A life dedicated to people - Brezme Vladimir Nikolaevich

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A life dedicated to people - Brezme Vladimir Nikolaevich
A life dedicated to people - Brezme Vladimir Nikolaevich

Dr. Brezme, the first sexopathologist of the Chernihiv region, a short biography, books about him.

Sexual health is an essential component of overall human health. And if it is at the proper level, everything in the family and life will go well! In other words, everyone's sexual health is a strong, resilient and, if you will, spiritual nation. It is not without reason that it is said: "A healthy mind is in a healthy body!"

About Vladimir Nikolaevich Brezma


Doctor-sex therapist of the highest category Brezme Vladimir Nikolaevich

The famous Chernihiv doctor-sex therapist of the highest category Vladimir Nikolaevich Brezme is already under eighty. He is rightfully considered one of the first sexopathologists in Ukraine, the organizer of the sexopathological service in the Chernihiv region. He devoted more than 50 years to the treatment and correction of sexual disorders in people who have lost their sexual and, as a result, mental health. Thanks to his professional help in the treatment of male infertility, many families in the city and the region have healed happily, with confidence in their future.

Vladimir Nikolaevich was born in Chernigov in 1940. His father was a participant in the Great Patriotic War, then worked as a driver for many years. The mother was in charge of the household. Vladimir Nikolaevich studied well at school, although his health was not strong. At the age of 8, the kidneys became seriously ill, but the attending doctor turned out to be a good specialist, he managed to cope with the disease. And from that time on, he began to dream about the profession of a doctor.

In the meantime, it was necessary to study. In the senior classes for 3 years, weekly on Fridays, he passed polytechnic education on the basis of a bus-taxi fleet, acquired working specialties of a locksmith of the 4th grade and a driver of the 3rd grade. Much later they came in handy for him.

He did not forget his dream and after school decided to enter a medical institute. But which one? It didn't take long to think. A neighbor, a third-year student of the Ternopil State Medical Institute, AI Buklan, the future head of the forensic medical expert bureau of the Chernihiv region, came for the holidays. He advised me to go to Ternopil.

And after graduating from the Chernigov 8th school with a silver medal, Vladimir Nikolaevich went to enter the State Ternopil Medical Institute, chose the medical faculty. In those years, the Ternopil Medical Institute was popular in Ukraine, so it is not at all surprising that many Chernihiv residents studied there. Later, Vladimir Nikolaevich never regretted his choice.

While studying, he did not forget about his personal, while still in his hometown he met a girl who also dreamed of becoming a doctor, and already married her as a student. His chosen one was Lyudmila Ivanovna Bondarenko, who worked as a nurse in the Chernihiv regional hospital. And after graduating from the Faculty of Biology at Kiev University, she became the first cytologist at the Chernihiv Regional Pathological Bureau. Together they lived for 50 years and celebrated a golden wedding, put their son and daughter on their feet, helped raise their granddaughter. Unfortunately, Lyudmila Ivanovna fell seriously ill and died in October 2012 at the age of 69.

After studying for six years, Vladimir Nikolaevich received a diploma as a medical doctor and returned to his hometown. According to the distribution, he was sent to the Chernihiv Regional Psychoneurological Hospital. It was there that his labor activity began in August 1966.

Then there was an acute question about the need to train specialized doctors to help patients with sexual dysfunctions.The sexologist's office at the dispensary department of the Chernihiv neuropsychiatric hospital already existed, but the reception was carried out by three different specialists: a urologist, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist. The specialists coped with the assigned tasks, but they needed a single “generalist” doctor with the necessary special knowledge.

This would greatly alleviate the situation of patients who are forced to "knock" from office to office with their problem requiring a careful and tactful attitude. And when there was an urgent need for such a specialist, Vladimir Nikolayevich agreed to master the "exotic", then practically little-known specialty of a sex therapist. Three-month courses of primary specialization took place at the Kharkov Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors on the basis of the Department of Psychotherapy, headed by Professor I.Z. Velvovsky. And after the successful completion of the courses, he returned to his native Chernigov already with the knowledge of a sexopathologist.

All subsequent years, doctor-sex therapist V.N. Brezme gave the workers of the Chernihiv region, helping them to maintain their sexual and mental health. It was difficult to start, though. Officials of the city administration negatively perceived the very idea of ​​promoting sexology, which, as a science, studies the physiological, psychological and social aspects of sexual life.

Once Vladimir Nikolaevich wrote a lecture for doctors about the peculiarities of human sexual relations. But first I had to give it to the House of Health Education for review (there was such an institution in those years). The reviewer turned out to be a medical assistant, who scrawled the entire lecture in horror with a red pencil, and crossed out the word "testicles" (how can you write that!).

And one of the former secretaries of the district party committee, who worked as a censor, called his "Memo for the newlyweds" debauchery, agitation and propaganda of an unhealthy lifestyle. Now Vladimir Nikolaevich recalls this with a smile, but then such an attitude to his professional activity really hurt his pride. I had to coordinate this memo with the regional party committee, fortunately, there were reasonable people and gave the go-ahead to the propaganda of "debauchery and an unhealthy way of life."

During the period of his work as a deputy chief physician for the medical part of a psychiatric hospital, his duties included work on monitoring the work of psychiatric offices of regional hospitals. Medical advice was provided to them with the help of planned visits of a team consisting of a child psychiatrist and a statistician with visits to district hospitals, paramedic and obstetric points, where the state of free medication for mentally ill patients was checked, questions of dispensary observation of them (war invalids, a group inclined to social dangerous actions, etc.). Provided organizational and methodological assistance to psychiatric hospitals in the districts of the region (Volkovskaya, Prilutsk district and Levonkovskaya, Chernigov district), a psychiatric department in Semyonovka.

Many men of the Chernihiv region owe Dr. Brezma their sexual health, cure for infertility. And the wives of the cured, for obvious reasons, ran to him with joyful words that children were growing in the family, the husband had become an exemplary family man and quit drinking alcohol. Vladimir Nikolaevich told with a smile a case when a woman came to him and complained that after treatment her husband often began to disappear from a neighbor. "It is not at all sinful to laugh at what seems ridiculous!" However, this curiosity is seen as a high assessment of the work of Dr. V.N. Brezme. The first, only and permanent regional sex therapist.

Even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was the permanent representative of the All-Union Coordination Meeting on Sexopathology. The high level of his professional training is evidenced by the characteristic issued by the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Health of the RSFSR.It contains the following words: “V.N. Brezme is a mature, independent and critical-minded sex therapist clinician. It was not for nothing that men from different parts of the Soviet Union turned to him with their problems.

The authoritative opinion of Doctor Brezme is still being listened to today, often he is invited to lecture on sexual health in specialized and higher educational institutions in Chernigov.

Description of books about Dr. Brezm

Book about Dr. Brezma

In 2017, the Chernihiv writer Vitaliy Topchiy wrote the book “Doctor Brezme. Life is dedicated to people. " It tells in detail about the professional work of Dr. Brezme, how in the 60s of the last century the profession of a sexopathologist became in Ukraine, what a wary attitude the authorities had towards it. After all, there was no sex in the Soviet Union, it was the corrupting influence of the West! And how difficult it was for Vladimir Nikolaevich to break the established stereotypes of local leaders and the population towards his profession.

The book received recognition, and now, thanks to sponsors, the second, significantly expanded edition “About Sexual Life. Viewed from Dr. Brezme."

The annotation to it says: “The book is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to the professional work of a recognized Chernihiv sex therapist. Along with the interviews and speeches of Dr. Brezme in the Chernigov media, as well as articles characterizing his sanitary and educational work, there are three letters from the doctor's patients, which were not in the previous edition. Having read this "cry of a man's soul", one cannot remain indifferent to someone else's misfortune. A special section is devoted to the doctor's answers to numerous "tricky" questions of people (there was no such section in the first edition) who attended his lectures held in various institutions in Chernigov and the region.

The second part of the book is mostly biographical. Here is the biography of V.N.Brezme, brief information about his family, photos from the family album, diplomas, reviews of people who know the doctor and his family well. It also contains a review of the first edition of the book by the Chernigov journalist S. Dziuba.

The book is recommended for people who are not indifferent to their sexual health, who want to have a strong, healthy family in order to live happily ever after in harmony with themselves and the world around them."

Dr. Brezme, the first and only sexopathologist in the Chernihiv region, is still full of energy and accepts patients in a neuropsychiatric dispensary. Here he organized his office and received the first patients back in 1966! We hope that he will stay for a long time at his post so necessary for people!

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