10 ways to celebrate the New Year 2020 in a fun and original way

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10 ways to celebrate the New Year 2020 in a fun and original way
10 ways to celebrate the New Year 2020 in a fun and original way

How to celebrate the New Year 2020 in nature, abroad, at home, on the street, in Veliky Ustyug? How to prepare for the holiday, how to spend it fun and interesting?

New Year is a time of celebration and fun, surprises and gifts, magic and fulfillment of wishes! Tired of spending this night at the table? And rightly so! After all, there are so many pleasant and unusual ways to meet a new stage of life: in nature, in the central square, in warm countries, in a cozy cafe in your city.

How fun to celebrate New Year 2020

How to celebrate the New Year in the company

To cheerfully celebrate the New Year, you need to buy a ticket in advance, rent a house, and prepare gifts. Find out the taste and musical preferences of your company members. Based on this information, create a scenario, assign responsibilities.

When celebrating abroad, issue a passport, visa (if needed) in advance. Check if the hotel has employees who speak Russian. Find out which medicines can be smuggled across the border. And take some contingency money with you.

If you are celebrating the New Year at home, give the children a separate fun room. Clear the space of furniture, put a small table with drinks and sweets against the wall. Prepare balls, crackers, attributes for outdoor games.

Romantic New Year can be made a special memorable date. After all, it is on this night that girls make the most secret wishes, such as hearing a marriage proposal. And if you fulfill this dream, 2020 will be the beginning of a happy married life.

10 ways to meet the New Year 2020 in an original way

There are many ways to celebrate the New Year in a fun and original way. We have collected 10 of the brightest and most unusual. Many of them require modest financial costs. But with the inclusion of imagination and fantasy, this holiday can be remembered for many years.

New Year in nature

New Year in nature

If a large company is gathering, go to nature and be sure to take your children with you. In the fresh air, you can come up with a variety of activities for all ages. But when choosing a recreation center or a country house, make sure that there are access roads, relative comfort, a beautiful place for spending New Year's Eve.

Outdoor games and fun are an obligatory part of the New Year's celebration in the forest. Arrange for each guest to come up with or remember one such entertainment and take care of the attributes (if necessary).

Examples of outdoor games:

  • "Air balloons"… The guests are divided into two teams. Each of them ties a balloon of the corresponding color to the leg. The task of the players is to step on and pierce the ball of a member of the other team and at the same time protect their own.
  • "Find the treasure"… The presenter hides the sweet prize in advance, and the participants search for it step by step with the help of hint notes. As intermediate tasks, they measure the distance in steps, guess riddles about trees and bushes in the clearing.
  • "Harvest the harvest"… The guests are divided into two teams. Each of them tries to quickly put their fruits in the basket. The player who throws past must run around the Christmas tree. Only after that the next participant comes into play.

During breaks, make sure that the children are not bored or cold.

Celebrating the New Year in nature necessarily includes refreshing with hot food and drinks. On the grill you can cook:

  • chicken and pork kebab;
  • baked fish;
  • sausages, sausages, bacon;
  • potatoes, eggplants.

Adults can warm up with hot mulled wine, including non-alcoholic wine, children - tea, cocoa, chocolate drink.

New Year with parents

New Year with parents

If your parents live in another city, it is much more convenient for them to celebrate the New Year in their apartment. Indeed, after reaching a certain age, traveling in crowded transport, night wakefulness and the voices of unfamiliar people cause special inconveniences to older people.

Therefore, parents will be very happy with the arrival of their children and grandchildren, the festive bustle of loved ones. They will gladly give ideas for celebrating the New Year, help with decorating the apartment, preparing meals. Give them a simple job, during which there will be an opportunity to slowly talk about the present, remember pleasant moments from the past.

Create sample scenarios for spending the New Year at your parents' home. Be sure to find out the following information:

  • Who would they like to see at the festive table, and who tires them.
  • What foods and dishes are allowed and prohibited by the doctor.
  • Which TV channels they like and which ones are annoying.

Explain to your parents that at any time they can leave the New Year's table and lie down to rest.

On December 31, make sure that your parents do not fuss, do not overwork, and take all the medications. During the daytime nap of the older generation, take the children outside for a walk. Show them your school and other memorable places. Visit the central square, see the New Year tree, take a picture against its background.

When choosing gifts, give preference to practical things that parents can use in the near future. If you decide to buy medical equipment, please specify the parameters of the product in detail. And yourself, be glad to any present - after all, it was presented from the bottom of your heart.

New Year Abroad

New Year Abroad

Holidays for the New Year abroad is a great idea that will appeal to both adults and children. A change of scenery, new experiences, unusual traditions and cuisine create many pleasant memories that will warm your soul on frosty and slushy winter days.

At the same time, there are several options for mini-travel. So, you can celebrate the New Year in warm countries. Hot tropical sun and gentle turquoise waves let you forget about all your problems and start the year with relaxation and relaxation. Recommended places:

  • Thailand… Despite the fact that the locals celebrate the New Year according to the Eastern calendar, for tourists they arrange a bright, unforgettable holiday with Santa Claus and Snegurochka.
  • Dominican Republic… On New Year's Eve, the republic's authorities always organize a large-scale fire show. Therefore, you do not have to look for additional entertainment in the evening.
  • Egypt… New Year's tours to this country are relatively cheap. At the same time, many hotels have a free holiday program for children and adults.

To fully enjoy the winter New Year's fairy tale, choose mini-trips to the following countries:

  • Austria… This mountainous European country has ski slopes for every taste and budget. All of them are famous for high-quality snowmaking, safe lifts, cozy hotel rooms.
  • Slovakia… In addition to well-equipped ski trails, there are national reserves in the mountainous regions of the country. Walking along their paths, you can enjoy the fresh frosty air and fabulous winter nature.
  • Bulgaria… New Year's holidays for the whole family include skiing, sledding, snowboarding, visiting an ice rink, excursions, exhibitions. An additional advantage is clean air and a mild climate.

In addition, travel agencies can book New Year's tours and cruises to several cities and countries.

New year at home

New year at home

The modern celebration of New Year's Eve no longer involves an endless feast and eating a bowl of Olivier and a fur coat. Now people tend to sit less at the table and have more fun. To do this, you do not have to travel outside the country, city or even your own apartment.

Back in mid-December, it is better to see your friends and decide how you are going to celebrate the New Year. Distribute responsibilities so that the landlady is not the head chef, waitress and cleaning lady. Instead of complex jellied dishes and mayonnaise salads, prepare a buffet table with hearty and light snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

To maintain a good mood, hold the following contests and fun:

  • "New Year's badge"… After meeting all the guests, invite them to pull the task token out of the box. Each of them has an action and execution time written on it. The unexpected completion of these tasks always brings a smile and laughter.
  • "Message to the future"… This fun is suitable for an established strong group of friends. Record a video telling guests about their accomplishments and plans for the next year. Take a look at the record of last year's holiday together.
  • "Mysterious journey"… Gather all the children and give them a map showing the location of hidden edible treasures. The peculiarity of the game is that the little ones find a part of the treat and a new card (3-4 times).

In order not to spend a lot of money on gifts for all participants in the New Year's celebration, draw lots like "Secret Santa". The basic rules are to stipulate the maximum amount of the present and not to disclose the identity of the donor. Place all gifts under the tree and unfold after the chimes.

New Year in Veliky Ustyug

New Year in Veliky Ustyug

Veliky Ustyug is a wonderful place to celebrate the New Year. After all, this city is considered the residence of Father Frost. Therefore, quickly book your tickets in order to have time to enjoy a vivid performance with the participation of many fairy-tale characters.

Celebration of the New Year in the city of Veliky Ustyug begins already on the platform. There the guests are met by Santa Claus's assistants and help them to get to the hotel, tell about the festive program, which includes games, fun, and treats.

The most important action takes place in the residence of Santa Claus. The owner himself meets the guests and escorts them to his estate along the path of fairy tales. On the way, the children are entertained by buffoons, they tell and show the wonders of the Enchanted Bridge, the Magic Well, the Wise Oak. There are also many animals that you can take pictures with.

It will be interesting for children and adults to visit the Museum of New Year's Toys. In it, you will see several dozen Christmas trees, which will be strikingly different from each other. After all, each of them is decorated in the style of different eras of Russia, as well as other countries of the world. In addition, there you can see unusual toys and postcards made of paper, fabric, birch bark, wood, glass.

To make the New Year unusual and memorable, invite your child to participate in the interactive lesson "Box of Miracles". Children go to a room in the center of which is a large birch-bark box filled with antique toys. The kids will learn why they didn’t draw a face for rag dolls, where the name “bird of happiness” came from and other interesting facts. Children will take part in the old Russian games-amusements "Twist the rope", "Malechina-cripple" and others.

How to celebrate the New Year alone

How to celebrate the New Year alone

According to statistics, 5% of people celebrate the New Year alone. Some make this choice deliberately and do not consider such a celebration a tragedy. After all, loneliness or fleeting communication with strangers has its own unique charm.

There are different ways to have a good time. Look for information in travel agencies where you can celebrate the New Year alone, wait for a great offer, that is, a "hot" voucher, and go to another city or even a country. Pamper yourself, enjoy the fabulous atmosphere, take a walk in those places where you want to visit.

Make yourself an unusual New Year's gift - buy or take a pet at the shelter, as well as purchase accessories for his comfortable stay with you: a bowl, a couch, a harness, food. Considering all purchases and studying the character of a new friend, you may not notice how quickly and pleasantly the time flew by.

Another interesting way to celebrate the New Year is to register on a forum where the same introverts as you communicate. Light casual conversation with strangers, good music and a glass of wine will allow you to have a great time and at the same time stay in a cozy room of your own apartment.

On New Year's Eve, it is pleasant to walk along the streets, look at the happy faces of passers-by, and the burning garlands on the city Christmas tree. During such a walk, go to a convenience store near your home, congratulate the staff who were cast to work that night, give them small gifts.

New year at work

New year at work

On New Year's Eve, doctors, police officers, transport workers, employees of enterprises work, whose work cannot be suspended. People in these professions know that holidays with colleagues can be pleasant, fun and emotional.

To do this, decorate the place of work in such a way that the decor does not interfere with professional activities. So, the Christmas tree does not have to occupy part of the room. Make a flat version of rain and toys and stick it on the wall. Create an atmosphere of magic and comfort with the help of flashing garlands, pine-scented candles.

If you don't have the opportunity to change for the holiday, add a New Year's accessory to your work clothes. Such liberty is permissible even for such serious professions as firefighters, police officers, doctors. While on holiday, cheer yourself up with Christmas movies and music.

In the evening, prepare a buffet table with light snacks and soft drinks. Invite everyone who is not currently busy with business to this room. And to the chimes, open souvenir gifts prepared according to the principle of "Secret Santa".

But remember, for police officers, pharmacists, emergency doctors, the New Year's shift is often overly stressful and difficult. Therefore, on a festive night, skip heavy meals and relaxing drinks. Try to make up for the fun later - on Christmas Day, Old New Year.

Thematic New Year

New year masquerade ball

Themed New Year can be spent at home or in a rented space. The main condition is to agree in advance about the topic, draw up a plan, distribute responsibilities and at the same time maintain the intrigue, the ability to express the idea of ​​the holiday by any available means.

Ideas for a themed New Year:

  • Masquerade ball… The special feature of the holiday is the presence of a mask. Moreover, you can wear it both directly on your face and as an accessory on your hair or clothes. Evening dresses, elegant suits, glasses of wine, luxury items are welcome.
  • Russian festivities… Shawls on the shoulders for women and loose shirts for men can be a common element of clothing. Folk food and drinks, fun activities, mischievous songs and dances are welcome. After the chimes, go outside, ride a slide, play snowballs.
  • Eastern tale… Women should wear flowing floor-length dresses and massive jewelry, while men should wear a turban, turban or fez. Decorate the room with red and gold cloth, prepare a hookah, oriental sweets, sparkling wines. Conduct a competition for the best belly dance performance, to identify the most skillful magician.
  • Travel to the future… Do not limit the guests' imagination in choosing clothes, but keep the interior in a certain style, for example, a spaceship. Come up with relevant contests and don't forget to arrange a photo shoot as a souvenir.
  • Spy party… A celebration in the style of James Bond and his girlfriend is distinguished by elegance and sophistication.But at the same time, it can be as unpredictable as the plot of the film about the next salvation of the world.

Whatever theme you choose, take lots of photos and videos. Their revision will be a special occasion to get together and remember all the pleasant and funny moments of the holiday.

Romantic New Years celebration

Romantic New Years celebration

It is not necessary to celebrate the New Year in a large company. Lovers are happy to spend this festive night alone. To do this, you can book a table in a small cozy cafe, rent a room in a country holiday home, go on a romantic trip to European cities.

Many lovers love the idea of ​​spending the New Year at home. To create a romantic atmosphere, decorate the room with graceful figures: angels, hearts, snowflakes, lanterns. Dim the lights, and light a garland and candles instead of a chandelier.

Do not cook heavy meat dishes, so that after dinner you will be left with a desire to dance, walk along the winter streets, and meet friends in the city square. Food and drinks should not only be light, but also tasty, exquisite, with a beautiful New Year's presentation.

Do not give each other dishes, clothes, cosmetics. Your gifts should be special, memorable, romantic. The girl will be delighted with an adornment, a bottle of expensive perfume, a portrait painted by a photographic artist. A man will be pleased to receive stylish cufflinks, perfume, a purse with a bill and a love note.

New Year in the central square of the city

New Year in the central square of the city

Regardless of the size of the city, each has a central square and a decorated Christmas tree. And every year more and more people come there on New Year's Eve. In regional centers there are screens on which you can listen to the chimes. And in small towns there is an opportunity to see many relatives, friends and acquaintances.

If you decide to celebrate New Year on the street, choose your clothes responsibly, especially for children. Make sure their sweaters and tights are made from natural, warm materials. But at the same time, allow the kids to decorate their jackets and hats with New Year's accessories. Take with you sparklers, balls, flashlights.

Prepare a basket of sandwiches, sweets, fruits. Pour hot tea into a thermos, take a bottle of champagne with you. Consider a quick trip home if someone in your group gets cold or tired.

How to celebrate the New Year - watch the video:

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