Removing plasticine stains - the best ways

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Removing plasticine stains - the best ways
Removing plasticine stains - the best ways

Effective ways to remove plasticine stains: from things, wallpaper, carpet, plastic. How to remove stains from smart plasticine? Video tips. Modeling with plasticine is a favorite creative activity of many little sculptors. However, careless use of this sticky substance can leave stubborn stains. But this is not an excuse to refuse a child to create charming color masterpieces. The main thing is to know effective ways to remove this sticky substance.

How to remove plasticine stain - effective ways

Pieces of plasticine in a child's hand

Plasticine is a mixture of paraffin, wax, fat and dye. The stain remaining from it is very problematic to remove. Even washing in a washing machine will not help, moreover, using expensive stain removers. On the contrary, such washing will complicate further cleaning. Rubbing the stain with a knife will also not work. But there are several ways to help remove the sticky mass from textile coatings.

Laundry soap

Immerse the soiled item in warm water. After 15 minutes, lather the dirty area with laundry soap and leave to lie down. After half an hour, scrub the area with a clothes brush. This method is suitable for light-colored, solid colors. White streaks may remain on colored material. If this method does not remove the dirt, sprinkle baking soda over the stain and rub again.


Dissolve 10 drops of ammonia in 200 ml of water. Soak a cotton swab with the solution and rub the stain until the clay disappears. After that, rinse the item thoroughly in warm water and wash in the standard way in the washing machine.

Vegetable oil

Soak a cloth napkin with vegetable oil and rub the contaminated area until the plasticine leaves. Then wash the garment with copious amounts of Grease Remover Gel (such as Fairy Dishwashing Liquid) and machine wash as usual.


Cold exposure is good for stains that are not very smeared. Place the contaminated item in the freezer of the refrigerator for 30 minutes to freeze the plasticine. After freezing, the sticky substance breaks down into small particles. Pry it off with the blunt edge of a knife and remove.

Important! Do not peel off the plasticine with your hands; their heat will make it stick more strongly to the surface.

The heating

Cover the stained area on both sides (top and bottom) with paper or natural fabric. Iron it with a heated iron to 60 degrees or warm it up with a hair dryer. Heat will soften the sticky substance and transfer onto the paper / fabric. Change wipes as needed. After that, rinse the stain with soapy water and wash in the washing machine.


Soak a cotton swab in kerosene and wipe the stain thoroughly. After 15 minutes, rinse the item in warm water and wash in the washing machine.

Washing in a washing machine

After all the above steps, send the thing to the wash in the washing machine. Set the program according to the type of clothing. If the item is white, add bleach or stain remover. A higher washing temperature will allow the dirty plasticine stain to disappear without a trace.

How to remove plasticine from wallpaper?

Cleaning wallpaper from adhered plasticine

For the surface of smooth wallpaper, use the heating method, using a napkin and an iron, and treat the greasy stain with a degreasing detergent and water. It is more difficult to clean the embossed wallpaper. Here you need to use the proverb "wedge knocks out a wedge." Take a white or other light-colored clay and stick it over the stain.Then, with a sharp movement, tear it off the wall. Repeat this manipulation until the light plasticine completely "removes" the colored one. Remove residual stains with heat and dishwashing detergent.

How to remove plasticine stain from plastic?

Pieces of plasticine on white plastic

Use a spatula or hands to remove some of the clay. After the stain, moisten with detergent and leave for 20 minutes. After this time, rub it with a napkin. Another way is to lather the brush with laundry soap and clean the plastic surface. Then sprinkle baking soda on the contaminated area and scrub again with a brush. Leave the soap and soda solution for 30 minutes and rinse with clean warm water.

How to remove plasticine stain from carpet and upholstery?

The girl cleans the carpet from plasticine

To remove plasticine stains from carpet and upholstered furniture, the "heating" method is a good choice. The "freeze" method is also suitable. But in this case, you should act differently. Wrap ice cubes or frozen meat securely with a towel, press them to the stained surface and hold for a few minutes. After a while, remove the frozen pieces with the blunt end of the knife.

How to remove stains from smart plasticine?

Red piece of smart plasticine

Clever plasticine is also known as hendgam or hand gum. It is not intended for children, but for adults to relieve stress. It is made not of wax, but of silicone. To remove the stain from it, traditional methods will not work. It is possible to independently clean the pollution from "smart plasticine" only on natural surfaces (cotton, wool, linen, silk). To do this, at hardware stores, buy a "cleaning alcohol" known as 70% isopropyl alcohol. Pour it over the stain. It will dissolve instantly. Blot the rest with a napkin. It is impossible to remove traces of "hendgam" from synthetic surfaces at home. Products will have to be handed over to dry cleaning, and for upholstered furniture to use the services of a cleaning service.

As you can see, there are a lot of tools for removing plasticine stains. You just have to choose the most convenient and suitable for the type of contaminated surface.

Video tips on how to remove plasticine from clothes:

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