Findfish super net for fish: reviews, price, casting technique

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Findfish super net for fish: reviews, price, casting technique
Findfish super net for fish: reviews, price, casting technique

Review of the Findfish fish trap: where you can buy it and at what price, the main properties and design of the net, the rules of use and real reviews from professionals and amateurs. There are two options for the canvas in the Findfish trap:

  • Japanese fishing line with a diameter of 0.3 mm. Ideal for fresh waters with stagnant water without sharp stones and driftwood.
  • Capron with a diameter of 0.535 mm. A more resistant to damage canvas, which is suitable for fishing in places with a raised bottom, sharp stones, tree roots.

You can also order a mesh with different diameters of the aluminum ring. The smaller is 30 centimeters, the larger is 50 centimeters. The Findfish net with a large diameter differs from the tackle with a smaller ring in the ease of casting, as well as the wide perimeter of the water surface, which can be covered in one go.

The main positive quality of the Findfish Super Trap is that it is effective in all conditions. The device has been tested in various reservoirs and when fishing for all types of fish. It has been experimentally proven that the most successful use of this net for catching such fish species: crucian carp, carp, roach, trout, whitefish, bleak, podlesch, dace, grass carp, salmon, sabrefish, vendace, carp, grayling, ide, pike, bream, rudd, gudgeon, silverhead, chub, silver bream, tench, smelt, peled, minnow, muksun, lenok.

Findfish trap throwing technique

How to use the Findfish trap to catch fish

The principle of fishing with such a device is quite simple and resembles the use of an ordinary fishing net.

The Findfish casting technique is as follows:

  1. The net is assembled in a special way so that it can easily unfold on the fly.
  2. Then the trap in a horizontal position is thrown onto the surface of the water, like a parachute, and covers an area of ​​the corresponding diameter.
  3. After submerging the net partially to the bottom, after a certain time, it rises by means of a special cord, which is attached to the base.
  4. The cord tightens the mesh. This is how a “pouch” is formed, which the fish is no longer able to leave.
  5. On the shore, all that remains is to release the cord and collect the catch.

Tackle is easy to clean, dry and folds compactly. Its lifespan can be very long, since the material from which the Findfish net is made is extremely durable. Mold does not form on it, fungus does not grow, the canvas is not subject to decay.

An expert opinion on a fish trap

Findfish Fishing Net

The high efficiency and convenience of fishing with the Findfish net was appreciated not only by ordinary users and amateur fishermen. The unique design of the tackle has received accolades from professionals in the sport fishing industry.

Victor, sport fishing specialist

I have been sport fishing for over 20 years. Over the years, I have tried a lot of different gear, read articles on this topic, watched programs. Experienced various types of feeding, caught fish at different times of the day. At one of the meetings of professional fishermen, the new Findfish network was presented. We immediately became interested in her, as we saw something similar with fishermen in Asia. Only there are self-made, primitive nets, and here is a device that takes into account all the subtleties and nuances of fish behavior. I want to say that over the past three years of using this trap, I do not want to go back to other methods of fishing. This is the optimal solution, tackle, the most convenient to use, lightweight, maneuverable, and the result is amazing. Of course, at competitions I use other devices for fishing, and Findfish is for the soul, when we are going to fish with friends and just have a good time. I definitely recommend it to all amateurs!

Real Reviews of Findfish Fish Trap

Findfish Super Trap Reviews

In various thematic communities of fishermen, tackle, which has recently appeared on the territory of Russia, is actively discussed. Findfish reviews are mostly positive.

Sergey, 45 years old

I have never been an avid fisherman, rather, on an ad-hoc basis, “for the company”. Once I went with my friends for a night fishing and there I saw Findfish for the first time. I tried this net in practice and was amazed - I did not pull out so many fish at a time! I was sure before that this is possible only for true professionals. And here we, ordinary guys, even without feeding some kind of trained under 10 kilograms of fish in a couple of hours. Zhenya brought a whole bag of carp, roach, bream and even a couple of pikes. After that fishing, I immediately ordered Findfish on the Internet. Now we go fishing with pleasure with the whole family, we cook fish soup on the spot, and we also bring home a rich catch.

Nikolay, 39 years old

I live in Tuapse, often go fishing on a mountain river. In recent years, there have either become a lot of fishermen, or there have been fewer fish, but the catch is getting poorer every time. To be honest, it has become boring to spend hours sitting over a fishing rod, buying a bunch of feedings, tackle and all for the sake of a couple of fish for the whole day. Yes, and the wife says, they say, there is nothing to do there on such a fishing. Grumbles, but she herself gave me a new Findfish net for my birthday. With her, things immediately went smoothly! I didn’t know that so many fish can be found in our river - I pulled out such a large catch from the very first casting of the net. Now my wife no longer complains about my fruitless trips to the river, because I always return with a catch. And all thanks to Findfish.

Igor, 38 years old

We love to relax in nature with friends and families. We often take gear with us to go fishing on the local lake. But few of us are distinguished by big catches. Sometimes even the ear on the fire is not enough, except perhaps to sit for pleasure, to feed mosquitoes on the shore. Somehow on the Internet I found heated discussions of the fishermen of the new miracle tackle Findfish. I read all the reviews carefully and decided to order, especially since the Findfish price is quite affordable. Already on the next fishing trip, I was the "king of the party"! Friends jokingly complained that I caught all the fish with my net and they had nothing left. And I didn't even take top dressing - there was a sea of ​​fish in the net after each cast, even my hand was tired of dragging it. I fed everyone with fish soup, and my friends dismantled the fish home. Now to the lake only with Findfish!

The innovative Findfish fishing net is a great way to get rich catch with a minimum of effort. Its advantages have already been appreciated by fishermen all over the world, and finally the trap has reached our edges. It has a simple design, is easy to use and maintain, and guarantees the maximum catch of any type of fish in various reservoirs, regardless of weather conditions.

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