Diatomite bath mat: photo and description of a stone rug

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Diatomite bath mat: photo and description of a stone rug
Diatomite bath mat: photo and description of a stone rug

An overview of a diatomaceous earth rug for a bathroom: where to buy and at what price, a brief description, advantages over textile options, product composition and useful properties of the main material. How to properly care for your diatomite rug? Feedback from buyers.

The diatomite mat is an innovative bath accessory with high moisture absorption and antimicrobial properties. Such a product allows not only to make the shower more comfortable, but also to facilitate the care of the bathroom. Initially, diatomaceous mud mats began to be produced in Japan for the domestic market, then the technology appeared in China. Now the production of such a product is also being done in other countries. This article provides a detailed overview of the product with a description of the composition, useful properties and advantages of a stone rug over similar bathroom accessories. The rules of care and reviews of real buyers are also listed.

Price of diatomite stone rug for bathroom

Diatomaceous earth stone bath mat

Fast-wicking diatomite stone bath mats that keep feet and floor clean and dry after bathing are available on the market in a wide range. The cost of a product depends on its area and thickness, the content of the main material, the presence of additional components in the composition, and design.

The recommended price for a stone bathroom rug is 1200 rubles

You cannot purchase this product on the TutKnow website. The information provided is provided for informational purposes only. Here you can find out the detailed characteristics of the diatomite bath mat, the advantages of the product, what it is made of and how to properly care for it, as well as read a few reviews from real customers.

What is a diatomite bath mat?

Diatomite Stone Bath Mats

Pictured are diatomite stone rugs for the bathroom

A bath mat is both a decor and a functional interior detail. In addition to having external attractiveness, it must perform a number of specific functions - to prevent the contact of the feet with the cold floor and absorb moisture after water procedures, eliminating the surface of the floors from the ingress of liquid. However, this is just a mandatory minimum. Most mats made, for example, of fabrics, rubber or cork, along with the functionality described above, have a large number of disadvantages, for example, they absorb only a small amount of moisture, dry for a long time, quickly become dirty, and serve as a place for the development of various dangerous microbes. In contrast to the usual bath accessories, innovative diatomite mats, unique in composition, have appeared on the market, which every day deserve popularity among more and more people.

A stone mat made of diatomite perfectly absorbs liquid from the surface of the feet and dries out rather quickly. has a porous structure. This allows not only to keep the floors dry and clean, but also to exclude an increase in the level of humidity in the room. In addition, the diatomaceous earth mat does not create unpleasant odors due to stagnant water. Moisture leaves the surface in the first minutes, and the liquid accumulated inside dries out within 15 minutes.

Sizes of diatomite stone bathroom rugs

Brief characteristics of the diatomite bath mat:

  • Dimensions (edit)… When ordering a large batch, the manufacturer offers to make mats of a special size at the request of the customer.At the same time, the most common formats are rectangular 35x45 cm, 39x60 cm, 40x30 cm and square 30x30 cm.The thickness of the product is 0.9 cm, and the density of the material is 1.1 g per cm3.
  • The weight… The mass of the diatomite rug varies depending on the size and ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 kg.
  • Design… The manufacturer offers many design options. Diatomaceous mud stone rugs can be monochromatic in various shades or with modern patterns.
  • Shelf life… The guaranteed service life is about 12 months, but practice shows that the rug can last much longer if used carefully.
How diatomite stone bath rugs work

The main advantages of a fast-drying diatomite rug over textile accessories:

  • Wide application… First of all, a diatomaceous earth rug is suitable for kitchen and bathroom. The stone rug can also be used in the hallway. This bath accessory is especially relevant for public pools, baths, where there is always high humidity and there is a high risk of the formation of various pathogens - fungal, viral, bacteria. It is pleasant to step on the diatomite rug after a bath. it has the properties of a warm floor and does not cool the feet.
  • High strength and durability… Resistant to corrosion and most mechanical damage. Has a fairly hard surface.
  • Versatility… The material from which the rug is made is absolutely safe for humans. Does not cause allergy or irritation. The surface of the stone bath mat is matte but smooth, so it does not damage even the most delicate skin. Suitable for both adults and children. There are no application restrictions.
  • Security… Does not provoke the development of pathogens. The material does not allow mold fungi to adhere to the surface, therefore it does not contribute to their reproduction. Also, a diatomite mat, according to customer reviews, avoids the formation of a focus of dust mites. It does not slip, therefore, it provides ease of use, saving a person from awkward movements and the risk of injury. Does not conduct electricity. Prevents heat transfer.
  • Easy to clean… The stone mat does not require the use of special detergents and cleaning agents, which greatly facilitates maintenance during operation. Cleaning doesn't take long.
  • Usefulness in everyday life… Diatomite mat helps protect floors from excessive moisture. Application on wooden floors, laminate, parquet is especially important.

How is diatomite mined?

Diatomite rock

Diatomite rock photo

Diatomaceous earth (other names: diatomaceous mud, diatomite, diatomaceous earth) is the raw material for the production of stone bath mat. It is a mineral, sedimentary rock, which is formed mainly from the shells of marine and freshwater diatoms. This shell consists of a hydrate of silicon dioxide called opal. During a long stay in nature, it is transformed into chalcedony, and then into quartz. In the composition in a minimum amount there are impurities of iron oxide, magnesium and calcium.

World reserves of diatomite are estimated at more than 1 billion tons. Deposits are located all over the world. For example, there are about 350 million tons in Russia, 250 million tons in the USA, and 110 million tons in China. At the same time, the leader in the extraction of this natural resource is the World Minerals company, which produces production in the USA, China, Iceland and Europe. In Russia, production volumes are gradually increasing.

Quarry for the extraction of diatomite from the ledge

In the photo, a quarry for the extraction of diatomite from the ledge

The difficulty of extracting diatomite in various deposits lies in where the rock lies - on land or at the bottom of the reservoir, and also lies in the fact that the feedstock has a heterogeneous composition, and therefore provides for its additional processing from extraneous impurities.Thus, the value of the rocks of one or another deposit is determined by the content of diatomite in 1 g of the raw material.

The unique properties of diatomite and stone bathroom rugs from it are justified not only by its natural characteristics, but also depend on the type of processing at the production stage. Onshore, rock is mined from an open pit. The resulting natural raw materials are transported to factories, where they are thoroughly purified from impurities with further sorting. Subsequently, diatomaceous earth undergoes a firing procedure with sodium carbonate, which increases the porosity and specific surface area of ​​the material. These characteristics - a high surface-to-volume ratio - underpin the properties of diatomaceous earth as an advanced nanomaterial and ensure the high quality of the manufactured diatomite bathroom rugs.

Diatomite processing workshop

The photo shows a production workshop for the processing of diatomite

Further, industrial separators are used, allowing for a thorough fractionation of the rock. This process is extremely important because allows you to divide diatomite into grades with specified characteristics and specific particle sizes. Fine particles and larger ones are distinguished. In some cases, industrial grinding of diatomaceous earth is carried out using special hammer mills. A properly processed rock acquires a set of important characteristics: resistance to strong acids and high temperatures, inertness, fire resistance, thermal insulation, and adsorption.

Note! For the production of stone rugs in the bathroom, ultrafine particles of diatomite are used.

The price of mining diatomaceous earth depends on many parameters. This can include the type and location of deposits, their proximity to the place of processing, the technologies used for extraction and processing, the purity of the feedstock, tax legislation, fractional content and the general quality of the breed sold, etc.

For example, in Russia, the development of a rock deposit in Karelia provides the cost of 1 kg of diatomite at about 60 rubles. In China, the minimum cost of diatomaceous earth is several times lower - about 10-30 rubles per 1 kg. American-made diatomite is considered the highest quality and most expensive. Extraction of 1 kg of diatomaceous earth in the United States costs no less than 100 rubles.

Quick Drying Stone Bath Mat Composition

Diatomaceous earth as a raw material for the production of stone bathroom rugs

Photo of diatomaceous earth for the production of stone rug in the bathroom

This product is positioned as environmentally friendly, because does not contain any hazardous substances. Even the dyes used to create a unique fashion design are environmentally friendly, although they have high abrasion resistance. The diatomite mat contains no chemicals that affect microorganisms, and the antimicrobial effect is entirely provided by the main component - diatomite.

Let's take a closer look at each component of an absorbent stone rug:

  • Diatomaceous earth… The material is natural and environmentally friendly. It is not radioactive, does not conduct electricity, it is moisture and heat resistant. The raw material for the production of a stone bathroom rug has a special molecular structure: it consists of many nanoscale pores, which determines its useful properties. Diatomite prevents the growth of microorganisms, actively absorbs moisture, deodorizes and purifies the air.
  • Cement… A small amount of cement is added to the diatomite bath mat. It serves as a bonding component, allows the product to maintain its original shape and provides firmness.
  • Cellulose web… Universal component. The stone bath mat serves as a moisture absorber and drainage component, stabilizes the composition, and promotes drying.

Read also how to choose a carpet.

How to use a diatomaceous earth stone rug correctly?

How to use a diatomite stone bath rug

Using a diatomite mat is very simple. It is enough to place it under the bathroom, near the pool and simply step on it after taking a shower. Moisture from the feet is quickly absorbed by the product without leaking onto the floor. After 1 minute, no trace of water will remain on the surface.

Features of diatom bathroom rug care:

  • Daily drying… After use, the mat should be placed vertically to speed up drying. This will allow the water to disappear faster and the rug will become completely dry. A stone mat can be placed near a ventilation hatch, but should not be placed near a radiator or any heating appliance.
  • Deep drying… Drying in the open air possible. According to reviews of the diatomite rug, exposure to sunlight is allowed, but no more than 60 minutes. Do not forget to ventilate the sauna room to keep the humidity level at the optimum level.
  • Use of detergents… Eliminate the use of any detergents containing surfactants. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents. they can clog the pores and degrade the performance of the stone rug.
  • Regular cleaning… Dust accumulated on the surface can be easily removed with a damp cloth or washed off with a stream of warm water. Running water also removes more serious dirt that cannot be wiped off. Do not immerse the diatomite mat in water for extended periods.
  • Removing surface stains… If the dirt is firmly on the surface, fine-grain sandpaper can be used to remove it. It is noteworthy that water absorption can occur with intensive use. For example, in public baths. This is due to the accumulation of fat on the surface that has gotten onto the stone mat from the human body. At home, this problem is extremely rare. In this case, sandpaper will also help, which delicately sands the surface, removing all stubborn dirt. Do not be afraid that the appearance of the bath accessories will suffer, because its surface is matt.
How to care for your diatomite stone bath rug

Precautions for using the diatomite mat:

  • Do not use the mat on an uneven surface, exclude excessive mechanical impact on its surface, do not allow hard foreign objects to fall under it, do not lay it on heated floors, because this could damage the rug.
  • Do not use the diatomaceous earth mat directly in the bath or shower.
  • If the floors are glossy, the stone rug may scratch it. To avoid this, place a piece of fabric under the mat. This will also prevent the bath accessories from slipping.
  • Protect the surface of the diatomite mat from the ingress of food that can give off color. this will result in stubborn stains.

And the most important thing in the operation of a stone rug is the use of bath accessories for the main purpose.

Real Reviews of Diatomite Bath Mat

Reviews of Diatomite Stone Bath Rug

You can find a wide variety of bathroom flooring products on the internet. The most popular at the moment are fabric mats with a rubberized base. However, products made of diatomite - stone bathroom rugs - are becoming more and more popular. they are more functional and not much more expensive. People willingly share their impressions of their use in various forums. A few reviews of the fast water absorbing diatomite rock rug for bathroom:

Alevtina, 38 years old, Moscow

I work in a spa, and we have these stone rugs by our showers and pools. The management bought it in large quantities at once. In fact, these mats are incredibly comfortable and functional.Our clients have no complaints at all that someone picked up the fungus, and no one had any simple irritation. However, there is no water on the floors. Really absorb a lot of liquid and dry quickly. In addition, the appearance is always fresh and beautiful. I also ordered one myself and use it with pleasure.

Victoria, 56 years old, Saransk

My daughter gave me a rug made of diatomite. She has been using it for several months. Yes, it is hard, it is difficult to call it delicate to the touch, but it is so pleasant to step out of the bathroom on a warm and dry surface. At the same time, there is no more dampness in the bathroom, it does not turn black between the tiles, as it was when I used a cloth bedding. The stone rug dries quickly, there is no need to twist it and hang it on the battery for several hours. And it looks very modern.

Daria, 43 years old, St. Petersburg

When I searched the Internet for rugs for the bathroom and toilet, I immediately wanted to buy a set, and then I got to the reviews about the diatomite rug. This is how I learned about new technologies. And I changed my mind to buy standard fabric rubber-based ones. In general, bathroom bedding is now also made from rock. I could not resist and ordered. The price is quite reasonable. The product itself is very hard, but absorbs incredibly quickly. I get the impression that moisture is sucked from my feet, and then just disappears somewhere. It does not seep onto the floor, and so there is no feeling of dampness in the room at all. The stone rug for the bathroom is not very pleasant and in appearance, I chose myself with a fashionable pattern.

Photo of stone diatomite bathroom rugs

Diatomite Bath Mat
Diatomite bathroom rug
Stone diatomite bath mat
Stone diatomite bathroom rug
Diatomaceous earth stone rug
Diatomaceous earth stone rug for bathroom
Diatomaceous earth stone rug by the bathroom
Diatom mud stone mat by the bathroom
Diatom Mud Stone Bath Mat
Diatom Mud Stone Mat for Bathroom

Innovative technologies are rapidly developing and give mankind a lot of new inventions. The diatomite rock, in addition to being used in metallurgy, agriculture, construction, petrochemistry, animal husbandry and plant growing, as well as in water treatment plants, has found application in the production of household products, in particular, bathroom rugs, which are becoming more and more every day. popular for their functionality and high quality.

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