Year's hairstyle for a girl - watch the video:

A successful hairstyle will make the baby the queen of the holiday, and you will be satisfied with your skill.

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