What to give a man for the New Year 2020

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What to give a man for the New Year 2020
What to give a man for the New Year 2020

How to choose gifts for a man for the New Year 2020: useful tips and fresh ideas. Rating of unsuccessful presentations.

A gift for a man for the New Year is not just a tribute to tradition. This is another opportunity to please a loved one, share your warmth with him. Therefore, you need to choose presents with all your heart. Yes, men are less sentimental than women, but they also dream of care and good surprises. And deep down they hope that Santa Claus will not forget about them. That is why it is already time to look for gift ideas for the New Year 2020. After all, time does not stand still, and the most interesting goods are snapped up from the shelves at these very moments.

Best gift ideas for a man for the New Year 2020

It is worth imagining a little, and you will be able to organize the most unusual New Year's holidays for family, friends and employees. And our ideas and advice will help you choose the best gift for a man for the New Year 2020.

Boyfriend gifts

Gifts for the guy for the New Year 2020

If your relationship began not so long ago, you can get confused.: what to give your loved one for the New Year to surprise and emphasize your feelings? The perfect gift will be something unexpected and hitting the target. Explore his social media pages. Photos, product likes, wish-lists, communities and pages marked as interesting can tell about tastes and desires.

Here are some sample gift ideas:

  • action camera;
  • powerbank;
  • wireless headphones;
  • handmade leather belt;
  • personalized hoodie;
  • flight in a wind tunnel;
  • karting certificate;
  • ticket to the games of the football championship.

A great option is the emphasis on romance. This is especially appropriate when he is an impressionable person and pays attention to little things.

In this case, you can surprise him:

  • in the evening with candles, wine, unusual snacks / fruits;
  • beautiful, but not vulgar dance;
  • a joint photo applied to a cup, calendar, notebook;
  • mittens for two, which include two separate mittens and one common for the joined hands;
  • a checkbook of desires;
  • a night light projector that creates the illusion of a starry sky.

And remember, a New Year's gift for a guy doesn't have to be expensive. Men are waiting for warmth, comfort, fun on this holiday. And these emotions can be experienced even from little things, but made by the hands of your beloved half.

What to give my husband for the New Year 2020?

What to give my husband for the New Year 2020

When choosing a present for your spouse, you can relax and not worry. It is unlikely that you will get into a mess, because you know his taboos, principles, possible complexes. This means that you can bypass all the "slippery" gift ideas for the New Year.

This time we propose to opt for the most useful purchases:

  1. For a car… The most popular in this category are car accessories. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and for every wallet. A rare driver will refuse new electronics (DVR, rear view camera, car radio, advanced alarm), interior upgrade (seat or steering wheel covers, armrest, LED lighting), compressor or car organizer.
  2. For home… Here the range of surprises is very wide - from a power tool (drill, jigsaw, screwdriver) to a trimmer, a hair clipper, a personalized dressing gown. Simple and at the same time necessary things will make life a little more comfortable. And so that the “household” gift to her husband for the New Year still looks festive, wrap it in gold paper, fix the balls, a spruce twig, and a gingerbread in the form of a snowman on top.
  3. For his beloved… For example, you can update your spouse's wardrobe. Few men like to spend time in stores. And if the chosen one is also not capricious about things, a pair of sweaters will be the perfect solution.

Of course, this list is not limited to options for what to give my husband for the New Year 2020.Take a closer look at his devices: perhaps an addition in the form of a cover with a keyboard, wireless charging, and an additional battery will be appropriate. If the budget allows, organize a trip for your loved one that suits his interests - to the location of the archaeological excavations, to the auto races for the main cup of the country, to the aquarium, to a large-scale technical exhibition.

How to choose a gift for dad?

Gift for dad for the New Year 2020

For parents, the greatest value is our attention. Therefore, filling a gift box is not as important as a visit to your home. Let not on the night of January 1, but in the coming days, be sure to drop by and congratulate the dearest people.

When choosing a present for your dad for the New Year, remember his old hobbies. Perhaps, due to lack of time, he once abandoned his hobby and would like to return to it? This can be modeling, collecting, wood carving, photography, and other interests.

And if the father is an avid fisherman or hunter, progressive equipment will never be superfluous. However, be careful here. If you do not understand reels, baits, cartridges, shooting gloves and similar subtleties, it would be more correct to present the certificate to a specialized store.

What else to give dad for the New Year:

  • brazier;
  • going to the bathhouse;
  • a new book by a favorite author;
  • hundreds of films and TV series in the selected genre, recorded on a USB flash drive;
  • tools for home, personal plot, car;
  • if you live in the private sector - a snowplow;
  • high-quality monitor;
  • leather gloves.

Gift ideas for your son for the New Year

Gift for my son for the New Year 2020

Children more than others believe in the magic of New Year's Eve. Therefore, you need to ask in advance what gift your son would like to receive from Santa Claus for the New Year. And then try to fulfill his desire. If you didn't manage to find out anything, look after the present according to age interests.

Kids under 5 years old will be pleased with:

  • sculpting kit;
  • radio-controlled transport;
  • constructor with large elements;
  • collection of HotWheels typewriters;
  • Railway;
  • auto track or multi-level parking;
  • superhero costume (Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, etc.).

If the child has already gone to school, the presents should be more serious. Here are some ideas for what to give your son for the New Year:

  • beyblade and competition arena;
  • smart watch;
  • game console;
  • toy weapons and heroes from the Minecraft game;
  • children's robot;
  • primitive quadcopter;
  • snow blaster;
  • sled for tubing.

A teenage son may like a complex robot, and the same PlayStation. But the most advanced gifts for New Year 2020 are:

  • portable music speaker;
  • wireless headphones;
  • a certificate for a quest room, paintball, laser tag;
  • karting or horse riding lesson;
  • own YouTube channel and initial training for the future blogger;
  • break dance subscription;
  • fashionable backpack.

What kind of surprise should I have for my brother?

Gift for brother for New Year 2020

Why not introduce him to a non-trivial sport? Snowboarding, spearfishing, rock climbing, parkour, jumping - all this can captivate the athlete himself and arouse the interest of others in his personality. If a relative is categorically against extreme, then a gift for a brother for the New Year may be indirectly related to sports - say, a ball signed by a popular champion or his personal jersey.

Your brother is probably into music. If playing instruments, present a useful accessory or an updated version of the instrument. If your brother just loves to listen to music, present tickets for a concert of his idol, a new player or progressive audio equipment.

When the options for what to give your brother for the New Year run out, certificates come to the rescue. Many shops and service companies now offer gift cards. The latter solve the notorious problem of "two birds with one stone": you do not need to be especially sophisticated when choosing a present, and the donee will receive an optimal set of goods for the proposed amount.

In addition to perfumery, clothing, technology markets, certificates can be:

  • in fishing and hunting shops;
  • in the departments of power tools;
  • in car dealerships;
  • in a firearms dash;
  • in a barbershop;
  • on courses on extreme driving, pickup, personal growth;
  • in massage parlors.

What to give grandfather for the New Year 2020?

What to give grandfather for the New Year 2020

A New Year's gift for your grandfather should reflect your concern and warm feelings. So, it is worth focusing on the sincerity of the present, and not its price or exclusivity.

A beautifully decorated family tree will be a pleasant gift. It will collect the grandfather's ancestors (find out in advance the names and surnames of his parents, grandmothers, aunts, brothers) and his descendants. He will feel the power of the continuity of generations, remember his youth with pleasure and rejoice in the present.

What else to give for the New Year - ideas for your beloved grandfather:

  • lambswool blanket or soft blanket;
  • bathrobe, slippers;
  • massage chair;
  • orthopedic mattress;
  • subscription to TV channels dedicated to his hobby, or an interesting magazine;
  • electric kettle;
  • thermo mug;
  • if the grandfather is a tobacco lover, you can donate a pipe, cigarette case, lighter and other accessories.

New Year's gift to a friend

New Year'st to a friend

You definitely have a lot in common with a good friend, you speak the same language, and sometimes you understand each other without words. And you probably love to have fun together. Therefore, you can choose a cool gift for your friend for the New Year. It will be inexpensive, but it will cheer you up and will be remembered for more than one day.

Here are some indicative options for funny gifts:

  • canned socks (in the case of a friend and with this kind of serving, socks will be appropriate);
  • Drunk glasses;
  • a bar designed in the form of a canister;
  • chocolate or soap, made in the form of dumbbells, wrenches, roach;
  • beer helmet;
  • chewing gum "Razduplin verde", "Antistress forte";
  • alarm clock with propeller.

If a cool present doesn't fit, give a useful thing - a brazier or a tourist tent, an inflatable fishing boat, a USB flash drive, a pneumatic corkscrew, a fitness bracelet, a home brewery, a balance board, a sports watch, a camera tripod.

To please with a surprise, rummage through your memory, because you have repeatedly discussed plans, dreams, favorite entertainment. If ideas of what to give a friend for the New Year 2020 do not come at all, ask him directly. Perhaps he needs ski goggles or a new modem right now. Then the friend will not have to spend extra money, and you will not have to guess the desires of your comrades.

Gifts for the New Year to the head

Gifts for the New Year to the head 2020

First, assess the character of the boss. If he is terribly businesslike and strict, give a discreet, stylish and branded item. For example, a status office, a leather briefcase for a laptop, a universal decor for his office.

If he is not fixated on subordination, allows him to go to work even in torn jeans, can joke well with his team, then a gift to the head for the New Year may be more interesting and unexpected. For example, a flight on a gyrocopter, a beer map of the world, a huge bouquet of crayfish and Kamchatka crab claws, a caricature to order, a humorous carrot and stick set. However, it is important to feel the border here: even the most cheerful and open director expects from his subordinates, first of all, respect for their personality and position.

What else can you give the chef for the New Year:

  • books on his specialization or hobby;
  • presentable smoking accessories;
  • leather or electronic diary;
  • unusual organizer for the desktop;
  • intellectual board game;
  • travel case;
  • globe-levitation;
  • hookah.

What to present to colleagues?

What to give colleagues for the New Year 2020

On the eve of the holiday, employees can be congratulated with one common present. For example, order a themed cake for the whole team, invite artists with a fire show, a talented illusionist, comedian, actors who will arrange a believable rally. Such a gift to colleagues for the New Year will definitely be remembered and will help to unite the team more tightly.

An equally interesting option is a general trip to a bowling alley, a bathhouse, if the funds allow you to organize such a vacation.And if not, then a few snacks in your performance will delight your colleagues.

And what to present for the New Year if you want to congratulate individual employees? Modest presents from the following will come to the rescue:

  • festively decorated champagne;
  • boxing with alcohol, sausages, cheeses;
  • car fragrance;
  • mugs in the style of your work area;
  • table or portable lamp;
  • gloves for touch screens;
  • an alarm clock in the original design;
  • multitool.

What should not be gifted to men for the New Year 2020?

Shaving accessories should not be presented to men for the New Year 2020

There are categories of gifts that men are tired of or find strange, useless, and sometimes offensive. Even if such an item is bought with great love, it will not bring pleasure to the donee.

Further, the most unfortunate examples of what to give a man for the New Year:

  1. Briefs-socks-shaving accessories… Such things are not just commonplace, they can cause irritation. Men are enraged by all these angel hearts, changeable phrases on their shorts. This may be appropriate on women's underwear, but not on men's. And what are the pants in the form of an elephant! When representatives of the stronger sex receive this, it seems to them that the girl simply dismissed this gift and for a second did not think about what to give a man for the New Year. According to the guys, such items can only serve as an addition to the gift. At the same time, it is advisable that the girl knitted the same socks herself, the after-shave balm - personally decorated.
  2. Cute figurines, souvenirs, frames, magnets and more… Men consider such gifts for the New Year to be irrational, since they will only gather dust on the shelf. And there is no sense, and it is a pity to throw it away. And they also mostly do not believe in the magical qualities of the animal symbol of the year. And if you present a symbol in the year of the Goat, Bull, Dragon, you can seriously hurt the feelings of a young man. Therefore, it is better to find a really useful thing for the presentation.
  3. A gift for two that is more woman-centered… For example, a joint spa trip or a shopping tour. This will force the man to take part in an uninteresting event and feel moral discomfort. The guy will always think that this is not a man's occupation, he will look forward to the end of the procedures and will only get angry in the end. After all, it is clear that you can give your husband for the New Year an air balloon, a radio tape recorder, or at least not such a "girlish" kind of rest.

Also, a sports suit will not be the best present (a man can perceive it as a hint of poor physical shape), perfume (it is easy to miss with a scent), a pet (will oblige to deal with an animal - quite possibly, against his own will), flowers (they are appropriate on a birthday and at in the event of any personal victory).

What to give a man for the New Year - watch the video:

Do not forget that you can give impressions to any man for the New Year 2020. Yes, one-time, but often they are remembered for a long time - fireworks, youth congratulations from the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, a mini-carnival …

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