How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020

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How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020
How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020

The choice of a New Year tree, decor features. How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020, style and colors.

A Christmas tree for the New Year is the same essential attribute of the holiday as tangerines and sparklers. Without it, you cannot create the right mood. Natural or artificial, large or small, it must be present, even if the role of a green beauty will be taken on by a cypress in a flower pot. And if there is a tree, there must be decorations. Ideally consistent with the preferences of the totem animal of the year. In 2020, a White Metal (Iron, Steel) Rat will inspect your New Year tree. How to please her?

Christmas tree size for the New Year

Christmas tree

When you need to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year, people are divided into two types. The first ones hang toys on prickly paws, as their hearts desire, without system and style. The latter meticulously choose the balls of the desired color scheme, almost with a ruler check the scheme of their arrangement on the branches and never miss the opportunity to read about fashionable design finds in the field of decorating Christmas trees. Did you recognize yourself in the second type? You are at the right place!

If the financial possibilities and the height of the ceilings permit, you can put a full-size tree in the apartment, which will fill your home with joy, magic and the scent of pine needles throughout the New Year's holidays. If you understand that a lush spruce will prevent you from moving freely around the room, or you fundamentally do not support the tradition of chopping trees for one night a year, there is another way out.

How to create a festive atmosphere without a real tree

  • buy a small artificial tree;
  • put on the table an elegant pot with the already mentioned cypress, Norfolk pine, Chinese spruce, selagenella, thuja, indoor cypress;
  • place a composition of several branches in a vase of water;
  • tie spruce paws into a wreath and attach to the wall above the festive table;
  • to strengthen the branches on a cardboard base in the form of a conditional tree and also hang on the wall.

Choosing a mini-copy of a New Year's tree, you will save not only space, but also decorations. A handful of tinsel, two or three toys will be enough, and the mood is created.

Note! In the decor of miniature versions of the Christmas tree, artificial snow will be more than appropriate, with which you can powder the tips of indoor plants representing the Christmas tree.

Note that the Rat is considered a supporter of traditions, therefore, a tree suspended from the ceiling upside down is unlikely to approve. But exotic lovers and ardent eco-activists will always have the opportunity to buy or build with their own hands the "Invisible Spruce" fashionable in recent years. The idea of ​​the designers is, without having the tree itself, to create its outlines with the help of Christmas tree decorations suspended from the ceiling at different levels or garlands and balls attached to the wall.

The color scheme of the Christmas tree

During the Soviet era, only one variant of decorating a festive spruce was known - multicolor. The toys were required to be bright, shine and give joy, while their shades did not play any role. Today, the classic method has somewhat receded into the past, although it still remains popular, so if the presence of a sparkling Christmas tree already creates a feeling of celebration for you, you can stop at it with peace of mind.

Bicolor christmas tree

Bicolor christmas tree

Choose one dominant color, slightly dilute it with small blotches of another and apply the finishing touches with sparkling tinsel and rain, either golden or silver - it is not recommended to combine them in this case.

However, if gold and silver become the main colors of the decor, they will get along well together and create a festive atmosphere.Do not forget that you are going to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020, and a nimble steel animal that will like the shine of precious metals has been declared its owner.

Examples of other successful two-tone combinations:

  • red and green (gold) - classic New Year's bicolor;
  • blue and silver (ash, pearl) - gentle romance for lovers;
  • gray and pink (olive) - an original duet for sophisticated natures;
  • white and silver - a reference to the sparkling snowdrifts outside the window and the color of the skin of the mascot of the year;
  • black and white - unusual for a holiday, but always a winning combination.

An interesting solution would be to buy an artificial spruce with white needles and toys in pastel colors: pale pink, peach, coral, dusty blue, turquoise.

If you want something brighter, combine the purest whiteness of snow with juicy blue, and you get an elegant Gzhel, from which no one can take their eyes off on the first try.

Monochrome spruce

Monochrome christmas tree

The idea to decorate a tree in one color scheme came to Russia in early 2000, but despite the rather long "service life", it still remains fresh and relevant. Spruce trees look especially advantageous, the toys on which are not only sustained in the same palette, but also have the same shape. For example, round balls or oblong icicles of different sizes.

How to decorate the Christmas tree for the new year 2020 according to the tastes of the Rat? Choose among:

  • shades of metal - gold, silver;
  • "Mouse" colors - light gray, smoky, graphite, which in combination with sparkles and lights of garlands can look very stylish;
  • violet and close to it violet, lilac or lavender (as astrologers assure, the heavenly rodent has a weakness for them);
  • sunny orange, a shade of joy, warmth and companionship;
  • blue or green - these colors are considered by the eastern calendar to be not very favorite by the Rat, but acceptable at the meeting of 2020, along with them "included" are a sea wave, aquamarine, sapphire, cobalt, emerald.

Note! Multicolored lights of garlands will go well only with the first "free" option for decorating a Christmas tree. A forest beauty dressed in a monochrome or two-tone version of the New Year's decoration, with such a garland, will lose the lion's share of its charm. Look for solid colors with a cool hue if your primary color is silver, white, blue, green, or gray, and warm if your choice is orange or gold.

Christmas tree-ombre

Christmas tree in ombre style

This is one of the most difficult and expensive ways to dress up a holiday tree, requiring a certain artistic taste. But if this December you are determined to really beautifully decorate your Christmas tree for the New Year, it should at least be considered.

Your task is to place toys of different colors so that their shades smoothly flow into each other, eventually resulting in a new color. Try, for example, starting at the white crown and working your way up to the silvery-gray lower branches. Or organize a smooth transition from pale blue to lilac.

Christmas tree style

Christmas tree in retro style

And this is where the fun begins! If only because only a person with a designer vein is able to adhere to a certain style in decorating a tree. But you definitely have it.

The best solutions for Christmas tree decor:

  1. Timeless classics… Our grandmothers and mothers knew exactly how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year beautifully and cheerfully: you pull slightly dusty boxes with toys from the closet, call family members and get down to business together. The only rule that it is advisable to observe here is to choose higher branches for small toys, and branches at the base of the spruce for large toys. Everything else is entirely at the discretion of the merry crew.
  2. Nostalgic retro… A find for those who still have old Soviet toys at home: mushrooms and flashlights on a clothespin, fragile cosmonauts and ballerinas, paper snowflakes with funny faces in the center, painted teapots, cotton-wool figurines of animals. If you dilute all this splendor with hand-made garlands of flags, large beads and imposing figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden installed under the tree, the style will be maintained flawlessly.
  3. Artsy shabby chic… Shabby glitter, as the name of this style is translated, has two basic rules: use as much small decor as possible (feathers, lace, beads, fabric roses, ruffles, miniature gift boxes) and avoid bright colors. Shabby Chic is soft pink, light blue, light green, cream, champagne, ivory, ivory … Everything is very soft and delicate. Stocky Rat loves abundance and luxury, therefore, when choosing how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020, give up minimalism. The zealous animal will not understand you.
  4. Elegant Tiffany… No frills! Severity, refinement, sophistication. For the decoration of spruce, two traditional Tiffany colors are used: light turquoise and white or milky. Give preference to clear forms, figures of animals and people will be out of place here. But you can use beads imitating pearls, transparent sparkling crystals, silvery threads, silk and satin bows, and at the same time borrow feathers and lace from Shabby.
  5. Cozy country… Or, changing from the Western language to our, Rustic style. Try to follow him and decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year with your own hands. You can be sure that no one will have the second one. Let the places on the branches be taken by toys created by you and your household - textile, knitted, wooden, sculpted from salt dough or from papier-mâché. By the way, a good find for families with children! Having started to make toys a few weeks before the holiday, you will get the opportunity to spend time interestingly together, become a little closer to each other and for many years create for your children a strong association of the upcoming New Year holidays with family warmth and comfort.
  6. Ecostyle… The main thing that is required is to use only natural materials to decorate the tree: garlands of cones strung on a cord, bows made of fabric imitating burlap, wooden frames of stars wrapped in rope and decorated with coffee beans in half with cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, round cuts of branches on strings instead of balls, curls of bark … Turn on your imagination and get creative.

Original decor for the Christmas tree

The original decor of the Christmas tree

On balls, icicles and funny figures made of glass and cotton wool, the light did not converge like a wedge. Apart from them, there are a lot of things that look good among the green needles. To decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020 beautifully, uncommon and in the spirit of the holiday, try to use:

  • Gingerbread, sweets, lollipops, gilded walnuts, Kinder surprises and other goodies… Firstly, your apartment will immediately resemble a branch of the Gingerbread House, only without the evil witch. Secondly, the younger members of the family will be delighted. And thirdly, the Rat is an excellent gourmet and will certainly appreciate your gesture.
  • Ribbons and bows… The New Year tree, intertwined with colored, shiny, picturesquely curving strips of fabric, among which several balls glitter, looks very romantic and impressive.
  • Flowers and butterflies… Large and small, gathered in garlands and arranged one by one among the needles, they look unexpected, beautiful and fabulous.

Note! On the New Year's tree, there must be a place for the symbol of the next 12 months. It does not matter whether it is a glass Christmas tree decoration, a Tilda rat, a ceramic souvenir from a nearby kiosk, or a living decorative rat honorably arranged in its cage under the lower paws of a tree.It is important to show respect to the hostess of the year.

Perhaps somewhere in the Kremlin or the White House there are clear instructions on how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year, but fortunately, it did not reach us. For those whose main task was and remains to please friends and family, there are no strict rules. Stick to the main canvas of the chosen style and feel free to create for your own pleasure. Let your 2020 Christmas tree be the most creative and beautiful.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020 - watch the video:

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