How to wear a noodle dress?

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How to wear a noodle dress?
How to wear a noodle dress?

What is a noodle dress? How to wear this wardrobe item correctly and what it can be combined with to always look fashionable and stylish.

Previously, the noodle dress was used as an underwear, but over time it gained the status of elegant and casual wear. Then it completely went out of fashion for a while. However, after some period, the noodle dress is confidently gaining popularity again and today it is one of the most relevant elements of the wardrobe.

A noodle dress is considered not only basic, but also simply an indispensable thing in a woman's wardrobe. And this is not surprising at all, because it can be combined with different shoes, outerwear and accessories. Most importantly, you need to learn how to choose the right length of the dress and combine it with other elements of clothing to create a stylish and harmonious look.

Noodle dress: model features

Two girls dressed in noodle dress

This model of dress acquires a special charm due to the uncomplicated straight cut, insert sleeves, which can be of different lengths. The product looks harmonious and stylish in combination with a belt or other accessories that favorably emphasize the beauty and slimness of the figure. In a noodle dress, girls always look modern, stylish, feminine, sexy and a little mysterious.

Recently, in the world of fashion, everything natural is gaining rapid popularity, so a knitted dress looks natural, attractive and simple. Soft and elastic fabric smoothly hugs a slim figure, giving the look more femininity and sophistication.

This dress is ideal not only for office work and business meetings, but also for walking around the city, going to the cinema, meeting friends in a cafe and dancing. For the manufacture of such a dress model, a knitted fabric with an elastic band and stretch fabrics - cotton, guipure, elastin, wool, viscose are used.

A narrow knitted noodle dress, which has several colors at once, looks very stylish and elegant, giving its owner more sophistication. A striped dress is considered a versatile and practical model, giving grace to the silhouette.

No less popular and monochromatic models, because they look both formal and very stylish, especially if they are correctly combined with accessories and exquisite jewelry that make the image harmonious and complete. Light-colored dresses are best suited for graceful and sophisticated brunettes, while dark-colored models are a great option for brown-haired women and brunettes.

Blue, green, mint, yellow and white dresses, made of fine fabric, allow you to create a light summer ensemble. Knitted dresses in purple, blue, black and dark brown will be the best option for the off-season and winter.

Models and styles of noodle dress: what is better to choose, photo

Two girls in noodle dress on a white background

The simplest and very popular style of a dress made of knitted fabric is a knee-length or midi-length fitting model with a small collar. In most cases, such a model is very narrow, but thanks to the use of elastic material, it stretches easily, so it will not hinder movement. While wearing this model, there is absolutely no feeling of discomfort.

Many girls prefer elongated models of noodle dresses that reach the ankle. In this case, such a model has a long sleeve and is more suitable for autumn, winter or spring. There are also short models. Very delicate and delicate materials are used to create sophisticated products for festive occasions. Moreover, they do not have sleeves, the neck is cut as low as possible.

Warmer and denser models with sleeves and a boat collar are no less popular. Such a product is just perfect for the cold season, when every girl wants to look feminine, seductive and sophisticated.

There is a very interesting point. Some are sure that a noodle dress is only suitable for those with a perfect slim figure. Of course, only a girl who does not suffer from overweight and has a proportional physique can afford a tight dress. However, there are also more free models, also made of their interesting striped fabric. Such products will reliably hide figures with minor flaws, and will emphasize only the advantageous sides.

For example, models with a tight-fitting top and a loose skirt look very interesting. It is recommended to complement such a dress with a thin belt-string, which will help to emphasize the waist. The style of the dress, the length of which is slightly below the knee, looks great on overweight girls.

If you want to replenish your wardrobe with a stylish and fashionable noodle dress, first of all you need to decide which model you prefer - short or long. The choice depends only on the characteristics of the figure and your height, including the shoes and accessories that you wear most often.

Long dress noodles - what to combine

Long noodle dress options

Even the longest product is not sewn to the floor length, the only exceptions are those outfits that are intended for going out and festive events. For everyday use, it is best to choose dresses that are ankle-length. This model sits perfectly on girls with long and slender legs. The product can be made in different colors - for example, terracotta, eggplant, blue, beige or black.

Stylists advise wearing a long dress in early autumn or on cool summer evenings, when there is no sweltering heat outside, but the weather still allows you to walk without warm clothes. It is best to choose shoes with wide and low heels for this style; ankle boots would be an excellent option. But it is the ankle boots that should be chosen with a thin, medium-length heel. The noodle dress looks interesting in combination with a neat fur trim. Such a model in combination with sneakers looks no less stylish and modern, and a backpack bag or a large soft bag would be ideal as accessories.

If you already feel gusts of cold enough wind outside, pair the noodle dress with a short jacket. Leather jackets, leather jackets, which are in the wardrobe of almost every fashionista, look very stylish with such a face.

You can tie a beautiful scarf of a bright shade around your neck, because in combination with such a model it will be an excellent alternative to beads or a pendant. Remember, long styles of dresses are ideally combined with simple and laconic accessories that do not attract much attention, but create an interesting accent. For example, flat shoes, thin-rimmed glasses, or a plain scarf are great options.

How to wear a short noodle dress?

Examples of a short noodle dress

Not every girl decides to wear a short and tight dress, because this option is more suitable for creative and daring fashionistas who are not afraid of experiments. Subject to some subtleties, this model is perfect for both young fashionistas and older ladies, contrary to the popular belief that adult women should not open their knees.

If the model is chosen for a young girl, its length can reach mid-thigh. For middle-aged and older women, it is better to opt for a cut with a length just above the knee. You can combine the dress with tight black tights or leggings. But for cold weather, skinny pants are ideal.

This model will be a real salvation for autumn and spring days, when unstable weather reigns outside. The dress looks very interesting with high boots. It is best for the boots and dress to be the same color, but in different shades - for example, dark red boots and a cherry dress, blue-black boots and a deep purple dress.

Black or red boots with a beige dress look great together. A short dress is ideally combined with an accessory such as a strict little handbag. A great addition to the set will be a bright large piece of jewelry - for example, a brooch, pendant or pendant. Use a narrow waistband to highlight a thin waist.

A knitted cardigan that goes well with a short noodle dress becomes an indispensable item for cold days.

There is another interesting variety of short noodle dress made of ribbed fabric - a sweater dress. A very interesting and intriguing image is obtained if such a dress is combined with high boots or shoes with a thin stiletto heel. To divert attention from small flaws in the figure, it is better to choose a model with prominent patterns, made in large knit or in an oversized style.

What can I wear with a noodle dress?

Pairing a noodle dress with other wardrobe items

The throated model helps to create a stylish and feminine look. The growth visually lengthens, the waist seems thinner, the volume of the chest is added. This style goes well with stiletto heels and high boots. An off-the-shoulder product will make your look more original and romantic. At first glance, this may seem a little defiant and shocking, but the use of light and unobtrusive accessories will give the image more mystery.

Today there are many options for cutting, decoration and color content of dresses. It is from the length of the product that its style is determined, as well as belonging to a certain direction. A short dress will give a feminine look more lightness and a little playfulness. Such a model will become simply an irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe, because it will come in handy at any time of the year.

Long dress noodles will add more efficiency and formality. Don't be afraid to wear such a thing to a party, gala event or disco. Most importantly, you need to choose the right not only accessories, but also other items of clothing. Use a knitted shawl or scarf, watches with a narrow strap, and jewelry that is natural.

Stylists advise combining such a dress with high-heeled shoes - for example, ankle boots, boots and shoes made of genuine leather, which can be of a wide variety of shades. A noodle dress, just below the knee, looks harmoniously with a classic rectangular bag or a clutch bag. Such a product is appreciated precisely because it emphasizes the beauty and seductive curves of the female body.

To emphasize your own feminine charm and make the image complete, you can use thin fishnet tights, a narrow or wide leather belt, a light scarf or silk scarf, beads in several strands, etc. If you want to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of representatives of the opposite floor, pair a lurex noodle dress and a plain knitted scarf. These simple accessories help to highlight your sense of style and express your own personality.

Multicolored and bright dresses should not be combined with very catchy fishnet tights. To create a harmonious look, the best option would be thin and monochromatic tights, accessories and jewelry in calm and restrained shades.

It is better to combine a noodle dress of a strict dark color with bright jewelry made of precious metals, wood or stone. Dresses of light shades with a black belt, monochromatic accessories look interesting and stylish.Use a creative approach when creating an image, and then you can achieve uniqueness and originality.

If you want to add more attractiveness and elegant sophistication to the image, you should use light and delicate jewelry, the color of which should match the shade of the dress. You need to listen not only to the advice of stylists, but also to the tips of your own intuition, as well as your existing taste preferences, then you can definitely create a stylish and fashionable image.

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