How to choose a dress for the New Year 2020

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How to choose a dress for the New Year 2020
How to choose a dress for the New Year 2020

Requirements for a festive outfit. How to choose a dress for the New Year 2020: what the rat likes, what astrologers advise, suitable models for the zodiac sign. What to wear for a corporate party?

A dress for the New Year is a must-have attribute of the holiday. Without it, a woman will feel out of place. There is an opinion that it is necessary to pick it up solely from considerations of how to appease the creature whose year is coming. The dress for the New Year 2020 should be stylish, extraordinary and white, although the latter is not at all necessary. But if you want to really appease the Rat, then you will have to try, picking up an outfit of the color that she likes.

Dress requirements for the New Year of the Rat 2020

New Year's dresses 2020

The symbol of the upcoming 2020 is the white metal rat. Its main features are: ambition, purposefulness, self-esteem, desire for wealth, bright sexuality, social activity. Based on this, it is worth choosing a festive outfit for yourself.

Dress for New Year 2020 should be:

  • White, gray, silver, golden… You can also choose a model in green or blue. If you do not like any of the proposed options, it does not matter, choose an outfit to your liking, but pay attention that something shiny is sure to be present in it. But the ideal color of a dress for the New Year is any metallic or with inserts of silver or golden material.
  • Natural fabrics… Synthetics are not honored in 2020, which is very good. There are many natural fabrics that look great - wool, silk, linen, satin. It is also beneficial for the body.
  • Convenient… The styles of dresses for the New Year are any, as long as they are comfortable. Lush skirts dragging along the floor, tight bodices with lacing - all this is not to the Rat's liking. But this does not mean that the dress should be simple to the point of primitiveness. Don't go to extremes. Models of dresses for the New Year can be the most sophisticated. One thing is important: for a woman to be comfortable in a dress.

Note! Dresses for the New Year look nontrivial for a girl with one shoulder open. The model can be as simple as possible - without unnecessary decorations, but this element will add spice to the outfit, especially if there is some kind of cape on top.

Astrologers' recommendations on how to choose a New Year's dress

Dresses for New Year 2020

If you trust the "astrologers", then they will advise everyone: their recommendations are sometimes confusing. But remember, the Rat is, like a person, what he thinks about now and what he will do the next second, it is impossible to predict, so it is not forbidden to experiment. And treat all subsequent advice with a little irony. After all, no one ever takes what astrologers say about clothing seriously.

So tips:

  1. Combine a short tunic dress and colorful leggings. So you will kill two birds with one stone - cheer up the symbol of the New Year and look feminine. The rat is a smart and funny animal, so give it a holiday. It is not recommended to wear full leggings.
  2. Choose a beautiful dress for the New Year with a fluffy skirt, for example, made of natural chiffon. It will look rich - just what the Rat likes. She loves to eat, and the fluffy hem is a symbol of generosity and wealth. True, not everyone will suit, so choose depending on the shape.
  3. The top of the dress is with voluminous sleeves. The skirt, respectively, is a pencil or any other, but not fluffy. And do not forget about the color: white - it suits everyone. Having met the New Year in such an outfit, you will provide yourself with personal happiness. Ideal for slender girls and women.
  4. A little black dress is also allowed, but make sure that it contains "gold", at least in the form of an insert - lurex, with sequins or sequins, or a shiny braid along the hem. In extreme cases, so that the Rat does not get angry when he sees you in a black outfit, sewing with golden thread is enough. And it's perfect if you wear gold or gold-colored jewelry. A little black dress with this decor will attract money to you. Financial success in large endeavors is guaranteed.

Do not choose dresses for New Year 2020 with a leopard print: the Rat will not like it. The length of the mini must be adequate. The rat is conservative, so at least once a year, be a symbol of innocence and chastity. The ideal length of a dress for this New Year for a woman is midi or maxi.

But the dress for a girl for the New Year 2020 can be anything. Follow the color recommendations, and let the child choose the rest. Add sequins: Use glittery tinsel in gold or silver to create the cuffs and collar. And if you decide not to sew a rat costume separately, then put a headband with mouse ears on the girl's head.

Dresses for the New Year 2020 by zodiac signs

Dresses for the New Year 2020 by zodiac signs

There are many contradictions here. So, the colors that the Rat loves are not suitable for all signs of the zodiac, so you have to compromise. For the rest, you should listen to yourself: in any case, it is stupid to wear something that does not suit you. It will not add points and make the person funny.

What dresses are recommended for girls of this or that zodiac sign:

  • Pisces, cancer, scorpion. Water marks… Scorpio girls, choose delicate, feminine outfits, crayfish - add romance, fish are recommended to buy a white dress for the New Year 2020.
  • Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn. Earth signs… White is for a calf, a laconic outfit is for a virgin, it is recommended for a Capricorn to complement the image with massive jewelry.
  • Leo, Aries, Sagittarius. Fire signs… The golden range is perfect for everyone. Lionesses are advised to celebrate the New Year in the most luxurious dress they can buy.
  • Aquarius, Gemini, Libra. Air signs… Give preference to airy dresses in light shades. Twins can mix styles.

How to choose a dress for a New Year's corporate party?

Here you should definitely not rely on the recommendations of astrologers, but the interests of the symbol of 2020 can be taken into account. A dress for the New Year for a corporate party is selected according to the type of figure, status, style, age. It is also important to combine 2 looks in one - official and New Year's, so as not to look like a black sheep.

Shape type

Dress for the type of figure rectangle for the New Year

Before choosing an outfit for the New Year, be sure to specify how the corporate party will be held. It's one thing to go to a restaurant, and quite another to go to a ski lodge to a hunting lodge. In the first case, an evening dress for the New Year will be more than appropriate. But in the second, you will have to dress warmly, and from the attributes to grab only gold tinsel and mouse ears.

If you think you know exactly how to dress properly, you are most likely wrong. We are all prone to extremes: either we idealize ourselves and put on everything, or we think we are not slender enough, putting on a baggy semblance of clothing.

Choosing a dress for the New Year 2020 by body type:

  1. Apple… Fitted models that expand downward are suitable.
  2. Pear… For such a figure, a neckline is required - a V-shaped or square, fitted model with a not fluffy skirt.
  3. Rectangle… It is important to emphasize the chest and hips. To do this, choose dresses with a V-neck and be sure to be fitted or wear a belt.

Important! Do not wear a short dress for the New Year for a corporate party: this is not decent, plus the symbol of 2020 will not approve of this.


Expensive dresses for the New Year 2020

When choosing an outfit, always remember who you are. Everything is simple here: someone can afford second-hand clothes, while for others it is unacceptable. And not because second is bad, just the status does not allow.

In other words, if you are a company executive, senior manager, deputy chief executive, commercial director, or any other senior position, you will have to dress accordingly. Buy clothes in boutiques or sew to order in well-known ateliers from expensive and high-quality fabrics using the best accessories.

For those who hold mass positions, you can dress for the New Year anywhere:

  • Inexpensive dresses for the New Year can be purchased at Aliexpress. Only when ordering, consider the delivery time. Otherwise, you risk being left at a corporate party without new clothes.
  • Another option is to sew a dress for the New Year with your own hands or in an inexpensive atelier. This is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd by ordering an unusual model or by developing it with an atelier employee. You just have to study fashion magazines first.

Dress style

Empire style dress for New Year

Always rely on this aspect when buying yourself any clothing, especially a dress. For a corporate party, it is not necessary to wear something strict: it all depends on the setting where the event will take place, and on the traditions that have developed in the team. You should definitely not be excessively naked. Everything else, including something shocking, is allowed.

Dress styles for New Year 2020:

  1. Vintage or "The Great Gatsby"… The fitted silhouette, barely covered knees, asymmetrical or complex hemline, neat neckline - all these elements create a feminine, sophisticated and sophisticated image. Often, such dresses are sewn from weightless silk, adorned with embroidery from beads or rhinestones. For graceful ladies with a good figure, this is the best option.
  2. Classic or business… Do not be surprised, this may be an evening dress for the New Year. The style does not accept frivolity: no ruffles, flounces, frills. All lines are extremely strict and laconic. Such dresses are sewn only from high-quality fabrics, complementing them with no less high-quality accessories. The colors are chosen with great care. Suitable for any type of figure.
  3. Empire style… The waist of such dresses is overstated, the neckline is open, there are no sleeves. This is an example of femininity.
  4. "Hourglass"… This style is typical for bridal fashion. But no one bothers to buy such a dress for the New Year. True, you will have to watch it in the bridal salon. Often these dresses are called “for the second day”. They can be of different colors, with or without sleeves - it is easy to choose what you like best and most of all.
  5. New look or "hourglass" in a modern way… Dresses in this style are universal: they can be worn at a business meeting, including corporate, and for a holiday, and even a wedding. The length of the hem - slightly covers the knee, the upper part without excessive pretentiousness, with or without a neckline, with or without sleeves. Such models will suit slim ladies. These dresses are sewn from fabrics of pastel shades.


Festive dress for New Year 2020

What a girl can do is unacceptable for a woman. No matter how good the youth model is, but on a lady aged 40+ it will be inappropriate.

The rule works the other way too. If a young girl wears a dress for New Year 2020, which is intended for a woman much older, it will add to her years.

Where to buy a dress for the New Year?

Where to buy a dress for the New Year

You can buy fashionable dresses for the New Year in offline and online stores. But remember, in order for the outfit to fit the figure, you need to try it on. And the online store does not provide just this opportunity.

In addition, when ordering things on Aliexpress, you get a pig in a poke. Often, dresses look far from the ones in the photographs presented, they are made of disgusting fabrics and it is a shame to wear them even at home. This is the payback for the low price.

The Year of the Rat, like any other animal, is repeated once every 12 years. You can afford to buy a beautiful expensive thing, and each time you adapt it using fashionable accessories - handbags, scarves, expensive jewelry.

Remember to wear the right makeup for the occasion. Do not forget to experiment with hair and shoes, and every year of the Rat you will have a new outfit, almost not like the old one.

It's different with dresses for girls. Children grow up quickly, so every year you have to buy a new one. But this does not mean that you can save money on your child by buying mediocre clothes for him. Order an outfit in the atelier, and buy the fabric yourself, or use the rental service. Do not leave your child without a holiday. You can buy ready-made children's dresses for the New Year in specialized stores, and if you get into the promotional week, you will also save a lot.

How to choose a dress for the New Year - watch the video:

Happy Year of the Rat! Let it, regardless of the dress, be bright and rich. After all, this animal according to the eastern calendar is the personification of intelligence, good mood, financial well-being and family happiness.

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