What to give a woman for the New Year 2020

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What to give a woman for the New Year 2020
What to give a woman for the New Year 2020

Features of choosing a holiday present, how to package and present it? What to give a woman for the New Year 2020: the best ideas and tips.

A New Year's gift for a woman is a must-have attribute of the holiday. On December days, there is excitement around, tinsel, garlands, an unusual smell of pine or spruce for the house, and all this creates an exciting atmosphere of magic and miracles. Therefore, the ladies are waiting for surprises no less than the kids. And our task is to maintain this mood among our loved ones.

How to choose a gift for a woman for the New Year 2020?

How to choose at for a woman for the New Year 2020

The coming year will be held under the auspices of the Metal Rat. Therefore, many souvenirs and presents are "sharpened" for this symbol. The hand reaches out to such objects, because it is traditionally believed that the symbol of the year will bring good luck and a lot of other useful things. However, here it is worth considering: does the person being done have a feeling of disgust, rejection or fear of mice and rats? If any are present, such a gift to a woman for the New Year may not cause the warmest feelings.

Make sure that the present does not make the girl feel complex. Avoid giving away skincare products that address your appearance issues, such as anti-aging cream, acne mask, anti-dandruff shampoo, anti-cellulite serum, and more.

Do not dwell on such gifts for the New Year as a gym membership, floor scales, home exercise machine. All these, of course, are necessary things, but a woman can interpret such care as a hint of a bad figure. The exceptions are cases when you were asked for just such a present, or you know for sure that a lady wants a certain product, but cannot purchase it herself.

Take the time to decorate your gift. After all, even an expensive thing may not produce the expected effect due to an unsuccessful presentation. The simplest packaging option is a gift box. You can put filler on the bottom (long wood chips or sisal), add New Year's decor (miniature wooden snowflakes, mittens, snow-covered houses, sprigs of fresh nobilis, Christmas balls, toppers).

If a beautiful box is not at hand, wrapping paper, floristic film, foil, multi-colored tracing paper, organza will come to the rescue. Add a bow from a wide ribbon on top, and to it attach a postcard with several sentences written from the heart - about what will touch a woman, about her old dreams or plans, about what only a loved one can know.

Take the time to seize the moment and discreetly place the present under the tree. Positive emotions are guaranteed.

New Year Gift Ideas for Women

Every woman, regardless of age, remembers the touching children's faith in Santa Claus and his generous gifts. Therefore, it is important to think in advance what to give for the New Year 2020 to expensive representatives of the weaker sex. And then go shopping right away, because during the pre-New Year period, goods fly off almost instantly, delivery services are slow due to heavy workloads, and the days rush at a gallop. Next are the best New Year gift ideas for women.

Gifts for mom for the New Year

Gift for mom for the New Year

We've known mom longer than any other person. Why not play with this fact? Surely in the home archive there are enough general photos and videos from the moment of mother's pregnancy to the present day. Make a video of them with warm and funny comments, with your pleasant memories and with gratitude. Move you to tears, that's for sure.

What to give mom for the New Year:

  1. A voucher to a sanatorium. Relaxing and changing the environment is useful at any age, and even for mothers who give all their strength to work, home, children, and even more so.There she will be able to enjoy the absence of household worries, relax on pleasant wellness procedures, finally finish reading an interesting book, think about future plans and recharge with energy for their implementation. Cheaper analogues of the sanatorium will be a course of medical or general massage, a visit to the salt room, a hydromassage foot bath, and a set of aromatic oils for the bath.
  2. Self-development courses. Yes, yes, such a thing is needed at any age, and not only in the period of youth. For mom, yoga classes, in-depth study of a computer, language courses, memory training, a culinary master class may be relevant. This will help her in her work, give her self-confidence, invigorate and remind her that it is never too late to learn.
  3. The usefulness of the house. Have you noticed how your mom likes to spend time? If behind a TV, buy her a subscription to interesting channels, a smart set-top box or a satellite dish. Or maybe she enjoys cooking and has long wanted a grill or a thin pancake pan? Gifts for mom for the New Year will not be superfluous in everyday life, such as bed linen, towels with personal embroidery, a home suit or soft bathrobe, a multifunctional clock with illumination, an electric dryer for clothes, a kettle, a set of glasses / plates, an electronic photo frame. Just 10-20 minutes of reflection before bedtime - and you will find the perfect presentation for your loved one.

New Year's gifts for the girl

New Year'st for a girl

To pleasantly surprise your soul mate, you will have to show a little imagination and remember romance. Add a sincere declaration of love, heart balloons, cupids to any gift.

What to give a girl for the New Year:

  • An unusual evening for two. And it doesn't have to be dinner prepared by a man. Arrange a joint relaxation, a picnic in the snow, an evening of pleasant memories, play board games for your desire, give each other a foot massage. The main thing is to think over and organize such leisure.
  • Something soft. A human-sized teddy bear immediately comes to mind, but the romantic assortment is not limited to it. Surely the girl will love a pillow in the shape of a heart or with a printed joint photo. She will also appreciate a pair of sweatshirts with funny and cute prints.
  • Dream come true… Perhaps the girl has long wanted to record her own song, get a tattoo, jump with a parachute, do a nude photo session, ride a sports car? Make a similar gift for a girl for the New Year, and you are guaranteed to see delight.
  • Practical things… If the donee is a supporter of rational gifts, take a look at such goods: an advanced set for manicure and pedicure, a curling iron or a hair straightener, a collection of mini perfumes, a bag / clutch / backpack, hair jewelry, an accessory to the gadget - an external battery, a selfie stick, stylish headphones, gloves, in which you can use the touch screen without any problems.

Note! If you know a girl not very long ago and have not had time to study her tastes, take a look at her social networks. There may be a completed wishlist or personal preference information.

What to give a friend?

New Year'st for a friend

Friends often know each other's "headaches" very well. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a present for a friend, you just need to listen to her more closely during everyday conversations.

What to give a friend for the New Year 2020:

  • Fun until you drop… It can be a gift card at karaoke, for a salsa lesson, bowling, a bathhouse, a quest room, a paintball game, or a performance of your favorite comedians.
  • Product from 18+ store. Perhaps she wanted something from this range, but hesitated to buy. Come to the rescue. If you don't want to go to a sex shop, order the product online. However, remember that such a gift for a friend for the New Year is appropriate only if it is made by a girl, not a man. Then it will be possible to laugh together at the chosen subject and avoid ambiguous moments and misunderstandings.
  • A useful gift. For example, an illuminated mirror, a beautiful cosmetic bag, a certificate for a beauty procedure. If the girl smokes, present a hookah or e-cigarette accessories. A good option is cool pajamas, a fun New Year's outfit, ski goggles, and inflatable tubing sleds.

Holiday gifts for daughter

New Year'st for daughter

When choosing a present, what to give a daughter for the New Year, the main criterion is his age. Indeed, at the age of 3 and 10, the interests of the child will be radically different.

You can give crumbs:

  • Bizikub;
  • play tent;
  • interactive pet;
  • toy prototype of household appliances;
  • constructor;
  • musical toy.

If the child is older, a good gift for your daughter for the New Year:

  • fashionable toy (Lol doll, unicorn, shopkins and so on);
  • a set for creativity (components for making slime, thermal mosaic, coloring by numbers);
  • doll mannequin for weaving hairstyles;
  • baby-born and clothes for him;
  • magnetic board;
  • snow blaster.

What can you give your teenage daughter for the New Year:

  • modern transport (hoverboard, electric unicycle, bicycle with maximum tire width);
  • wireless headphones;
  • portable speaker;
  • a welcome gadget;
  • the first cosmetics;
  • a series of fascinating books;
  • tickets for a concert of your favorite band;
  • pet, if the child is ready to take full responsibility for the animal.

In addition to a material present, give your child festive emotions. Take to the New Year's performance, order a visit from Santa Claus, pay for a master class on making a Christmas tree decoration. When else will such moments give you so much joy than in childhood?

New Year's gifts for wife

New yeart to wife

It would seem that over the years of your relationship, everything has already been donated: chains-rings, household appliances, perfumes, handbags, going to restaurants and to performances. But time does not stand still, more and more unique products appear on the market, and we ourselves develop and change our own tastes. Therefore, gift ideas for the New Year 2020 are sure to be found.

Take a closer look at these options:

  1. New to the house. She may not even guess that window handles have already been invented, which inform how dusty the air is in the room and whether it is time to ventilate, show the weather forecast. Or, for example, a compact oven, in which cameras are mounted to monitor the state of a cooking dish on the phone from anywhere in the apartment.
  2. Travel. Even if such a gift for the New Year does not surprise the wife too much, she will receive a lot of new emotions from the tour itself. After all, our planet is rather big, and for a wow effect it is enough to choose a more exotic place than the location of the previous trip.
  3. Delicious boxing. Cardboard or wooden boxes with edible filling are now at the peak of popularity, this is a good presentation option for what to give your wife for the New Year. You just have to choose the color scheme of the gift and its filling: your half's favorite coffee or champagne, chocolate, macaroon cakes, gingerbread and more. Themed cake, delicate cupcakes, a bouquet of fruits, vegetables, open chocolate, marshmallows and other sweets will be no less delicious presents.

The last point is the most difficult to "miss", because a rare woman is indifferent to sweets. And the variety of such presents will make your beloved happy for at least several years in a row.

Gifts for sister for New Year 2020

New Year'st for sister

Sister, most likely, is close to you in age, you know each other inside and out, which means that it will not be difficult to choose a good present. Better to stop at the top categories.

What to give your sister for the New Year:

  • Education. Starting from a weekly intensive promotion on Instagram, a floristry marathon to a full-fledged course on eyelash extension and make-up. Here it is important to take into account the directions that are relevant for a relative - so that knowledge and skills become useful in her hobby or work.
  • A cool gift for my sister for the New Year… If she loves and appreciates humor, buy kigurumi pajamas. These are warm sleeping suits in the shape of a funny animal. Canned socks, chewing gum from the "Pofigin Forte" or "Pendalgin Extra" series, a telescopic spoon, fur headphones with a 3D image will be no less interesting present.
  • A subject for outdoor activities and sports. Here you can focus not only on your favorite activities, but also on what your sister has never tried. Think tennis racket, ice skating, fitness tracker, twister game, picnic set. You can also present a memory board on the refrigerator, a scratch-off map of the world, a lightbox, a photo shoot, a scarf or gloves, a cosmetic set.

Holiday gifts for grandmother

New Year'st for grandmother

Grandmothers are called earthly angels. If you have such a gift, you need the very best. When choosing it, it is important to show maximum care.

Good options for what to give your grandmother for the New Year may be:

  • "Cozy warmth". It is not for nothing that they say that with age it becomes more and more difficult to maintain normal heat exchange in the body. Put sheepskin slippers, a soft blanket or blanket, an electric sheet under the tree for granny. Or maybe she doesn't have enough heating at home? Then a wall heater will come in handy. It is not scary to seem banal here, because these are the things that will make every day more comfortable.
  • Health care. For example, a certificate to a pharmacy, simple exercise equipment such as an expander, a paid yoga course, medical equipment from a number of tonometer, glucometer, and the like. A good table lamp will help preserve your eyesight and read the subscribed newspaper with sufficient lighting.
  • Delicious gift… The most appropriate will be presentable baskets of dried fruits, various cookies and chocolates - everything that will delight you during winter teas.
  • Practical things… When choosing a gift for your grandmother for the New Year, pay attention to an electric kettle, a robot vacuum cleaner, a multicooker, a set of everyday dishes, a wide scarf on the back, like a shawl, a certificate to a general goods store for the home.

Note! You can also give your grandmother tickets to the theater, concert or exhibition.

Gift for the head for the New Year

Gift for a woman leader for the New Year

Here you will have to move from simple and cute presents to the category of status ones. And of course, they will not be cheap, so it is logical to buy a gift from the whole team.

Take a look at brand stores and choose a gift for the manager for the New Year from a number of:

  • Bags and haberdashery. Look for a quality laptop bag or briefcase, a wallet made of extraordinary leather, a business card holder.
  • Business class stationery… Pay attention to diaries, e-notebooks, branded pens, all sorts of organizers.
  • Business decor. This is what will make the executive's office more interesting and comfortable. For example, tabletop anti-stress, a reproduction of a famous painting, a wall clock or a vase in an unusual design.

Business training courses are what else to give a woman leader for the New Year from subordinates. Master classes on brand development and personal growth, public speaking, management psychology, promotion of goods and services on the Internet are very popular now.

Remind the boss where it began and how her business developed - in photographs, facts, figures, stories of those employees who stood at the origins of the company. It can be a fascinating literary story, a short film, or a photo collage. But it must be done at a high level. If you do not have enough skills to implement such an idea, it is better to contact the professionals.

Gift ideas for colleagues

Gift for colleagues for the New Year

When it comes to one or two employees, you should try to guess with a present, and not give something "for show". Accessories for work will be quite appropriate: a calculator, a new form, an original calendar, a mini-player, a set of office supplies. Gifts for colleagues for the New Year will be more effective if they relate to personal space and recreation.For example, a frame for a photo, a cartoon to order, a board game, a composition made by oneself.

In the case when gifts for the New Year 2020 need to be presented to a large number of employees, universal presents will come to the rescue:

  • indoor plant;
  • a set of hand-made soap;
  • hair and body care products;
  • unusual Christmas tree decorations;
  • professional drawing of the team.

Since colleagues usually exchange congratulations on the eve of a holiday, and not at magical midnight, champagne decorated like Santa Claus, sweets, glasses, elements of a fancy dress, and miniature decorated Christmas trees will be a useful gift.

What to give a woman for the New Year - watch the video:

If you are still thinking and looking for ideas of what to give for the New Year to close women, go on a raid to shop for original, extreme gifts. Look for new items on the network, do not miss advertising presentations in social networks, of which there are a great many now. Interesting, worthy gifts are often found among such offers. And do not forget that when choosing it is important to remember the age and preferences of the woman you want to congratulate.

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