How to remove grass stains on jeans: TOP 10 secrets

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How to remove grass stains on jeans: TOP 10 secrets
How to remove grass stains on jeans: TOP 10 secrets

Why is it difficult to remove grass stains on jeans? How to remove green pigment with folk and industrial remedies? Helpful hints and video tips. Green grass stains mostly appear on jeans. Since these are comfortable clothes for a picnic, outdoor recreation, walks in the woods and relaxation in a country house. Children love to play football in jeans, and just wallow in the grass. After a good time, sometimes green grass stains appear on the pants, which are difficult to remove. But the problem is quite fixable. You can wash the grass off your jeans at home without spending a lot of time and money. To do this, it is enough to know some of the subtleties of resuscitation of the injured items.

Why is it difficult to remove grass stains on jeans?

Jeans fit into the washing machine

The herbal juice contains coloring pigments, which, after drying, turn into a persistent green color. Natural dye is especially strong on natural fabrics. Denim is a natural cotton material with a slight addition of synthetic fibers. Therefore, the herbal pigment cannot be removed by conventional means.

How to remove grass stains on jeans with folk remedies?

Washing jeans from grass with laundry soap

You can remove green grass stains with factory stain removers. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of chemicals. But before you rush to the supermarket to buy an expensive drug, try cleaning the stain with home remedies.

Hydrogen peroxide

Place a towel under the stain and apply some hydrogen peroxide on it. Rub the area with a cotton swab, leave it for an hour and wash the item in the usual way.

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent that, if used incorrectly, together with greens, will "eat" the rest of the paint from the fabric. Therefore, the product is only suitable for light-colored jeans. However, before using it, check the action on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing.

Baking soda

Dilute baking soda with water to a slurry consistency. If the contamination is old, then add a little vinegar. Spread the mass over the spot and leave for an hour. Then scrub lightly with a brush and machine wash the jeans.

This method is not suitable for thin fabrics, as baking soda is an abrasive that, if rubbed in, can damage the fibers.


Apply a thick layer of paste to green areas and leave to dry completely. After about 20 minutes, brush off any dirt from the fabric with a brush and wash the garment as usual. Instead of a paste, tooth powder diluted with water to the consistency of thick sour cream is suitable.

Take a white toothpaste, without additives and colored blotches. Otherwise, new stubborn stains may appear after washing.


1 tbsp. l. dilute alcohol in 200 ml of water. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and apply to the green area. Leave it on for 1, 5 hours and wash the jeans with laundry soap. You can apply pure alcohol on the stain and let it stand for half an hour.


Soak the stain with vinegar and let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and wash with powder. If the dirt is heavy, first scrub it with a toothbrush.

Boiling water

If the stain is fresh, then it can be easily removed with boiling water. Place the stained jeans over the basin so that the green pigment is on top and pour hot water over it generously. Machine wash your jeans immediately at the highest possible temperature.


Treat the contaminated area with citric acid or lemon juice.Leave it on for 15 minutes so that the liquid is absorbed and the acid breaks down the green pigment. Hand wash your jeans with laundry soap. Instead of lemon remedies, you can use cucumber pickle or sauerkraut pickle. They contain many active ingredients that will remove grass stains.

Carbonated drinks

Moisten the stained areas with a drink and leave for two hours. Then wash your clothes in warm water with any kind of powder.

Mineral water, coca-cola and other carbonated drinks act as a bleach. For light fabrics, use drinks without bright dyes to avoid new pigments in other colors.

Laundry soap

Pour boiling water over the stain and rub generously with laundry soap. Let sit for 15 minutes and rub well on the soiled area until the stain disappears.

The method is suitable only for fresh, not dried out stains. Take real laundry soap with a high alkali content, brown color and a pungent odor. White scented soaps will not work.


Dissolve 3 tsp in 200 ml of water. table salt. Pour the solution onto the dirty area and wash your jeans after 30 minutes. The method is suitable for small, fresh stains.

How to use industrial products to remove grass stains on jeans?

Jar of Vanish Jeans Cleaner

If you want to save time, use a factory-made chemical stain remover. But pay attention to their choice, tk. some may damage the fabric.


Vanish Cleaner is one of the best powders on the market. The products deal with any kind of dirt and stains. Instructions for using the bleach are simple: moisten your jeans, rub the stain with a substance, wash after 20 minutes and rotate it in a typewriter.


The stain remover is of high quality, therefore it is guaranteed to remove stains of any complexity without harming the clothes. Soak stained jeans in warm water and a little stain remover. After 30 minutes, rinse the jeans with running water.

Tips on how to remove grass stains on jeans

Washed jeans are drying outside

In order for things to return to their original appearance, it is not enough to choose the right product. Success also depends on the correct and skillful use of the substance. To avoid ruining your jeans after removing green stains, take a look at the helpful tips below:

  1. The sooner you remove the green spot, the better. Old places require more effort and there is no guarantee that the pollution will go away completely.
  2. Do not soak a herbal stain in cold chlorinated water. This will only force the pigment into the fabric more strongly.
  3. If you notice a green print, do not rub it, but try to remove it with a damp cloth. Otherwise, rub the herbal juice even deeper into the fibers.
  4. Always test the fabric at the inner seam to ensure that the selected product does not leave white marks or discoloration.
  5. Work the stains towards the center. Movements from the middle form streaks on the material.

To get it right, watch the videos that show you the detailed process for removing stubborn grass stains from jeans:

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